Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Is it a scam ? ( Vol 1 )

I received numerous questions on scam.cz. The most interesting is : "Is it a scam ?"

The answer is always the same.

Muqthar Ahmed

Subject : my number 9866900701 has been se;ected for 3.35crore BMW PROMO
Answer from Scam.cz : This is a fake.

Robert Siemen

Subject : uba atm center 4
Message : There is a Mark Gray who is working on setting up a atm card for me and wants my account numbers here so he can send my my atm card and join it with mine sounds not right so I am checking on this Please get back to me on this matter.THANK YOU Robert SIEMEN
Answer from Scam.cz : This is a scam.

Katja Aaltonen

Subject : got this kind of e-mail today. It was from "Mrs.......
Message : I got this kind of e-mail today. It was from "Mrs. Mary Bustamante". She asked to contact Barrister George Patropoulus (Esq), whose e-mail address is barristergeorgepetropoulos@gmail.com. This message came to me from e-mail address "www."@cube.ocn.ne.jp
Answer from Scam.cz : This is a scam.

Carol Domingos

Answer from Scam.cz : This is a scam.

Muhamamd Irsyadi

Subject : i have fun in uba bank usd $8,500,000.00 it,s true?
Message : give me information asap.
Answer from Scam.cz : This is a scam.

Rita D Crumpton

Subject : do i rita crumpton have a cleared imf certificate signed by Christine Lagarde and being held for customs taxes?
Message : total tax is 95,000 and I owe 60000.I have paid 3000 for certificate clearance.Am I dealing with the cia?
Answer from Scam.cz : This is a scam.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


You can hack and break into any bank's security ATM Machine without carrying guns or any weapon. How is this possible? First of all we have to learn about the manual hacking of ATM MACHINES and BANKING ACCOUNTS HOW THE ATM MACHINE WORKS. If you have been to the bank you find out that the money in the ATM MACHINE is being filled right inside the house where the machine is built with enough security. To hack this machine, We have develop the special blank ATM Card which you can use in any ATM Machine around the world. this card is been programmed and can withdraw 8,000 within 24 hours in any currency your country make use of there is no ATM MACHINES this BLANK ATM CARD CANNOT penetrate into it because it have been programmed with various tools and software before it will be send to you. The card will make the security camera malfunction at that particular time until you are done with the transaction you can never be trace. it also has a technique that makes it impossible for the CCTVs to detect you, there are so many other hacker out there whom claim to be real you have to be very careful they can never create this card all they want is your money. no ATM card can be able to withdraw 50,000USD each day that is impossible, getting the card you will forward the company your address details so we can proceed to send the card to you once you agree to the terms and conditions. you can contact us on email now at: ATM.smartcardcenter2017@hotmail.com

This message has been scanned for viruses and
dangerous content by MailScanner, and is
believed to be clean.

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NOTE : ATM.smartcardcenter2017@hotmail.com
NOTE : 049unaj@tjpa.jus.br
NOTE : Unaj da Comarca de Santa Izabel
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Monday, February 27, 2017

Dear Beneficiary, (ATM Scam)

Dear Beneficiary,

Due to delay,Your funds has been deposited in a US bank by Michael Poteet and Bluebird ATM Card will be delivered to you by next week,Please fill this form and send it to me now

1) Name
2) Address
3)Apt,Suite,Floor,ETC ( Optional )
4) City
5) State
6) Zip
7) Phone
8) Email address
9) Date Of Birth
10 ) Social Security Number ( Enter Full 9 digits )

Please fill the form now and send it to me immediately so that the ATM Card will be delivered to you. Your entire $4.8 Million United State Dollars is intact and you will withdraw $10,000 daily.

I will be waiting for your next email and the form filled properly to avoid delay or any more excuses

Michael Poteet
E=mail: delivery963@gmail.com

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NOTE : delivery963@gmail.com
NOTE : "www."@salsa.ocn.ne.jp
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NOTE : Content-Type : text/plain; charset=ISO-2022-JP
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Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Rue no. 23 Patte D'oie 03 BP 2147 Cotonuo
Headquarter Cotonuo Benin
E-mail: shipping.unit@web.co.zw
Office Telephone: +229-66673 695

Hello my dear,

Good day and how are you today? Having reviewed all the obstacles and problems surrounding your over due inheritance funds valued $2.5Million USD (Two Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) payment and your inability to meet up with the charges required due to unnecessary protocols involved. It is my great pleasure to inform you that we have successfully arranged with UBA Bank Director, Dr. Ifeatu Onejeme to covert your above mentioned fund which was originally in a Consignment box into ATM Visa Card and ready for delivery to your door step. I am happy when UBA Bank Director, Dr. Ifeatu Onejeme called me that all the necessary arrangement has been completed that he has converted the total amount into ATM Card in your name, after which I went to DHL Courier Company and have it registered for onward delivery to your address. Kindly study bellow information for your deposit details:

Description: UBA BANK (ATM CARD)
Depositor: Linda Conti
Deposit Number: DHL-101-PL45
Deposit Certificate N0.E405576
Sort/Clearance Code: DHL/101-45/P50

According to Mrs Linda Conti, you can able to withdraw $2,500.00 per each withdrawal at daily limit of $10,000.00 until you withdraw your total $2.5Million from the ATM CARD. So all you need is to write application letter to bellow DHL Courier Company contact information or call their foreign operation department Dr Andrew Leek for immediate delivery schedule of your ATM CARD to any address of your choice.

Contact Person: Dr. Maxwell Kobo (Foreign Operation Department)
DHL Courier Company Cotonuo Benin,
Plot No. 23 Patte D'Oie 03 BP 2147 Cotonuo
Telephone Number: 00 229-666 73 695
Email: shipping.unit@web.co.zw

Don't forget to reconfirm your current data as Dr. Maxwell Kobo requested to enable their delivery agent succeed. Herein is what they need from you

1. Your Full Names:_____________
2. Postal Address:________________
3. Direct Cell Numbers:_______
4. E-mail Address:__________________
5. Sex:_____________________
7. Occupation:__________________
9.Country Name________________
10.Copy of Your Passport/ Drivers Licenses________________

Please hurry up now as your package might attract more charges if it stays more than 3days with DHL and do keep me posted for record updated.

Thanks and remain blessed

Best Regards,
Mr. Johnson Williams
IMF Head Quarter Dept Reconciliation Committee
Benin Republic

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NOTE : zinou1959@gmail.com
NOTE : imffund65@gmail.com

Friday, November 18, 2016


Your ATM CARD of USD2.5.is with us with registration code of (Shipment Code 11684990)contact us with your delivery information such as, Your Name, Your Address and Your Telephone Number:Contact:(kikioffice6@gmail.com)

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NOTE : kikioffice6@gmail.com
NOTE : x@x.com
NOTE : luisgonzalezjr@cantv.net
NOTE : Received : from ([])

NOTE : by webmail-02.datacenter.cha.cantv.net (Cantv Webmail) with HTTP;

I will not fail to compersate you

Hello My Dear Beloved I'm happy to inform you about my getting those funds transferred under the co operation of a new business partner from Paraguay. I'm in Paraguay for treatment and investment but meanwhile, I didn't forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me in transferring those funds despite that it failed us some how, but without the your last name I would have not gotten the fund so I have left your compensation fund in a VISA ATM Card with my Secretary in Benin Republic. contact my secretary in Benin his name is Mr Edwin Onuga Hounn, Email: (edwinonunga22@yahoo.com) Ask him to send you the VISA ATM Card containing the total of 800.000.00 Euro which I kept for your compensation for all your past efforts and attempts to assist me in this matter. I appreciated your efforts at that time very much. so get in touch with my secretary Mr Fre Houn and instruct him where to send the VISA ATM Card containing the total of 800.000.00 Euro to you without any delay, Remember that I had forwarded instruction to Him on your behalf. My Best Regards, Writing from Paraguay

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NOTE : Return-Path : < craig.car@outlook.com >
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NOTE : Received : from mail.tena.gob.ec ([])
NOTE : by localhost (mail.tena.gob.ec [])
NOTE : Received : from [] (unknown [])

NOTE : by mail.tena.gob.ec (Postfix)
NOTE : I will not fail to compersate you

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Happy New Month!!!

This is to inform you that we have been working towards the eradication of fraudsters and scam Artists in Africa with the help of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) United Nations (UN), European Union (EU) and FBI. We have been able to track down some scam artist in various parts of African countries which includes (Nigeria, Republic of Benin, Ghana and Senegal with cote d'ivoire ) and they are all in Government custody now, they will appear at International Criminal Court (ICC) soon for Justice. During the course of investigation, they were able to recovered some funds from these scam artists and IMF organization have ordered the funds recovered to be shared among the 10 Lucky people listed around the World as a compensation. This notice is been directed to you because your email address was found in one of the scam Artists file and computer hard-disk while the investigation, maybe you have been scammed. You are therefore being compensated with sum of ($6.9 Million) US Dollars valid into an (ATM Card Number 2354 3456 0952 4204). Since your email address is among the lucky beneficiaries who will receive a compensation funds, we have arranged your payment to be paid to you through ATM VISA CARD and deliver to your postal address with the Pin Numbers as to enable you withdrawal maximum of $5,000 on each withdrawal from any Bank ATM Machine of your choice, until all the funds are exhausted. The ATM Card with Security Pin Numbers shall be delivered to you via courier Service, depending your choice. In order to proceed with this transaction, you will be required to contact the agent in-charge ( Mr. Emeke E. Iweriebor ) via e-mail. Kindly look below to find appropriate contact information:

CONTACT AGENT NAME: Mr. Emeke E. Iweriebor
Phone Number: +229-6897-0405

You will be required to e-mail him with the following information:


We advice you to stop all the communications with everyone regarding your payment as we have short listed to deliver to you and now urge you to comply and receive your ATM Card funds.

Thanks for your understanding as you follow instructions while I wait to hear from you today.

Yours in Services
Mr. David Fisher

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NOTE : atm.card11@hotmail.com
NOTE : www.info.gov@gmail.com
NOTE : Received : from [] by web32105.mail.ssk.yahoo.co.jp

Attention good day;

Attention good day;

We have registered your master ATM card of ($8.5millionUSD) through DHL Delivering department after our finally meeting regarding your fund, All you will do is to contact DHL Delivering Service director Mr. Ruben Lord call +229 98781927 He will give you direction on how you will receiver your ($8.5millionUSD) Remember to send him your Full information to avoid wrong Delivering such as,

Your Name:_______________
Address: ________________
Country: _____________
Phone Number: _____________

Contact Agent Mr. Ruben Lord,
Email:: officefill890@gmail.com
Give him a call on Phone:: +229 98781927
Ask Mr. Ruben Lord what you need to do for them to deliver your Package
fund to you immediately.

John Mark

Email analysis :

NOTE : www.@peace.ocn.ne.jp
NOTE : officefill890@gmail.com
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NOTE : (mz-ukg626p.ocn.ad.jp [])
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Monday, October 10, 2016


With the recent complains from our clients and our accredited suppliers of the BLANK ATM CARD all over the world, we the programmers of BLANK ATM CARD have taken our time to reach out to the world on how to get your Working BLANK ATM CARD. for more info on how to get your BLANK ATM CARD directly from us or our accredited suppliers in your country, contact us on: inf_blankatm@outlook.com.
the card has a daily withdrawal limit of $5000 on ATM and up to $50,000 spending limit in swipe and pos. order now for your BLANK ATM CARD

Email leak :

Farahrasshad@sharklasers.com, Fariousinc@gmail.com, Father.Jed@gmail.com, FenderTele@gmx.co.uk, Fgfortgshs@gmail.com, Fionalews@mail.com, Firey.pancake@gmail.com, Fishingforsnorlax@gmail.com, FlossieBowers@gmail.com, Floyd.J.Owens@gmail.com, Fortunataapple@gmail.com, Fost555@gmail.com, FoxieHouston@gmail.com, Fr.Meemersmith@gmail.com, FrancineSparks@hotmail.com, FrankEJam@gmail.com, Fred248@hushmail.com, FredARQ@gmail.com, Funfriendsfast@mailinator.com, Fuzzywaters52@gmail.com, G.a.clooney@gmail.com, G.moore68@hotmail.com, G8page@gmail.com, GMP1@mail.com, GP@hannaplumbing.com, Gavinscottrealilluminati@gmail.com, Generalkawundeaa@gmail.com, Generodan@gmail.com, GeoffBridges1961@gmail.com, Gerardhugo@mail.com, Gideonglee123@gmail.com, Gingerprincemoreton@gmail.com, Glenrobinsonthebossman@mail.com, GloriafromEngland@guerrillamail.org, Grant9951@carworldaz.dealer.com, Greg.H.Davis@outlook.com, Greggbeckleys@gmail.com, Greta.Jones12@outlook.com, Grizz.Santangelo@gmail.com, GrumpyRob@live.co.uk, Gubronotamu@gmail.com, Guiseppemannone@gmail.com, Gurustunts@gmail.com, Guyrichardchapman@gmail.com, H.Hartt@yahoo.co.uk, HMRind@tutanota.com, Halvdan.Svarte@yahoo.com

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

From International Monetary Fund.//4

Dear Beneficiary,

This is to officially inform you that an ATM Card that worth $10,000.000.00usd (TEN MILLION UNITED STATE Dollars) has been issued as a compensation payment for all the short listed 2015/2016 scam victims whose email address was recovered during the recent internet probing and investigation process.

Your email address was found among the list so we are in no doubt believed that those syndicates must have collect money from you through their dubious criminal ways.

It was on these very recommendation that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in conjunction with the United State Government after series of meeting held came up with a sanction to all West African countries to compensate all the foreign victims with a payment benefit of $10,000.000.00usd (TEN MILLION UNITED STATE Dollars) each in order to restore the Global Economy to the enviable standard of respectability.

Please note that upon receipt of your response we will process and send you ATM Card Payment and you will use it to withdraw your money in any ATM machine in any part of the world, so if you like to receive your fund, contact the director in charge of the compensation payment at INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND SETTLEMENT CENTER NIGERIA HEAD OFFICE on his email address: (fredjames109809@gmail.com) or (fredjames10980@gmail.com) and also send him the following information.

1. Full Name:
2. Phone Number:
3. Mailing Address:
4. Age and Sex:
5. Occupation:
6. Country:

your immediate compliance to this will expedite actions on your Payment because here in this office, we have a lot of listed victims to be settled.

From International Monetary Fund.
Barr. FRED JAMES----

Email analysis :

NOTE : admin@dinnovas.com
NOTE : fredjames10980@gmail.com
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Saturday, July 16, 2016

ATM Card Delivery To Your Address: Comply To This Update Within Three Working Days


I'm obliged to informed you that your ATM CARD valued at US$2,500,000.00 has been registered with DHL Express Logistics for delivery to your address. You are required to contact James B. Morrison, the diplomat appointed to convey your ATM Visa Card to your address.

Their Contact Address:

Contact Person: James B. Morrison (Diplomat)
Reply via Email: ( jbrecchi@gmail.com )

To claim your package, kindly reconfirm your full names, home/office address, mobile phone number and identify card for clarification and verification.

Contact him urgently because I will not be at office till July 28th, 2016. The amount in your Card is US$2,500,000.00 only. Do not hesitate to email us at ( jbrecchi@gmail.com )as soon as you read this mail. Thanks for your co-operation and they wait for your kind positive response.
code is:(2201)

Victor Gonzalez

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NOTE : vgonzalez@baruta.net
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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Salam Hasan

Do you have ATM cash machine in your country?

Hello Dear,

How are you today, i am your friend from Burkina Faso. Can you use ATM Visa card to withdraw money on ATM cash machine in your country?. i want to transfer money to you from my country, it is the part of the money taken by the old politician newly forced out of power. i will change the account to your name and apply for a visa card with your name in our bank, i will send the visa card to you and you will be withdrawing money with it and always send my own percentage of the money. whenever you withdraw money you will send 50% to me and you will take 50% of the money. the visa card and the bank account will be on your name, there is no any risk involve, i assure you will never get into problem. I will be waiting for your information as soon as possible.

Your name...........................................
Phone number........................................

Best Regards.
Salam Hasan.
+226 79134016

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Friday, June 17, 2016


YOUR ATM CARD NUMBER: 4278763100030014



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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Atm Visa Card ($20Million).

Please contact Mr. George Bush Email: speedtrust21@outlook.com Phone
Number: +229-9836-4438 with your full address.

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NOTE : Atm Visa Card ($20Million).
NOTE : speedtrust21@outlook.com
NOTE : ginmacc@tin.it
NOTE : Received : from (

NOTE : by wmlighttin.pc.tim.it;
NOTE : Content-Type : text/plain;charset="UTF-8"

Monday, June 13, 2016

Contact Mr.Shegun Akintomi(Skye bank ATM director)

Attention please!!!

We were authorized by the President, Federal Republic of Benin and the Governing Board of Central Bank to investigate the unnecessary delay of your payment,to also recommend and approve your claims for payment if the report of the unclaimed contract/inheritance funds is genuine. However, we discovered that your funds has been unnecessarily delayed by corrupt officials of some banks.

We have agreed with the authority that we will handle this payment ourselves to avoid the hopeless situation created by those officials. Currently your Inheritance/Contract fund of $7.5Million has been credited in ATM card.Contact Mr.Shegun Akintomi(Skye bank ATM director)with your details including phone lines for immediate delivery.

Contact Name: Mr.Shegun Akintomi
Email: atm78410@gmail.com
office line:+22999944906

management of Skye Bank Plc.

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NOTE : yahagi@tunekawa.co.jp
NOTE : atm78410@gmail.com
NOTE : X-Mailer : Web de Mail, 1.0.0
NOTE : client-ip=;

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Attn: The Owner of this E-mail ID,

Attn: The Owner of this E-mail ID,

Your Name And Your Contact Details Was Given To This Office In Respect Of Your Total inherited/Compensation Sum Owed To You Which You Have Failed To Claim Because Of Either Non-Compliance Of Official Processes Or Because Of Your Unbelief Of The Reality Of Your Genuine Payment. We Wish To Bring To You The Solution To This Problem. Right Now We Have Arranged Your Payment Through Our Swift Card Payment Centers, That Is The Latest Instruction From Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) This UBA ATM payment Center Will Send To You An ATM VISA Card Which You Will Use To Withdraw Your Money In Any ATM Machine In Any Part Of The World, So If You Like To Receive Your Fund In This Way, Please Let Us Know By Contacting Us Back on the following information:

CONTACT: Mr.Morgan Chambers.
PHONE NUMBER: +22961135739
Email: allusers.group79@gmail.com

And Also Send The Following Information As Listed Below.

1. Full Name
2. Phone And Fax Number
3. Delivery address

We Have Been Mandated By The ECOWAS Parliament To Issue Out $7.5million USD in your favor This fiscal year. Also For Your Information, You Have To Stop Any Further Communication With Any Other Person (S) Or Office(S) To Avoid Any Hitches In Receiving Your Payment. Note That Because Of Impostors,We Hereby Issued You Our Code Of Conduct, Which Is (ATM-202) So You Have To Indicate This Code When Contacting The Card Center By Using It As Your Subject.




Email analysis :

NOTE : allusersgroup@yandex.com
NOTE : rafi@maqsimum.pl
NOTE : Received : from User (unknown [])

NOTE : by mps.maqsimum.pl (Postfix)

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Attention: Beneficiary, (ATM Scam)

Attention: Beneficiary,

This is to bring to your notice that because of the impossibility of your fund transfer through our western union network, we have credited your total fund of $2,500,000.00 Legitimate USD into an ATM VISA card, and we have paid the delivery fee of your ATM VISA card to you, we paid it because your ATM VISA card worth of $2,500,000.00 which we have registered for deliver, has less than 16 days to expire in the custody of the UPS Company and when it expires, the money will go into federal government treasury account. For that we decided to help you pay off the money so that your ATM VISA card will not expire, because we trust that when you receive this your ATM VISA card, definitely you must pay us back and even compensate us for helping you. Like we stated earlier, the delivery charges has been paid ,therefore the only money you were advice to send to them is their official security keeping fees of $25usd every day. Like I stated earlier, the crediting re-activation, delivery and the company registration charges has been paid by me, but I did not pay their official security keeping fees since they refused, they refused and the reason is that they do not know when you are going to contact them and the demurrage might have increased by then, They told me that their official security keeping fees is $25.00 per a day , and I deposited it yesterday being 11th of May, 2016. Therefore you should contact them with the below contact information;

Company name; UPS Express Customer Service.
Logistic Manager:Mr.Stephen Daniels,
Email; ups.dhlexpresscompan@outlook.com

Try to contact them today and also send them the security official security keeping charge to avoid increasing of their fees and let me know once you receive this your ATM VISA CARD. Contact them today with your full information requested below;

Your Full Name;.......................................
Your Country;..........................................
Your Residence Home Address;..........................
A Copy of You Identification............................
Your Direct Phone ;......................................
Your Cell;.......................................

Try to indicate all this codes to them because it will prove that you are the rightful person that own the ATM visa card deposited in their custody.

Shipment Code awb :33xzs,
ATM Card Registered Code No xgt442:
Security Code sctc:2001dhx:567:
Transaction Code 233:cstc:101:33028:
Certificate Deposit code: sctc:bun.xxiv:78:01
Depositor:Mrs. Susan Mensahs
Manager of UBA Bank Plc

This is to avoid wrong delivery, do that urgent to avoid increase of their keeping fees and let us know once you receive your ATM VISA CARD.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Stephen Daniels

Email analysis :

NOTE : dhlexpresscompan@outlook.com
NOTE : www.@ninus.ocn.ne.jp
NOTE : X-Originating-Ip : []

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Your ATM Card will be shipped To Your Address.

U.S Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520.

Your ATM Card will be shipped To Your Address.

I am Mr. John Forbes Kerry, United States Secretary of State by profession. This is to inform you officially that after our investigations with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and other Security Agencies in the Country for the year ended 2015, we discovered that you have not receive your fund. I have made it my first point of call since taking office to settle all Outstanding Payments accrued to Individuals or Corporations with respect to local and overseas contract payment, Debt Rescheduling and Outstanding Compensation payment. This is to make sure all Outstanding payments are settled beginning of this fiscal year 2016. On Behalf of the entire staff of the U.S. Department of State and the United Nations in collaboration with World Bank, we apologize for the delay of your contract payment, Winning or Inheritance funds from most of African Countries and all the inconveniences you encountered while pursuing this payment. However, from the records of outstanding beneficiaries due for payment with the U.S Secretary of State, your name was discovered as next on the list of the outstanding payment who has not yet received their payments. Note that from the record in my file, your outstanding contract payment is US$10.5 Million (Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars) loaded in an ATM Visa Card that allows you to make a daily maximum withdrawal limit of US$3000 (Three Thousand Dollars). I have your file here in my office and it says that you are yet to receive your fund valued at US$10,500,000.00 (Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars). This Funds will now be delivered to your designated address or your preferred payment option. We have perfected all modules on how to bring this fund to your house without any problem, but be aware that United Nations and the United States Government has only authorized my office to release the Sum of US$10,500,000.00 to you as true beneficiary of the Fund. Note that your loaded ATM Visa Card will be mailed to you through Priority Mail Express (USPS) to your designated address immediately you admit full compliance to this email. You are advised to kindly reply this email with the below details enclosed to help reconfirm your information and to ensure safe mailing of your ATM Visa Card:

Your Full Name:
Your Contact House Address:
Name of City of Residence:
Country of Residence:
Direct Mobile Telephone Number:
ID Card, DL or Passport Copy:
Age and Occupation:

NOTE: Every documentation proof for your fund have been packaged and seal to be mailed together with your Visa Card to your address. Therefore, the only obligation required of you by the laws of the Government of United States and the financial Monetary Policy of the Supreme Court, states that; you as a beneficiary must officially obtain the irrevocable LEGAL STAY OF PROCEED from the Supreme Court of USA, as a means to justify the legitimacy, transparency and clean bill of funds from USA so that by the time your funds gets to you, no authority will question the funds as it has been legally certified free from all financial Malpractices and facets. The LEGAL STAY OF PROCEED is valued at a cost of just US$180 (One Hundred & Eighty Dollars) only. As soon as the above mentioned details are received, The LEGAL STAY OF PROCEED will be secured on your behalf immediately. I need all the compliance that I can get from you to ensure we get this project accomplished. Personally, I am very sorry for the delay you have gone through in the past years. Thanks for adhering to this instructions which are meant for your sole benefit, once again accept my congratulations in advance. Thanks for your cooperation as your quick response to this email notice with adherence to the above instructions is highly anticipated.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. John Forbes Kerry,
United States Secretary of State

Email analysis :

NOTE : johnforbeskerry121@citromail.hu
NOTE : Mr.@eos.ocn.ne.jp
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We have finally succeeded in getting your package worthy of $4.8Million out of delivery your consignment with the help of MR. DAVID CANDY Attorney General of Federal High Court of Justice Benin which act as your foreign Attorney representative here in Benin. So every necessary arrangement has been made successfully with the Agent MR :Richard Johnson of your package and every Documents guiding your delivery is well updated so you are advice to re-confirm your full delivery information to the Agent right now as he is currently at Los Angeles International Airport in USA with your Card ATM, As he called me this morning to inform me that he misplaced your delivery address which he has. So you are advice to reconfirm your full delivery information to the diplomat and call him with this Number +1229_2319720_4903 so as to have easy conversation with him and to enable you give him full direction to get your package delivered to you and hand you over your package safe and sound, Furthermore you are advice to be very fast as the Agent Mr MR :Richard Johnson has no time to waste due to his flight ticket, So the Information you are Required to Reconfirm to the Agent is as Follow.

(1)Your Full Name
(2)Mobile Phone Number
(3)Current Home Address
(4)Fax Number(5)Country
(6)City(7)Nearest Airport

As he is at Los Angeles International Airport in USA right now because of the Searching and Scanning of the Card ATM which made him to misplace your address (8) A Copy of Your I D For attached Identification. So contact him to deliver your package first thing tomorrow morning possibly today, So get back to us immediately you contact the Agent to make sure that your fund has getting to you without any hitch, Please try to make sure that you contact him with this Email...johnsonbarrbarr@gmail.com) Agent Name.. MR :Richard Johnson Call:...+1229_2319720_4903 So contact him to deliver your Card ATM first thing tomorrow morning possibly today, So get back to us immediately you contact the Agent to make sure that your fund has getting to you without any hitch, Furthermore remember the Agent delivering the Card ATM does not know the content of that Card ATM is money, Because the Attorney which represented you registered it as a family value to avoid hitch during the delivery so unknown circumstances should you let him know the content of that consignment box is to avoid lost of your fund as your Consignment was Sign and Stamp by Federal Ministry of Justice to make sure that it is protected until it gets to you.

+229 98087038

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Greetings Dear Beloved Friend,

Greetings Dear Beloved Friend,

I want to inform you about my success in transferring your money into an ATM master card to curtail the risk of carrying huge amount of money around. The total amount has been coded into ATM master card; please contact the Bank ATM payment center for more instruction on how to make use of the ATM card to withdraw your money in any ATM machine around the globe. I will be traveling to CHINA for business project with my own share of the total money. Meanwhile, I didn't forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me in transferring the fund despite that it failed us some how. Now you can contact the ATM PAYMENT DEPARTMENT of ECO-BANK BANK BENIN on this email (oceanicbank_atm_benin_plc@yahoo.com) they will send you the sum of Two Million Five Hundred United State Dollars ($2.500, 000.00) which is your own share for all the sufferings at that time. That is compensation for all your past efforts I really appreciated your consistency at that time. This card center will send you an ATM card which you will use to withdraw your money in any ATM machine around the world, the maximum withdrawal is Ten Thousand United State Dollars per day. Feel free to get in touch with the ATM PAYMENT DEPARTMENT and give them direction on where to send the ATM card to you, the only thing they will request from you is the activation fee of $100.00usd only, so contact them right away, I appreciated your efforts at that time very much. Do not hesitate to contact the ECO-BANK Benin ATM payment department center and also re-confirm the following information to them as listed below:

1. Full Name........................
2. Current Address..................
3. Phone Number.....................
4. A Copy of your identity..........
5. Your Nationality.................

Forward the above information to Prof. Michael Otuvie, the head department officer of ATM payment center ECO-BANK Bank Benin Republic. Phone: +229-9909-3063,
Email :(oceanicbank_atm_benin_plc@yahoo.com)

Please do let me know immediately you receive the ATM card so that we can share the joy together after all the sufferings at that time. I will be very busy in CHINA for the project am going to have there with my partner. So contact the ATM center with out delay, they will give you more details of the ATM service. Finally, be informed that I left instructions to the DEPARTMENT to send the ATM MASTER CARD to you, so feel free to get in touch with the DEPARTMENT and they will send the CARD to you with out any delay.

Best Regards,

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