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Dear Costumer

I'M very sorry for any inconvenience, I found your Name and E-mail in our Bank Database (Banque Atlantique Cote D'Ivoire), Your name was writing with your E-mail address in one of our International MasterCard with sum of $750,000.00 that belongs to you. Have you ever bank with us? Are you one of our foreign costumer or investors? How come did we have your Name in our bank Database for a very long time now and you dont care for responding to us? Why? Please kindly reply immediately to me to know if you are still alive. Regards. Mr, Williams.



Fabric: 55% cotton/45% polyester blended
Closure: Hook and loop
Size: Adjustable
Extras: Pre-curved visor

Realtree Hardwoods

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United Bank for Africa

Compliment of the day; this is to inform you that IMF/World Bank Auditors has approved a compensation payment to compensate some of the scam victim and, Your E-mail ID is among the scam Victims listed to be compensated by World Bank/IMF each valued at US$2 Million. Note, we have received from the custody of (IMF And World Bank) the necessary documents backing and proving you as the beneficiary of the $2 Million Us Dollars that we are about to release to you as a compensation payment. This compensation is for those who experience victim of scam worldwide. You are instructed to fill our payment application form as outline below correctly to avoid any errors in releasing your payment and bear in mind that we will commence your payment as soon as we receive the information from you.

Reconfirm the following information for Security reason.

1.) Full name:
2.) Age:
3.) Sex:
4.) Address:
5.) Zip/postal code:
6.) State/province:
7.) Country:
8.) Residential Country:
9.) Phone:
10.) Occupation/position:
11.) A copy of your international passport, driver’s license or identity card.

Yours faithfully,
Roger Yameago
Remittance Manager
United Bank for Africa (U.B.A).

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Mr.Frank Wilson

Attention? Beneficiary.

THis is to inform you that after the meeting held in my office yesterday which consist between the United States Embassy and the United Nations, African ECO-WAS, we have concluded that you will be compensated with all the money you have loosed in the hands of Africans and most especially BENIN REPUBLIC precisely.

We have deposited the cheque of your fund ($4.800`000`00USD) through Western Union department after our finally meeting regarding your fund, All you will do is to contact Western Union director Dr.Desmond Great via E-mail (westernunionbenin777@yahoo.fr) Tel:+229 99-060-422, He will give you direction on how you will be receiving the funds daily.Remember to send him your Full information to avoid wrong transfer such as,

1. Your Full name....................
2. Your home Address.................
3. Your telephone number.............
4. A copy of your ID.................
5. Your age/sex......................
6. Your occupation...................
7. Your country......................

Though,Mr.Frank Wilson has sent $5000 in your name today so contact Dr.Desmond Great or you call him Tel:+229 99-060-422, as soon as you receive this email and tell him to give you the Mtcn, sender name and question/answer to pick the $5000 Please let us know as soon as you received all your fund,

Yours sincerely
Mr.Frank Wilson

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Hello My name is Aisha, I saw your proflim here at www.facebook.com and i was very interested to this,please get back to me aishababy86@yahoo.com so will can go more thanks

Hola mi nombre es Aisha, vi tu proflim aquí en www.facebook.com y estaba muy interesado en esto, por favor volver a mí aishababy86@yahoo.com por lo que se puede ir más gracias

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Open Computer Network

OCN (オーシーエヌ), or Open Computer Network, is the largest Japanese Internet service provider, with over 7 million subscribers. It is owned by NTT Communications Corp, one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world. It offers dial-up and ISDN, DSL up to 50 Mbit/s and fiber up to 200 Mbit/s(download)100Mbit/s (upload) for ¥3,600-¥5,600 (US$$35 ~ $55) per month, with connections to large apartment buildings being less expensive than those to individual houses and small apartments.

Note that as a result of regulations intended to promote competition, OCN themselves offer only internet service (routing), the physical line can be offered by NTT (the parent corporation), or by another company. (Likewise, one can lease a"Flets" fiber line and use Sony, Nifty, or another internet provider). Speeds up to 1Gbit/s are offered in Western Japan, while in East Japan only 200Mbit/s is officially offered for residential use, even though the underlying fiber infrastructure is capable of 1Gbit/s. OCN also offers an MVNO mobile broadband service called "OCN Mobile One", based on NTT Docomo's LTE infrastructure, but with data only SIM cards issued by OCN. Cards with and without SMS access are available. (In a tie-up with NTT Communications, one can install the "050+" application and use voice over IP so that the data only SIM cards can be used for voice as well.)


Good News Beneficiary

I Have Registered Your Package Vial Dhl Express This Morning And We Agree Up That The Delivery Of Your $5.8M ATM Card Will Take Off Tomorrow. So Contact Them With Your Full Info and again ask them the Ownership Certificate of your fund before the delivery take place because i deposited it with the ATM Card if possible call their manager on telephone once you get this email ;

(1) Full Names: -------------
(2) Phone Line: ------------
(3) Country of Origin: --------
(4) Age: ----------------
(5) Occupation: ----------
(6) Home Address: -------

Name: Mr. Jerry Bright
Phone Line: +229 99134211

Ecowas Agent

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Your ugent repaly needed

Dear owner,

I am Mr. Read Johnson, Head Officer-in-Charge, Administrative Service
Inspection Unit United Nations Inspection Agency in Hartsfield- Jackson
International Airport Atlanta, Georgia. During our investigation, I
discovered an abandoned shipment through a Diplomat from United Kingdom
which was transferred from JF Kennedy Airport to our facility here in
Atlanta, and when scanned it revealed an undisclosed sum of money in 2
Metal Trunk Boxes weighing approximately 130kg.

The consignment was abandoned because the Content was not properly
declared by the consignee as money rather it was declared as personal
effect/classified document to either avoid diversion by the Shipping Agent
or confiscation by the relevant authorities. The diplomat's inability to
pay for Non Inspection fees among other things are the reason why the
consignment is delayed and abandoned.

By my assessment, each of the boxes contains about $4M or more.They are
still left in the airport storage facility till today. The Consignments
like I said are two metal trunk boxes weighing about 65kg each (Internal
dimension: W61 x H156 x D73 (cm) effective capacity: 680 L)
Approximately. The details of the consignment including your name and
email on the official document from United Nations' office in London where
the shipment was tagged as personal effects/classified document is still
available with us. As it stands now, you have to reconfirm your full name,
Phone Number, full address so I can cross-check and see if it corresponds
with the one on the official documents. It is now left to you to decide if
you still need the consignment or allow us repatriate it back to UK
(place of origin) as we were instructed.

Reply to this email (headofficer1111@gmail.com)

As I did say again, the shipper abandoned it and ran away most importantly
because he gave a false declaration, he could not pay for the yellow tag,
he could not secure a valid non inspection document(s), etc. I am ready to
assist you in any way I can for you to get back this packages provided you
will also give me something out of it (financial gratification). You can
either come in person, or you engage the services of a secure
shipping/delivery Company/agent that will provide the necessary security
that is required to deliver the package to your doorstep or the
destination of your choice. I need all the guarantee that I can get from
you before I can get involved in this project.

Best Regards,
Mr. Mark Williams
Head Officer-in-Charge

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Attention your funds payment.


NOTE: If you received this message in your SPAM/BULK folder, it is because of the restrictions imposed by your Mail/Internet Service Provider, we urge you to treat it genuinely. How are you today? Hope all is well with you and family? You may not understand why this email came to you. In regards to the recent meeting between the United Nations, Cyber Crimes Commission (CCc), Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) and the United States Government to restore the dignity and Economy of Nations based on the Agreement with the World Bank Assistance Project to help and make the world a better place. We have been having meetings for the past 3 months with the Secretary General of the United Nations. This email come to those who are yet to receive their compensation/inheritance/winnings and who have been scammed in any part of the world, this includes every foreign contractors that may have not received their contract sum, and people that have had an unfinished transaction or Compensation payments that failed due to Government problems etc. Recently we the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) arrested internet fraudsters and Scammer with large amount of money so if you are receiving this email its means you where select to be compensated as a scam victim among 100 selected victims with part of the money recover from the internet fraudsters account, . The UNITED NATIONS have agreed to compensate you with the sum of $9,000.000.00 USD (NINE MILLION DOLLARS). 100 people where selected across the Globe for this MIDDLE OF THE YEAR COMPENSATION and Your name and email was in the list submitted by our Monitoring Team observers and this is why we are contacting you, this have been agreed upon and have been signed, so you are advised to contact Mr. Peter Jacob of the United Nations Compensation Commission, as he is our representative in United State Of America. Contact him immediately for your Compensation payment of $9,000.000.00 USD (NINE MILLION DOLLARS) which will be released directly to you in accordance with legal clearance and procedures. It is my pleasure to inform you that your ATM Card Number; 4000128498979908 have been approved in your favor. Your Personal Identification Number is 6062. The ATM Card Value is $9,000.000.00 USD (NINE MILLION DOLLARS) You are advised that a most withdrawal value of $15,000.00 USD is permitted on withdrawal per Day and we are duly Inter Switch and you can make withdrawal in any Inter Switch site and ATM Center of your choice.

However, you should send him your
Full Name/
Telephone Number/
your Residential Address/
New email address for this safety of this transaction

Contact Mr. Peter Jacob immediately for your compensation payment:
Mr. Peter Jacob
Director- General,
ATM Card Payment
New York Field Office
Phone Number: : +1 (803) 443-0268 Text Message Only
Email: mrpeterjacob@yahoo.com

He is obliged to give you a call and treat your case with utmost urgency as soon as you contact him and fill out your correct details including all reachable phone numbers for him to get in touch with you via phone and email.

NOTE: Under normal circumstances the collection of your ATM CARD the IMF and the Finance Ministry insisted that you pay for the DELIVERY FEE ONLY of your ATM CARD via western union money transfer, which will cost you just $425 USD only, the western union or Money Gram payment receipt of $425 USD to the nominated courier company that will carry out with the delivery to your door step to be documented in your file as proof your collection. Ask Mr. Peter Jacob for the instruction on how to send the delivery fee of $425 to him, Please note that the delivery fee can not be deducted from your ATM CARD due to the fact that no one has the authority to unlucky and use your ATM CARD on your behalf because you alone will be the one to first use the card for the first withdrawal with your secret code.

We also advise that you stop further communications with these imposters and forward any correspondence / proposal you receive from them to Mr. Peter Jacob in other for the FBI to bring justice to them.

Good luck and kind regards,
Making the world a better place!
Mr.James B. Comey, Jr.

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Dear Victim.

Dear Victim,

This is to official inform you that we have been having meetings for the past four months now which ended Five days ago with Mr.Jim Yong Kim the World Bank president and other seven continent presidents on the Congress we treated on solution to Scam victim problems.

Note: we have decided to contact you following the reports we received from Anti-Fraud International Monitoring Group your name/email has been submitted to us therefore the United Nations have agreed to compensate you with the sum of(USD$1,000,000.00) this compensation is also including international business that failed due to Government problems etc.

We have arranged your payment through our ATM VisaCard which is the latest instruction from the World Bank president Mr.Jim Yong Kim therefore be advice to contact our Representative Agent. Pastor John Godwin who is in position to release your ATM Visacard contact him with the below email & phone number and make sure you forwards your full details to him. Your full name, your country/city, your delivery address, your telephone number, your age, your occupation and your identity card or passport.

Contact him:
CONTACT NAME: Pastor John Godwin
E-MAIL: pastorjohn197220@gmail.com
TEL NO: +226 65 19 44 35

Once again for the collection of your Visacard contact our representative Pastor John Godwin to enable you confirm your payment without further delay and note that any other contact you made out side his office is at your own risk.

Best Regards
Mr Jan Eliasson
Deputy Secretary-General (U.N)
CC: Jim Yong Kim World Bank president
CC: Mr. Ban Ki-moon UN Secretary General

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My Dearest Beloved One,

I am Miss Dorcas Lukemoore 20 years old female, I am an adopted child of Late Chief William Lukemoore and late Mrs Agnes Lukemoore, i was adopted at the age of 7 years old which 4 years after my adoption, my adopted mother died and left me with my father. 2 years after the death of my adopted mother my father remarried to my step mother to take care of me which she was so nice to me but since she had her first child with my father my step mother turned to another thing, hatred came in and she doesn't want to set her eyes on me any more my father's house turned to be hell for me even to the extent she advised my late father to drove out of the house saying that i am not a rightful blood of my father simple because she had a baby boy for my father but my late father refused to abide to her advises.

My late Father was a well known Business man based here i lost my beloved father in a car crashed accident when our driver was about crossing the railway without knowing that the train was already at the point with speed and crushed them instantly our drive died but my father was unconscious and rushed to the hospital which he later died 6 days after in the hospital. But before my late father death in the hospital he called me by the bed side and told me that he had the sum of US$ 3.1m Usd he deposited with a bank for an investment purpose abroad but seeing his condition in the hospital that he knows he is not going to make it that i should try and look for a good and trustworthy person abroad who can help me to receive this money into his or her account while i should join the person immediately for the safety of my life because he knows that if he died today as my step mother will drive me away from his house and take away all his
properties from me.

My late father told me where he kept all the documents which the bank issued to him on the day he deposited the money in the bank that i should go and take it and hand it over to our church pastor to keep for me so that it will be out of my step mother sight.

I am constrained to contact you because of my late father advised and the maltreatment which I am receiving from my step mother. She has finally took away all my late father's properties and also drove me away from my late father compound i am presently staying with our church pastor family here in my country. I decided to contact you to stand by my side to secure the money which I Inherited from my late father so that you will help me to invest the money in your country and you will help me to come over to your country so that i will
continue my education there i will offer you 20% for your assistance and you will map out some amount for donation to any of the charity organization in your area. I am seeking your assistance to transfer this money to your safe bank account for good investment projects in your country,

(1) You will serve as a my guardian.

(2) You will make an arrangement for me to come over to your country to further my education and to stay with you and your family.

Please help me to get out of my terrible situation and our Almighty God will bless you for saving the life of an orphan. Please i will be happy that you keep this transaction secret and confidential for the safety of my money and my life.

Thanks in anticipation of your positive response.

Yours sincerely

Miss Dorcas Lukemoore.

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Invitation: FUND TRANSFER DETAILS: @ Tue Feb 23, 2016 12am

more details »



This notification is coming direct to you from the desk of African union (au) anti-fraud committee team Republic of Burkina Faso in collaboration with the United Nations (UN) in regards to the extensive raid (arrests) on Internet scammers. Due to the high rate of complain we have been receiving from United Nations (UN) on the level of Scam artists/fraudsters with African nationalities. All the Internet Service Providers had noticed the increased email traffic originating from African to other continents. In this raid, one hundred and six (106) scammers were arrested so far and the raid is still going on. We have recovered the total sum of US$15.7Billion dollars from them both cash and assets confirmed to have come from their victims. As we have found hundreds of thousands of email addresses of victims from their address books. It is at this juncture that we are contacting you. The African Union (AU) with the United Nation (UN) is making re-funds of USD$700,000.00 each to victims whom his/her email address was found in this scammer’s address books which your E-mails contact ID was among those found in their Address. Freely Contact (MR. GABRIEL WILLIAMS) the appointed person by the United Nations (UN) for your Payment of USD$700,000.00 as it was approved and signed by the authorities of Anti-fraud Committee Team Burkina Faso in collaboration with the United Nations (UN)


finally: you are hereby advice to stop communicating with those scammers do not respond to them anymore. All massages from any office department as from now up should be forwarded to our office first to verify and advice you on worth next to do to avoid mistake Once more remark our CODE OF CONDUCT (001BF2)

yours in service

Dr. Mrs. Andria. (Safety & Security Minister

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Ref:Project Information.


I am Jin Chung, the Internal Auditor of the Wing Hang, Hong Kong.I am in contact with you to advice on lucrative areas of investment in your country for unclaimed funds of $45,500,000.00 (Forty five Million five hundred thousand US Dollars) in an escrow account with my bank Wing Hang Bank, for investment in Oil and Gas, Real Estate and Telecommunication. If you agree on partnership and have the professionalism to handle this project, email me your telephone / fax # so we can proceed.

Thank you.
Jin Chung

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Thank you


I solicit your attention to accept this funds on my behalf for assistance of the needy .I will provide you with full details of myself and funds when you reply via Email: dejiangz@yahoo.com.hk



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