Wednesday, May 29, 2013

05/29=Get paid to conduct customer-surveys in your area


Probe Market Research, a market research firm, is currently seeking individuals to act as evaluators in various field market surveys within the United States. Would you be interested in earning as much as three hundred dollars for every on-site customer survey you complete? You would be required to evaluate businesses within your location in the United States and provide us with your feed-back on the quality of service rendered. These surveys can be conducted during your flexible hours. Participation is free and at absolutely no cost to you. Also, no formal training is required. If you are interested, reply for more details.

Thank you

Simon Dean
Probe Market Research
122 East 42nd Street,
NY 10168,
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attention daer your payment has already been sent today through Western Union

My work partner has helped me to send the first $5000.00 to you through Western Union Money Transfer. Contact Mr. Moussa Williams, and ask him how much charge you need to remit to them before they can allow you pick up the first $5000. Contact: Mr. Moussa Williams Telephone: +229-9829-8743 Email:( (MTCN)# 160-343-5576,for the first transfer he made to you, Ask him to give you the Sender's Full Name, to pick the $5000,Your total sum is $1.2MILLION. Send to him your, Full Name, State, City, Yours Sincerely. Deborah Brown

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Hello Dear Can I Trust You!!!!

Hello Dear

Greetings to you and your family I am happy to know you, but God knows you better and he knows why he has directed me to you at this point in time How are you and everything happening around you I am contacting you because I need someone who will help me establish an orphanage, and also run a charity program with my life time savings as I will depart this wicked world due to esophagus nacre. I want to help the poor kids as much as I can. I am(London), widow and have no one around me to trust as they all want to loot my money and never care about my interest. Presently I am at the hospital. The total amount for this project is $8.5million dollars and 50% of the money will be yours and 50% will be for the project. We have never met before but after going through your profile I decided to contact you. I wish you are the honest and hardworking type I am looking for. Please get back to me so that I can give you the details.


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We are Consultant to cooperative association of local miners,West Africa Miners Association,with our offices located in , Burkina Faso , Mali.We have our mines ,are into exploration of solid minerals and precious AU metals,We are interested to enter into sales contract with a refinery owner/buyer for long term contract consideration of 500kg of Au gold monthly, and please find attached production manifest for rough/uncut diamonds and our procedure.

Here is the specification of available Gold ready for exports to buyers destination/refinery on FOB, C&F contract.

1... Item: Gold Dust/Dore Bars
2... Quality: 22+ Carats/24Carats
3...Availability: 250 - 500 KG
4....Purity : 97.9%
6....Gold Origin... Burkina Faso /West Africa.

Because of fraud that have been happen on internet, Worldwide we do not want cash payment From you but come and see what you want to buy and you are required to pay us by bank instrument after the final assay .
Yours Sincerely,

bonjour ,

je vous confirme la disponibilite immediate dans nos locaux en republique du burkina de d’or en pre-lingot de qualite 23.89 carat de purete 97% .Conditions 1- L’acheteur ou son representant vient au burkina pour constater l’existence l’effective de la marchandise et proceder a son expertise (control). Si la qualite de la marchandise convient a l’acheteur alors un contrat de vente sera signe devant un cabinet de notaire reconnu pas les juridictions burkinabe et . L’acheteur mettra alors son propre scelle sur la marchandise pour des mesures de securite. 2- L’acheteur et le vendeur paient a un transitaire disposant d’une licence de reexportations les frais relatifs a la reexportation de la marchandise afin que ce dernier etablisse les differentes formalites de reexportation pour l’acheminement de la marchandise vers la destination voulue pas l’acheteur. je vous enverrais mon numero de tel .si cela vous convient faite moi savoir .


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