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Steve Porter

Name : Steve Porter
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105 2ND AVE. BRISTON, 1892,



I write you this mail from my office table in anticipation that you will understand and deem it strictly confidential for you personally. In this regard also, I consider it necessary to tell you who I am. I am Mrs.Annette Joseph , the Chief Accounting Officer Department of Energy and Mineral Resources in my country, Republic of South Africa .


I therefore write to solicit your sincere co-operation in order to Redeem an investment interest currently being held under TRUST with the DEPARTMENT of ENERGY and MINERAL RESOURCES in First Nationl BANK (FNB).The said investment which is now valued at (USD38.5M) THIRTY EIGHT MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS was originally purchased by MR.REUBEN ROSS and leased in 1984 to REGINALD AND CO.MINING INVESTMENTS CORPORATION.

At maturity of the contract in May 1999, several attempts were made without success, to contact Mr. REUBEN ROSS, from our closed investigation it was noticed that MR REUBEN ROSS HAD DIED, also every effort made to get in contact any of his relatives in whose favor the cash value for the redeemed investment could be made from FNB bank, proved abortive.


As the Head of accounts in the Department, I have, with my Director General (DG) carefully initiated the process of filing a claim for the money with the hope of having the Fund Transferred abroad for investment on our behalf since the original benefactor has died, we are hopeful you will agree with our intention to arrange payment of the claim in your NAME as the next of KIN to MR REUBEN ROSS.

We require that you let us prepare and file the claim for the money from this Department indicating your name as the appointed beneficiary of the FUND. Upon approval of the payment of this claim, you will be paid THIRTY EIGHT MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS (USD38.5M) Further, since the money will be paid directly into a bank account to be nominated by you, you will have the responsibility to ensure that we receive our share of the money which I and my colleague have decided.


We will have 70% while you will keep 30% as your personal commission. I have to assure you however, that we are to make the payment of the Fund possible provided you are ready to meet with us and give us a very strong


That our share of the fund will be secured in your Hands and that you would not betray our trust in making the transfer of the Fund into your Bank account.


This is a very safe and risk-free involvement as it is not prone to any enquiry since we are all active partners and will not want to lose our positions in Government and the Department. Meanwhile I demand that you keep this transaction very Private and Confidential in view of our personal involvements. Full details of the processes for the claim will be provided as soon as we receive your response AND acceptance to be part of this agreement. I expect the immediate indication of your interest (By Phone or E-mail) kindly adopt and treat accordingly.

NB : For the safety and security of this transaction kindly address your reply to
E-mail :

Best regards,
Mrs.Annette Joseph

Name : Mrs.Annette Joseph
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International Monetary Fund

International Reconciliation and Logistics Vault
International Monetary Fund (IMF)

It is a pleasure to write you that we have reconciled with our logistic department on the reimbursement of some fund spent by you during the cause of your inadequate dealings with some impostors who claim to be staff in banks and other regional payment centers. Our reconciliation teams with the prospectus instrument of the United Nations after freezing suspected impostors account. This support was fully effective with the help of World Bank after a summit meeting in London, on the financial analysis on financial stability issues fluctuating their economy with the international global standard.

After gathering of this sum, our logistic department gave us a list of customers to be paid who fell victims to these imposters due to unawareness. And mode of payment was as well specified for proper conducts and financial regulations to kick against criminality during process of payment. We have arranged your payment through our swift card centers, with the latest instruction from International Monetary Fund Reconciliation Office.

The card center will send you an ATM Debit card which you will use to withdraw your money in any ATM Center, Banks and Union Pay Credit outlets in the world, You are hereby selected as an honor for this payment approval, which you are to acknowledge the receipt of this mail in returning the required below to the Logistic Department by email listed below.

Office of Reconciliation and Logistics Vaults,
International Monetary Fund (IMF),
Contact Manager: Frank Dickson
Phone Number +2348185517898

1. Full Name:
2. Phone and Fax Number:
3. Your age and Current Occupation:
4. Contact Address where you want your ATM Card to be delivered to (P.O Box Not Acceptable):

For your information, you have to stop any further communication with any other person (s) or office (s) to avoid any hitches in receiving your payment. Because of Impostors, we hereby issued you our code of conduct, which is (ATM-404012) so you have to indicate this code when contacting the Card Center by using it as your subject.

Kindly be informed that recipients shall be liable to all cost arising for the delivery of the donation parcel. This is due to Legal law protecting all donation funds misappropriation.

Yours in Service,
Mr. Robert Ferguson
Admin Chairman
International Reconciliation and Logistics Vaults
International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Name : Mr. Robert Ferguson
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IP :,

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end any furthar messages from us here

Treat with dispatch

TEL: 002 011 4884 2681

Dear Friend;

This message might meet you in utmost surprise. However, it's just my urgent need for foreign partner that made me to contact you for this transaction. I am a banker by profession and currently holding the post of Senior Manager Corporate Communications and Accounting unit of the bank.

I have the opportunity of transferring the left over funds ($24million USD) of one of my client who died along with his entire family on 31 July 2000 in a plane crash. why I have to do this, I don't want the Egyptian government to take over the fund Due to the economic problem going in the country and You can confirm the genuineness of the deceased death by clicking on this web site below

However, I am inviting you for a business deal where this money can be shared between us in the ratio of 60/40%. All I need is for you to set up an online account in your name with Alwatany bank and I will have the money deposited into this account of yours to enable you complete the transfer online to your designated bank account in your home country; Online banking is the safest way of doing business of such value no matter where you are located. It is as simple as it looks and as soon as the fund is transferred to your account, I will put away all documents to cover any trace of the fund.

I know you will be very much interested, kindly provide me with the details below.

First Name.............
Telephone No........
Occupation ......
Date of Birth (date/m/yr) ......
Copy of International Passport Or ID card.....

Further details will be provided when next I hear from you; remember this transaction is risk free as I would never jeopardize my future and that of my family by getting involved into what is illegal.

Have a great day

Yours sincerely,

TEL: 002 011 4884 2681

Name : MR.GOMAA ELWANY,Alwatany Bank
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