Monday, March 10, 2014

Rép : Instruction to deliver your Consignment Trunk Box in our Vault

Attention Dear

After due vetting and evaluation of your file that was sent to us by the African Development Bank(ADB). Under the direct authorization of the African Union in Conjunction with the United Nations, we wish to notify you that your contract/inheritance Fund will be paid to you via Diplomatic Delivery to your home address as all means to receive your Fund through Banks had failed. This Company has an instruction to see to the immediate release of the sum of Six Million Dollars (US$6M) of your claim that has been pending in a trunk box in our security vault.We were meant to understand from our findings that you have been going through hard times and passing through a lot of difficulties in seeing to the release of your fund which amounts to (Six Million Dollars (US$6M). This has been the handwork of some dubious elements in African Development Bank (ADB). We advice that you stop further communication with any correspondence from anywhere concerning this fund, you don't have to pass through any difficulties to receive your fund, as you have meet up with the whole requirements. This was the reason this fund was kept in our security vault for easy delivery and conclusion of this transaction. The management of this transaction do not want you to pass through wire transfer, which you have gone through off and on and this fund was not paid to you, but for you to come down and see your fund with your two eyes. Do get back to us with the following required informations?.

(1) YOUR FULL NAME ..........................................
(2) YOUR RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS.............................
(3) YOUR POSTAL ADDRESS.......................................
(4) YOUR PHONE AND FAX NUMBER.............................
(5) YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS...........................................
(6) YOUR OCCUPATION..................................................
(7) YOUR OFFICIAL AGE.................................................
(8) YOUR PHOTOGRAPH ..............................................
(9) YOUR COUNTRY........................................................

*Direct Cell Phone Number for easy communication Note that if no seriousness is seen from you, we have no choice but to send this fund back to our treasury as an unclaimed fund by you.

Do see that you forward your above information to this

Direct line:+60163810313

We anticipate your urgent respond.

Best Regards,

Mr.Abraham Martins,
Dispatch Officer.

Harry Morris

Attn My Dear,

We have deposited your atm card with dhl company this morning And we agreed up that the delivery of your US$1,500.000.00 Will start tomorrow morning. So contact them with your full information, Because all necessary arrangement has been made that once your information’s is confirmed they will immediate start your delivery to you, And don't fail to contact the dhl today, below is the info needed from thank you

(1) Full names:--------------------
(2) Phone line:--------------------------
(3) Country of origin:--------------------------
(4) Age:------------------------------
(5) Occupation:-----------------------------
(6) Home address:-----------------------------

Contact Mr.Harry Morris
Email: (

Tel: +229 68322652
Thank you,
Mr. David Blair

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Dear Sir/Madam

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a former manager billing and exchange at the foreign remittance department of La Caixa Bank, Madrid - Spain. A friend of mine whom I assisted in moving out his fund from our bank to a bank of his destination decided to appreciate my effort in moving out his fund without stress.This appreciation token is in the tune of US$12,500,000.00 (Twelve Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) deposited in one the financial security company here in Madrid. If you wish, I will provide you with details to verify the existence of the fund by contacting the security company.

This fund has been left in their security vault since 6 months now waiting for an instruction from my friend to be released. According to my arrangement with him, whenever I am set to move out the fund to any bank of my choice, He is willing to instruct the security company for onward transfer to the specified bank account. My purpose of contacting you is to enable me use your bank account to move out the fund I cannot do it alone. Because I live here in Spain and as a former banker, I will not be able to defend such fund if I should embark on the project alone. Hence, I contacted you.If you are interested in this deal, let me know on your return mail so that I will give you more details on how to proceed further.

Please get back to me as soon as possible on



Harrison Izualor


I am Cpt.Tom Hall, am currently with 395th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, stationed here at FOB Salerno Camp in Khowst Afghanistan as part of the troops still remaining to complete the later part of the war plan. Please I seek your urgent help this day to assist me with the safe keeping of two military trunk boxes and I am assuring you that this project am about to bring to the table will be of mutual interest for the both of us.I know you do not know me but i will explain more about this when you reply me. Kindly get back to me ASAP so I can feed you with more information on how this project would be carried out.

God Bless,

Cpt Hall
US Army

From Information Department Officer

Te: +(44) 7035966925

Attention Please:

Due to numerous report reaching our Office regarding to your unsettled benefit. We the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have directed all, Individual/Organizations who for one reason or the other did not receive their winning prizes in their Home Country of origin, to channel their reports/Names and direct contact numbers to the British Ministry Of Finance Office, UK, immediately on receipt of this Letter for proper verification and immediate settlements. Send the bellow listed details only to the Ministry Of Finance, Office, United States of America, Via their e-mail contact below:- +19712001759 for more information.

1. Your Full Names:....................................................
2. Your Country Of Origin:.........................
3. Direct Tel:.....................................

Yours Sincerely,

Information Department Officer
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
United Kingdom Office.



Dear Winner,

This is to inform you that you have been selected for a prize of a brand new 2012 Model BMW Hydrogen 7 Series Car, a Check of $500,000.00 USD and an Apple laptop from the international balloting programs held on the 1st section of the 2013 annual award promo in the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA. The selection process was carried out through a random computerized email selection system (ESS) from a database of over 250,000 email addresses drawn from all the continents of the world, which your email address was selected. The BMW Lottery is approved by the British Gaming Board and also Licensed by the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR). To begin the processing of your prize claim, You are to contact our fiduciary claim department for more information as regards to the procedures on the claim of your prize.


Contact him by providing him with your secret pin code Number BMW:2541256004/25. You are also advised to provide him with the under listed information as soon as possible:

1. Name In Full :
2. Residential Address :
3. Nationality :
4. Age :
5. Occupation :
6. Direct Phone :
7. Present Country :
8. Email address :
9. pin code Number BMW:2541256004/25

MRS Rachael Adams.





My name is barrister WILLIAMS SMITH (Esq), I got your contact information from a reputable business/professional directory of your country which gives me assurance of your legibility as a person while trying to get a good and capable business for both business and investment purposes. like I said, I am Barrister WILLIAMS SMITH (Esq.) I was the Personal Attorney to late Mr. Morris Thompson an American who was a businessman in my country Nigeria but unfortunately he died in an air crash of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 which crashed on January 31st 2007,including his wife and only daughter. Before the plane crash, Mr. Morris Thompson made a deposit value of US$20,000,000.00 (TWENTY MILLION UNITED STATE DOLLARS) in the FIRST BANK OF NIGERIA, Upon maturity, several notice was sent to him, another notification was sent and still no response came from him. I later found out that Mr. Morris Thompson and his family had been killed in that plane crash. After further investigation it was also discovered that Mr. Morris Thompson next of kin was his daughter who died with him in the crash.What borders me most is that according to the laws of my country at the expiration of 8 years the funds will revert to the ownership of the NIGERIA GOVERNMENT, if nobody applies to claim the funds. Against this backdrop, my suggestion to you is that I will like you as a foreigner to stand as the next of kin to Mr. Morris Thompson so that you will be able to receive these funds for both of us. WHAT IS TO BE DONE: I want you to know that I have had everything planned out so that we shall come out successfully. As a barrister, I will prepare the necessary document that will back you up as the next of kin to Mr. Morris Thompson.PLEASE YOU HAVE TO PROVIDE YOUR FULL INFORMATION SUCH AS STATED BELOW,

[1] NAME:
[3] AGE:
[4] SEX:
[6] FAX:

Also be informed that this Transaction will take us just 15 working days to accomplish beginning from when I receive your Data.After you have been made the next of kin, I will also file an application to the bank on your behalf as soon as I secure the necessary approval and letter of probate in your favor for the movement of the funds to an account that will be provided by you. This process is 100% risk-free as I have set out all the modalities to see that a legalized method is used, because then, I will prepare all the necessary documents. Please note that utmost secrecy and confidentiality is required at all times during this transaction. Once the funds have been transferred into your nominated bank account we shall share in the ratio of 50% for me, 50% for you. If you are not interested, please delete this letter so that I can scout for another competent partner to conclude this transaction. Should you be interested please send me your full names, telephone, fax number and email address as stated above. I will prefer that you reach me via this email address:( Your earliest response to this letter will be appreciated.

Best Regards,
Barr Williams Smith Esq.

Capt Tom Hall

I am Cpt.Tom Hall, am currently with 395th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, stationed here at FOB Salerno Camp in Khowst Afghanistan as part of the troops still remaining to complete the later part of the war plan.

Please I seek your urgent help this day to assist me with the safe keeping of two military trunk boxes and I am assuring you that this project am about to bring to the table will be of mutual interest for the both of us.I know you do not know me but i will explain more about this when you reply me.

Kindly get back to me ASAP so I can feed you with more information on how this project would be carried out.

God Bless,

Cpt Hall
US Army

Proposal From Mr Ronald Victor Lucas


My name is Mr Ronald Lucas, a Fund Manager with one of the worlds largest investment companies. I handle all our Investors Capital Project Funds which enabled me to divert 1.2% of Investors Excess Return Capital Funds to our Magellan Trust Funds Account where any one can be presented to claim the funds. Total sum of, forty five Million, Seven Hundred and Forty Five Thousand British Pounds (GBP45,745,000.00) has been diverted, representing 1.2% of Excess Return Capital Funds from the Investor Capital Project Funds for 2006/2007 fiscal year. I need a reliable and trustworthy person with whom I can work this deal out so that we can claim the funds as mentioned above. Be informed that i will handle the expenses that maybe required in this business deal.

Ronald Lucas

Joseph Stiglitz

East Acton London W3 7DS
England,United Kingdom
Internal Audit, Monitoring,
Consulting and Investigations Division

From: Mr Joseph E. Stiglitz

Hello Unpaid Beneficiary

This is to inform you that I came to Nigeria yesterday from London,after series of complains from the FBI and other Security agencies from Asia, Europe,Oceania, Antarctica,South America and the United States of America respectively,against the Federal Government of Nigeria and the British Government for the rate of scam activities going on in these two nations.I have meet with President GoodLuck of Nigeria who claimed that he has been trying his best to make sure you receive your fund in your account.

Right now,as directed by our secretary general Mr. Ban Ki-Moon,We are working in collaborations with the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) and have decided to authorize the Government of Nigeria to effect the payment of your unpaid fund of $15.5M approved by both the British/United States government and the UN into your account without any delay.

Sincerely,you are a lucky person because I have just discovered that some top Nigerian and British Government Officials are interested in your fund and they are working in collaboration with One Mr.Ray Cleams and others from USA to frustrate you and thereafter divert your fund into their personal account.

I have a very limited time to stay in Nigeria here so I would like you to urgently respond to this message so that I can advise you on how best to confirm your fund in your account within the next 72 hours.

Mr Joseph E. Stiglitz.
General for Internal Oversight

Mr. Harry White

FROM THE DESK OF: Mr Harry White



The United Nations World Fund Recovery Management and Payment Bureau newly established by the World Financial Service Authority United Kingdom/African regional foreign debt management office. This body was set up to recover unpaid funds being owed to Governments or Individuals all over the world through Contract Payment, Inheritance and Lottery Winning.

It will interest you to know that we have recovered an unpaid/unclaimed sum of USD15M in your name and a mandate has been given to this body World Fund Recovery Management and Payment Bureau African Regional Desk office to ensure that this fund gets to you without delay. Note that a special payment arrangement has been made to remit this fund to you through Bank Wire Transfers,ATM Corporate visa card, and Diplomatic Delivery or alternatively you come in person to any of our payment offices in Europe, Malaysia or Africa.

You are advised to furnish this office with the information's below to enable us open up communication with you regarding the release of your fund immediately.

1. Full Names:
2. Address:
3. Telephone No:
4. Mobile Telephone No:
5. Fax No:
6. Your next of kin names and e-mail address.
7. Copy of your International passport or Drivers license

Please confirm to us how you want your fund released to you via e-mail as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,
Harry White
Director, United Nations African Regional Desk.

Mr.Philip Lordson


We got Alert from the Fedearl Government of Benin to credit your account with $8Million from Benin reserve account in Bank of America.In our view research we contacted IMF and US Homland Seucrity about the issue, they confirm it legal in your name,But $50 is required from you for the (UEPAF) in Benin and you are given 48hrs to make the payment direct to American Embassy in Benin with BELOW.After $50 no more fee again:

Country:Benin Republic

Thanks for banking with Bank of America
Regard Mr.Philip Lordson.(+229-99616688)