Monday, December 12, 2016

Attention Winner,

World Lottery Association (WLA)
Basel CH-4002,

Attention Winner,

This is to inform you that your One Million Five Thousand United States Dollar ($1.5M) Lottery Win will be send to you via ATM MASTER CARD or Certified bank draft Cheque so that there will not be any delay or much tax's as this lottery organizer want you to receive your winning prize within 30 days before the expiring date of the bank draft. The total amount mentioned above was awarded to your Facebook email address for winning a first category in the 2016 draw; your payment is available at one of the PRIME Bank here in Benin Republic where your payment file was allocated (NAME OF THE BANK WITH HOLD FOR SECURITY REASON).

It was decided to use ATM VISA CARD or Certified Bank Draft payment to pay our winners which you are one of them to avoid difficulties in receiving winning funds; this award came to you Curtsy of FACEBOOK and GOOGLE. Note that your ATM VISA CARD was powered by Gold MasterCard which is accepted at over 900,000 Automated Teller Machines payment centers in over 210 countries worldwide and the CARD withdrawal daily limit is $10,000USD until you withdraw all your total winner amount of $1,500,000.00USD, And note that the only and last money you are going to pay to receive your payment is $99USD courier shipment charges. To receive your winning payment,you are advised to contact the Fiduciary with your following information

Your Receiving Name..: Your Receiving Address..: Your Country..: Your Tel..: Your Sex..: Your Age..: Your Occupation..:

Note: the Ninety nine dollars is the last and only fee associated to this delivery of your package,(IMPORTANT) Winners are mandated to keep this notification private to avoid fraudulent claim pending the transfer.

Contact your payment fiduciary at: ( )


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