Monday, August 5, 2013

United Nations Notification

Dear Beneficiary,

I have been directed to contact you in respect to your payment of USD$1,000.000.00 One Million United States Dollars recovered from Treasury Department as unpaid Fund belonging to you, Due to this you are therefore contacted since order has been approved to released to you through Nationwide Bank USA. Your payment Reference Number is UNPAY037, your Approval No: is UN19770147 and Release Code is TH011027 and you have been approved of all Clearance to receive your payment without any delays.

However, You i am instructing you to get back to me through E-mail: with below details to enable the transfer the USD$1,000.000.00 One Million United States Dollars to payment without any delays.

Additional Requirement.

1. Full names
2. Address:
3. Telephone Number:

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Ted Moore
United Nations Public Information.

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