Saturday, April 5, 2014

A biotech company that will make you big bucks

Think about it. What if you had the hunch to buy something low and sell it high. What if that clever move made you three or five times your principal? When is the last time you saw a stock quintuple within a few days?

R_C_H_A is a little biopharma company that you can buy for around 20 cents on Monday. A little bird has told me that something big is happening over there and that we can expect to see it go past a dollar before the end of the week.

This could be your move of the year, or even the best move of your life. Or you can just watch it pass by and do nothing. At least next time I present you with something you will listen with absolute belief and get to ride that wave. Last time I recommended a company to a friend it tripled in 3 days.

If you can buy R_C_H_A on Monday morning, consider yourself lucky and I want to hear about how much you will make this coming week!

So make sure to tell me!

Note: Response should be made immediately before it will too late for you.

Today at 9:37 AM


Plot 84, Ajose Adeogun Street ,
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Plot 84, Ajose Adeogun Street ,
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Greetings Invitation To Act As ...

Greetings Invitation To Act As ...

I am the wife of the late Libyan President Gaddafi who was killed by rebels on Thursday 20th Oct 2011, please my life is in big danger and I would like to use you as my contact to move a huge sum of money and start living a free life in your country.

I am taking refuge somewhere but formally i was in Algeria but we left there out of fear that we are not safe because the Rebels can trace to any Northern part of
Africa. My three children and i can't go back to Libya otherwise we will be killed.

We are afraid that our life could be in danger in Libya and for reasons which i believe you know, we can not live in Libya. The death of my husband was a broad day murder by the Libyan rebels. He was captured and killed not by stray bullet as the world was made to believe, it was a bad experience and a difficult in time for us. I want to relocate to your country because where i am right now is not a safe place for me to start up a new life.

I have some money, Twenty One Million United States Dollars ($21,000,000.00) in my possession which i will like to invest in any profitable business in your country. I want you to guard me through the business i will invest in. I will reward you with 30% percent of the total money. I will furnish you with more information as soon as I read your response indicating your interest to partner with me.

At present I don't receive or make calls for security reason (s) as it is being monitored by some authorities and i don't want anybody to know that i am here until i leave this country. All communication will be through email message for security reasons.

I look forward to your prompt and positive response. Please if you are not interested, kindly delete and do not spread this message for the safety of my family life.

Kindly reply to my personal email address: for confidentiality of this transaction.

Thank you,

Mrs. Safia Farkash Gaddafi.

Re: claim

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Soon as the Above Information is received through E-mail to: , your payment will be processed and paid to you.

Mrs. Angela Banks