Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Attn:Beneficiary. Your Fund Has Been Transferred To CIBC BANK Canada


Dear Sir,

After my personal meeting with the Board and Management of ( CBN,in Abuja, this morning concerning your fund, it was concluded that your funds should be paid to you through our affiliate bank which is nearest to you in Canada, The CIBC AMICUS BANK CANADA, They have all the legal rights and back up to transfer your funds into your bank account without any delays or questions from any body or governments of any Nations. So please return back to me so I can forward to you immediately the contact information of the paying bank in Canada, and request how best you would like to receive your fund that is currently deposited in their STRONG ROOM for easy and onwards remittance into your account co-ordinates. You may also request for an account opening with the bank to enable you obtain the ( CIBC BANK EAZY CARD ) transaction ATM.


I await your urgent response.

Best regards,
Denisa Williams

Skye Bank PLC

ATTN: Dear Beneficiary

Due to your failure and inability to claim your compensation victim fund, over-due contract, inheritance and lottery payment via special KTT wired transfer and ATM card produced and activated by our bank following a mandate given to our bank by IMF and the Central Banks in Africa (CBA) for the purpose of your payment after the stipulated 14 working days, we are left with no other option but to follow the directive of the Government to return the funds to the Government treasury if you did not respond to the claims. We request that you send to us a letter of attorney signed by your lawyer authorizing us to deactivate this Value card and return its monetary value to the coffers of the Government, and that you have not, and will never put forward any claim for the funds subsequently, thereby forfeiting same to the benefit of the Federal Government.

Value Card Number: 0168763144035066.
Your Personal Identification Number: 55978.

Your ATM Card Value: $300.000.00USD, while the balance of your fund will be transfer to you as you want via wire transfer or by Diplomatic Courier cash delivery.
Note: Please contact me directly on this email: and phone number Below:-
Phone: +234 807 969 5430

Yours sincerely,

MR. Michael Obot,

Urgent Letter.

Dear Friend,

My office audited the New York City Department of Design and Construction (DDC) regarding the last 5 years contractors payments released to companies/individuals that completed their contracts. We audit agencies such as DDC as a means of ensuring compliance with procedures for recovering City Funds. The audit found that DDC did not issue payment release instructions to few contractors in 2009/2010, which was as a result of design errors and change order work.

It was further discovered that all errors were corrected, and some pending payments went through, except two other payments that were given approvals but not released during the Fiscal Years 2009 and 2010, as follows $172,580,340 and $94,660,505. Furthermore, the DDC did not always adhere to standards to preclude designs errors and omissions from occurring in the first place. Additionally, the audit identified problems with classifying change orders and with accurately recording information about change order classifications in DDC's Standardized Change

As the case may be, my boss have the co-operation of DDC's senior officials to invite or source for a reliable and trustworthy individuals or companies that can apply for the payments through DDC. However, by virtue of our position as civil servants, we cannot acquire these monies in our names or company's names, thus, we intend to re-profile the unpaid contract payment' s file to your name or company's name, to aid the DDC to release the funds to you/your company.

However, before i proceed, i wish to introduce myself properly, I am Robert Pullman, Senior Audit Officer under the former City of New York Office of the Comptroller, John C. liu, and as a matter of fact i was asked to contact you to draw your attention to this beneficial matter. So kindly let me know if you are interested in taking up the task, and upon your response, you shall be given further details and documents as regards the issue at hand.

Please indicate your interest by responding swiftly to this mail through,


Robert Pullman.