Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ms. Paulina Arnold

Good Day,

Please find the attachment for our specification (composition) and order list for the month of June and July. Please inform us if it is feasible to send a sample to our office in France for analysis of the final Purchase.

Thank You.

Ms. Paulina Arnold
pow street, New Zealand
Fax:64-4-568 5824

PHONE= +2348134480894
Our Ref: FGN /SNT/STB Your ref:

I, The Senate President ,Federal Republic of Nigeria , Dr DAVID MARK (GCFR) and the Governor of Central Bank Of Nigeria , Prof LAMIDO SANUSI in Conjunction with the EFCC Director , MRS LAMORDE, held a meeting last week concerning contract payment , both foreign and local contractors and some inheritance funds. On going through contractors file yesterday, we discovered that your file was dumped untreated, so at this juncture, we apologize for the delay of your contract payment and please stop communicating with any office now and attention to the appointed office below for you to receive your payment accordingly. However,I wish to inform you now that your outstanding contract payment is ($15,000,000. fifteeen Million United States dollars). Now you?re new Payment Reference No.-35460021, Allocation No: 674632 Password No: 339331 , Pin Code No: 55674 and your Certificate of Merit Payment No : 103 , CBN Released Code No: 0763; Immediate Telex confirmation No:-1114433 ; Secret Code No: XXTN013, Having received these vital payment number , therefore You are qualified now to received and confirm Your payment with the Federal Government of Nigeria immediately within the next week. We the entire members of the house of senate are using this urgent medium to advise you to make payment of your GNAB fee of $120 without any further delay. Be rest assured that our appointment to handle and take care of the movement of the fund will not be in vain as we are giving you 100% guarantee to deliver the work as soon as your western union information reach us at our house email addresses it is not less than 24hours that the order was placed. Note that your fund will be free to move from the bank without any delay if you get the governments non assessment bonds (GNAB) which is $120 only to make sure that no government monitor or agent can access the fund during the delivery remittance. You have to get the gnab written on your name and stamped before the fund credit to your bank account. This was why we have not approved or sign off the bonds of your transfer registry today as the bank insists on the GNAB. Based on these explanations, you are hereby advised to send payment information of $120 through our direct email address on or before ten working the closing date placed. This gnab will show that the transaction was made through the full capacity of the government and will not be queried for certain circumstance. Use the information bellow for the payment of the $120 GNAB requirements:

Receiver name: Mr MONDAY UZOMI
location: Lagos- Nigeria.
Text question---gnab,

Bear in mind that this is the final stage of this transfer. As soon as this is done, it will take only 24hours for the fund to be credited in your designated bank account, you will be contacted by your Bank herself.

Best Regards.
(Federal Republic of Nigeria)

U.S. Customs And Border Protection.

U.S. Customs And Border Protection
Office of Border Patrol
Ronald Reagan Building, Washington, D.C.
From The Desk of: Michael J. Fisher
Chief of the Border Patrol

Attention: Beneficiary

I am pleased to inform you that your ATM Card worth Ten Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$10.5m) sent from Nigeria as part of your overdue payment/funds was returned to our office last week from Atlanta, Georgia where it was held due to one unavailable document. According to the information reaching my desk today, the ATM Card was returned due to your failure to pay the necessary charges required by the delivery company to enable it pass through the security agency. However, after due investigation was conducted, I found out that your ATM Card was stopped and delay unnecessarily. Georgia office told us that your ATM Card has no INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY PERMIT, that was why you were told to pay huge amount of money which you did not pay. But after further investigation, it was very clear that your ATM Card has the INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY PERMIT attached to it therefore you are no longer required to pay the money you were asked to pay. Now the only money you are required to pay by this honorable is $550 only billed for NIGERIA CUSTOMS SERVICE CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE to clear your file and receive your ATM Card devoid further hitches/ hullabaloo. Note that they will process the CUSTOMS CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE and send it to us as soon as you send the money to them to enable us release your ATM Card. Kindly reconfirm your full name, preferred delivery address and direct/cell phone number as requested above so that your ATM Card will be dispatched to your preferred address immediately you send the fee to them without any delay. If you still have interest in receiving your ATM Card, go ahead and send the fee with the above stated information then fill in the above requested details.

Be rest assured that your ATM card will be dispatched to the address you provided as soon as you send the fee for the document. Secondly, be rest assured that there will be no delay on your ATM card delivery after you send the money and the clearance document is being issued in your name by the NIGERIA CUSTOMS SERVICE AUTHORITY.

For more information about me, kindly visit our website.

You can also contact me here

Awaiting your timely response with the above stated details.


Michael J. Fisher


Attention Beneficiary,

This is to officially inform you that we have verified your contract /inheritance file and discovered reasons why you have not yet receive your payment. Meanwhile It is because of irregularities and complications discovered on your payment file by our technical experts in respect to your contract / inheritance payment requirements which
have just been duly rectified.Meanwhile, we have been informed that you are still dealing with impostors and non-recommended officials in the bank. Such acts must stop for security reasons if you wish to receive your payment. Since this government have decided to bring a solution to your problem, right now we have arranged your payment through ATM CARD payment this is the latest instruction given by our president Dr. Good Luck E. Jonathan the Governor Federal Republic of Nigeria. Below is the arrangement. The swift card center will send you an ATM CARD which you will use to withdrew your money from any ATM Machine in any part of the world, but the maximum is one thousand dollars per day withdrawal, so if you like to receive your fund through this way please do let us to know by contacting Mr.Reginald Ihejiahi the Manager of Swift Card Consultant Payment Center on telephone 234-815-536-9547 or email:

Or for more inquires call Mr. Godwin Emefiele the New Governor Central Bank of Nigeria on this Telephone number: +234-816-320-2451 or email him at:

And try to send this following information to swift card center when contacting them:

1 phone and fax number,
2 addresses where you want them to send the card through diplomatic courier service (p.o box not accepted)
3 your full name and total amount you are expecting.

please indicate to the card center the total sum that is your fund and for your information you have to stop any further communication with any institution or office until you receive your ATM CARD PAYMENT. Call CBN Governor as soon as you receive this important message on his direct number: +234-816-320-2451 for more direction on this regards
and also updates him for further instruction and directives. Note: because of impostors, we hereby issue you our code of conduct tag number, which is (805) so you must have to indicate this code when contacting the card center.

We await your urgent response.
Rev. Raymond Steven
Secretary to Governor Central Bank of Nigeria
Telephone: +2348112101246