Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Response Needed

Mr. Emerson Alexander
Regent's Park NW1 4SA South Africa
Tel: +27787840719
Email: uk_lottery@zing.vn
Good Day

I am Mr. Emerson Alexander; i work with European Planet Lottery UK as African payment representative for 6years. I am originally from Sierra Leone but resident right now in South Africa. i am writing this mail to you based on the information that i find in the internet on how property business is moving well in your country. As an Africa payment representative for European Planet Lottery Inc, i am in charge of some payment to some Africa people that won lottery but where not able to claim their payment because their email addresses where change or not valid any more. After several attempt to contact them for their payment all effort failed. For the past 2 years i have been sitting with 6 unclaimed payment files amount to the tone of GBP7 Million Pounds. Now i have concluded a smooth arrangement to move this money out of this company to you by wire transfer or through diplomatic means. i am ready to share this money with you 60/40 that is 40% for you and 60% for me because I will arrange all the necessary documents for the smooth release of this to you, please note that there is no risk involved in your side because this money is clean and clear fund without any criminal record . Please get back to me as soon as possible with the below personal details so that i can conclude the arrangement, we can get this money out to you within 4 days because i have finish the important paper work already before sending this email to you. I will be coming to your country as soon as you are in position of this fund for investment, please try your best to keep this transaction confidential.

Full Name:
Full Address:
Telephone Number:
Mobile Number:
You’re Email:
Country of Origin:

Kindly reply with above details.
Thanks and God bless you
Mr. Emerson Alexander

Name : Mr. Emerson Alexander
E-mail : lottery_uk@zing.vn,EeAa74@poppy.ocn.ne.jp
IP :,,
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I shall be coming to your country for an official meeting and i will be bringing your funds of ($500

United States ambassador to Nigeria
Ambassador Terence McCauley
Us ambassador consulate
Plot 1075, diplomatic drive,
Central business district

Mobile number: +234-803-933-5845

Attn: Benificiary

I shall be coming to your country for an official meeting and i will be bringing your funds of ($5,000,000:00) FIVE MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS along with me but this time i will not go through customs because as an ambassador to nigeria, i am a us government agent and i have the veto power to go through customs. As soon as i am through with the meeting i shall then proceed to your address. (send your cell phone number and the address where you want me to bring the package).

You have really paid so much in this delivery that makes me wonder. You are a very lucky person because i shall be bringing it myself and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Your package ($500,000:00) FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS {bank draft} must be registered as an ambassadorial package for me to defeat all odds and the cost of registering it is $250 USD the fee must be paid in the next 48 hours via western union so that all necessary arrangement can be made before time will be against us. Send the fee via money gram or western union money transfer western union money transfer payment information stated below:

Name -------------- NKIRUKA NGOBIDI
Address ----------- Lagos Nigeria
Text question------ COLOUR
Text answer ------- BLUE
Amount-------------- $250 USD

Please, if you know you will not or can not send the requested $250 USD, please, dont bother replying this mail. Mean while, send details below

Telephone/mobile number:______________________

My trip will be by mid week and i expect you to comply before then so that the delivery can be completed. If you do not comply, then it will not be my fault if you do not receive your Consignment package. As soon as you send the fee make sure you send me the payment information. For security reason, kindly send the payment information below via sms to my mobile phone number: +234-803-933-5845

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Senders address--------


Ambassador Terence p. McCauley
Direct mobile number: +234-803-933-5845

Ambassador Terence McCauley

Name : Ambassador Terence p. McCauley,
E-mail : ambassadorn543@gmail.com,bankofamerica449@yahoo.com
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Dearly Beloved in Christ,

Calvary greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I am Mrs. Narii Lopez, I am a nationality of Argentina, I grew up in Hong Kong and I am also presently hospitalized due to my illness. Presently, I'm with my laptop in this Hospital, where I have been undergoing treatment of cancer for over one year. My husband was once the Managing Director of Shell Oil Company in Hong Kong, where I and my husband spent most of our lives I am a widow to Late Mr. Mark Thomson Lopez.

I have served the Lord all through my life, from long time cancer of the breast to a very critical stroke. From all indications, my condition is serious and is quite obvious that I may not live more than six weeks, because the cancer stage has gotten to a very severe state and my doctor has told me this. The one that disturbs me most is the stroke that paralyzed half of my body. My late husband was killed during his reign as the Managing Director of Shell Oil Company in Hong Kong, and during the period of our marriage we had a son who was also killed along with his father through food poison in Shell Oil Company convention of 2009 in Hong Kong.

My late husband was very wealthy and after his death, I inherited all His business and wealth. Presently my doctor told me that I may not live for more than six months, though I am not scared about this, I am not afraid of death, hence I will be in the bosom of the Lord forever any time my God calls me home. I now decided to look for an organization or an individual who is God fearing, that will use the funds for charity organization, by contributing to the development of evangelism in the world, assisting motherless babes homes and cancer patients.

I selected you after browsing the Internet for this purpose and prayed over it, for the fact that I always go to God in prayers in situation like this, because He is the Alfa and Omega. I am willing to donate all the money I have in the bank, which is US$15,000,000.00 (Fifteen Million United States Dollars) to you for the development of evangelism and also as aids for the less privileged around you.
Please note that this funds is lying with a Bank in Spain.
Please reply to: MRSNARIILOPEZ4CHARITY@aol.com
God bless you.
Mrs. Narii Lopez

E-mail : MRSNARIILOPEZ4CHARITY@aol.com,test@rafnet.gr
IP :,