Friday, May 25, 2012

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The United Nations has agreed to compensate all the people that have an unfinished transaction or international Fund transfer that failed due to Government problem or those that have been Frauded in the Internet by dubious Individuals.The sum of USD$1,550,000.00 (One Million five hundred and fifty thousand US dollar) was issued to each of you .We found your name in our list as one of the beneficiary and that is why we are contacting you through this medium. This have been agreed upon and signed by the Secretary General United Nations Development Programm.You are advised now to make your choice of payment for immediate release of your fund (USD$1,550,000.00) in our custody.

You are required to send us your personal informations as stated below and attach any form of identity (Driver's Licence/International Passport) for verification and file keeping.

Full Names (Surname First).......
Current Address...................
Country ........................
Telephone ............
Method of payment............

Have a nice day and Hope you use this Money Wisely


Staff Admin
For(General Secretary United Nations)

Please note:Any attachment and response stringly are confidential and may be legally privileged. If you are not the intended recipient, kindly notify the sender by return mail and delete this message and any attachment immediately. Please do not copy, forward or use this message or attachment except as permitted by the author. Opinions, conclusions and views expressed in this message are solely personal to the author, unless otherwise clearly stated and related to the official business of UNDP. Please note that neither UNDP nor the sender accepts any responsibility for viruses and it is your responsibility to scan the email and attachments (if any). No contracts may be concluded on behalf of UNDP by means of email communications. Thank you


It was resolved & agreed upon by the Board members & Directors that ur fund of $4.5 million us dollar will be release to u on a special method payment via ATM SWIFT CARD, U are advise to contact this office with the information's below to claim your fund.

FULL NAME.................
MAILING ..................
DIRECT / CELL PHONE NUMBER........................
YOUR COUNTRY..............................................

CONTACT NAME: DR:Fred Willaims

Best Regards,
Mr.Chris Brim.



Dear Friend,

I know that this mail will come to you as a surprise owing to the fact that
you may not remember me. I contacted you sometimes in the past concerning a
funds transfer which for some reasons I didn't conclude with you. I'm happy to
inform you about my success in getting those funds transferred under the
cooperation of a new partner from Trinidad and Tobago. Presently I'm in
Trinidad and Tobago for investment projects with my own share of the total
sum. Meanwhile, I didn't forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me in
transferring those funds despite that it failed us some how.

Now contact my secretary in Benin Republic, his name is Peter Ezenna on and ask him to send to you the total of $2,500,000.00
which I kept for your compensation for all the past efforts and attempts to
assist me in this matter in the past. I appreciated your efforts at that time
very much. So feel free and get in touch with my secretary Mr.Peter Ezenna
and instruct him where to send the amount to you.

Please do let me know immediately you receive it so that we can share the joy
after all the sufferings at that time. In the moment, I’m very busy here
because of the investment projects which me and the new partner are having at

Finally, remember that I had forwarded instruction to the secretary on your
behalf to receive that money, so feel free to get in touch with Mr.Peter
Ezenna,he will send the amount to you without any delay.

Barrister Abel Dabul Esq.