Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Compliment of the Season


My name is Tetsuya Yuudai, I am an investment banker based in Syria. I worked with Al-Shufi investment Company in Syria as an investment officer for many years before the outbreak of the civil unrest there which forced some of us to relocate to the United Kingdom for safety.

I write you based on the request of one of the beneficiaries to our client, an European who lost his life to the civil unrest in Syria. Due to the unending unrest in Syria, his children and next of kin moved their late father's funds out from Syria to different security companies in South Africa and Europe for safe keeping and investments pending when they can safely leave Syria and come over to the place of domicile of the receiver of the funds to get their share of the funds.

I am therefore contacting you directly to solicit for your kind assistance in receiving these funds totaling usd$100million (ONE HUNDRED MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS ONLY) on behalf of my clients children for investment purposes in your country. All we need is a trusted and honest individual who can receive these funds from the security company in South Africa on behalf of my clients children and keep them safe there pending their arrival to your country to receive their share of the funds.

For doing this, we are prepared to give you 30% of the funds while 60% goes to them. 8% will come to me as my commission while 2% will be used to offset any expenses that might be incurred in the course of moving the funds from the security companies in South Africa and Europe to your account anywhere you desire the funds to be deposited for investment purposes.

If you are interested in assisting us, please get back to me immediately using my email and contact details below;


Also provide to me your complete details including; NAME AND ADDRESS, OCCUPATION AND POSITION, SEX AND AGE, DIRECT CONTACT DETAILS such as mobile number, fax number, and email contact and a valid identification.

Please reply and send you information on this email:

I look forward to getting a favorable response from you.


Mr. Tetsuya Yuudai.


This message is from St.John Catholic Church Ouagadougou,Burkina Faso,I am writing on behalf of Mr Lucien Marie Noël Bembamba to inform you that your outstanding payment of the sum of $850,000,00(Eight Hundred and fifty thousand dollars)mean't to be transfered to you since 2 years ago which was not carried out has been instructed for immediate release by the Ministere de l'economie et des finances (M.E.F)Government of Burkina Faso.

This fund was deposited to my care by one of my church member who is Ministere de l'economie et des finance Mr.Lucien Marie Noël Bembamba before he travelled to France and he directed me to help him get the fund to you after several attempt to release the fund to you by diplomatic transfer,western union money transfer and atm card which failed.

Every arrangement has been concluded to release the fund to you without any further hitches,I need your residential address,telephone/mobile number and a copy of your ID card for proper documentation and to enable me make arrangement for the delivery with the courier company or by bank transfer.please contact this Email address (

God Bless you!
Rev.Father Ziniare Kibare Catholic Priest
St.John Catholic Church Ouagadougou,Burkina Faso.



Your compensation check $6.4M has been deposited to money gram office and we instructed them to start transferring your daily payment to you. Our agreement with manager of money gram head office is to be transferring $5000 to you every day until you receive your total fund $250.000 completed.(

Therefore you can contact the money gram now with your full info:
Name: -----------
Your country: -----------
Your phone no: -----------

They will transfer your first payment today once you contact them with irreverence info as listed above ok.

Here is the Email to contact money gram head office:( Name Mr. Goodman Williams.

Yours in service
Mr. Robert Dewar

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Attention Beneficiary,

We the IMF wish to inform you that your total compensation of $2.5 Million USA Dollars will be transferring to you daily $7,000 through Money Gram. So contact Dr. Kevin Morgan with inform below.

Dr. Kevin Morgan
Tel: +22999944906

Note that you will only pay them IMF Clearance charge which is $85.

Mr. Richard Mazo,
IMF Office.


Direct Phone Number: +27 842319274


I am JEFFREY ALLEN JONES, Head Accounts Management Section of a well-known Bank here in South Africa .One of our accounts with holding balance of US$10,000,000 (Ten Million United States Dollars) has been dormant and last Operated in the past eight (4) years. From investigations and confirmations, the owner of this account is a German Foreigner by name Adolf Merckle aged 74 years old, who committed suicide on January 5th 2009 after his business empire, ran into trouble in the global economic financial crisis. Please refer to the news website below to read more about our late client.

Since then nobody has done anything as regards to the claiming of this money as he has no family member here in South Africa that is aware of the existence of either the account or the fund. Several attempt to trace any of his relative proof abortive and also Information from the National Immigration office states that late Adolf Merckle was alone on point of entry into South Africa. Our Financial Institution is presently and by law the custodian of the money belonging to the deceased, whose account I am responsible for monitoring and officiating. The present mandate I have to present a credible beneficiary opens the way for us to take advantage of the situation and use the money to positively affect the lives of many instead of allowing the funds to be completely lost, since no one knows about the money and no one will come forward to claim the money as we already know. I have confidentially discussed this issue with some of the bank officials and we have agreed to find a reliable foreign partner to deal with. We thus propose to do business with you, standing in as the next of kin of this fund from the deceased and fund released to you after due processes have been followed. Be informed that there is no risk involved in this transaction, it has nothing to do with Drugs, Arms or Money Laundry, and thus you need not be afraid. Hence we honestly seek your confidence, cooperation and secrecy to ensure 100% success in this transaction, I LOOK FORWARD TO BUILD A PROSPECTIVE BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU AS SOON AS YOU GET BACK TO ME WITH THE BELLOW INFORMATION.

Full names:
Telephone number:
Country and Residential address: