Friday, March 31, 2017

Protection of US$12 Million Dollars.

Justice of the Supreme Court of Benin
Tel phone:+ 229 98284363

Attention Please

Provision of Affidavit of Claim Certificate for Legal Cover/
Protection of US$12 Million Dollars.

Please let me start by apologizing to your humble and noble person, this is because your payment file worth the total sum of us$12 Million usd was brought to my desk for cancellation which i have to taken my time to look into your payment file to know why your over due payment should be canceled and i found out that it was because of your inability to secure your Release Approval Order Certificate (RAOC) that is why they decided to cancel your payment of us$12M usd. However, due to humanitarian ground and sympathy and because i do not want your payment to be cancel, so i immediately called up the Federal Minister Finance and explain your matter to them as regards to your payment and they called a meeting which was resolved that all payment charges on you and any payment fee should be reduced too, it's barest menial in order to help you afford the fee. To this end, it will interest you to know that every and any fee/charges required has been reduced to only the sum of $100.00 us dollars this step is in order to enable you afford this only fee so that your Release Approval Order Certificate (RAOC) will procure in your name to enhance the immediate transfer of your $12 Million us dollars into your bank account or the funds will be converted to an ATM MASTER CARD and it will be delivered to your home address. Please I want you to know that you have till the end of today and tomorrow and next tomorrow (3days) to effect the required payment so we can clearly release and effect the transfer of your fund worth USA $12 Million us dollars into your account or the funds will be delivered to your home address all depend on your choice , So i will advice you to copy below information and address and the payment of $100.00 send through the only Money Gram Money Transfer and send back the payment details to this office immediately the payment is effected.

Send the $100.00 usd through only Money gram.
Receiver's Name: ----- John oSo
City: ------- Cotonou
Country: ------ Benin Republic
Question: ------ YES
Answer: ------ YES
Amount: $100.00

We want you to know that we are indeed very sorry for any inconveniences any delay this must have caused you in having your fund paid out to you long before now.You will never ever regret paying the fee, this is a promise to you after all your pains in the past as we are here to serve you as our word is our bond to you. Confirm the receipt of this e-mail by you immediately and be rest assured that you will be smiling to your bank once you comply with the above directives now.Your urgent response to this e-mail now will go a long way in helping us ensure your payment is released to you within 24 hours of you acting as instructed.

Looking forward to read your email with the payment details.

Yours Faithfully
Barrister Mr.David Terry,
Chief Justice Of the Supreme Court.

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Contact Agent Tony for your package shipment,


We officially wish to inform you today that the Federal Government of this country Benin Republic has finally released your inheritance / contract payment of $1.8 Million United States Dollars and it has been packaged out for delivery with the help of US AMBASSADOR to Benin Republic who acts as your foreign representative here in Benin before the delivery took place.

In addition, every necessary arrangement has been made successfully with (Tony Richard). So you are advice to confirm your full delivery information to the Agent right now because he's currently at (T. F. Green International Airport Rhode Island) with your consignment box, he called earlier to inform me that he misplaced your delivery address.

So you are advised to confirm your full delivery information to the diplomat as to have easy conversation with him and to enable you give him the full direction to get your package delivered to you safely and sound. Please be very fast in doing that because the diplomatic Agent (Mr Tony Richard) has no time to waste in US due to his flight ticket will be expiring within few days.

So do contact the diplomatic agent with the info below and with your information's required.

Tel: (401) 830-2004
Contact him directly: Click REPLY to get him through (his email is automatically set for you, also Text / Call him)

Here is the Information you are required to confirm to the Agent.

ADDRESS: =====
MOBILE NO: =====

Most importantly, he is now at (T. F. Green International Airport Rhode Island) USA and due to the Searching and Scanning of the consignment he misplaced your address together with all your contact information, so contact him for your package right away and also write me back immediately you hear from the Agent to insure that your fund is getting to you without any hitch OK,

Furthermore, remember the Agent delivering the Consignment does not know that the consignment contained money because the AMBASSADOR who is your representative here registered it as a family valuable article to avoid inspection during the delivery, so unknown circumstances should you let him know the content of that consignment to avoid him from running away with your funds, your Consignment was sign and stamp by US EMBASSY here in Benin Republic to ensure that it is protected until it arrives your address.

Best Regards.
Mr Martino Boni
Direct Telephone; (+229) 611-377-64

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