Tuesday, August 8, 2017

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On behalf of BSN Solution we want to take this opportunity to advertise our loan offer to those who need urgent financial assistance. I am a loan adviser for BSN Solution; and we seek for beneficial projects for the organizations; seeking means of expanding and relocating our business interest abroad in the following sectors: textile/garment manufacturing, oil/gas, banking, real estate, stock speculation and mining, transportation, health sector and tobacco, communication services, agriculture forestry & fishing; thus any sector. We are ready to fund projects in and out of the country in the form of 'Soft Loan'. We grant loan to both corporate and private entities at a very low interest rate of 3.00% ROI per annum. The terms are very flexible and interesting. If you are interested in our offer, please contact us for details.


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NOTE : bsn-solution-ltd@rogers.com
NOTE : lyrivera@justicia.pr.gov
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NOTE : ilyass-maradona@live.fr
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