Saturday, May 10, 2014



Attention: .I acknowledge the receipt of your mail and we are apologize for our late response to your e-mail due to we are busy attending others customs. This is to confirm to you that we have received an irrevocable instruction from the office of the Presidency and the Ministry of Justice and bank of Africa to affect the transfer of your fund to your foreign account. However, your payment file was submitted to our bank UBA UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA Benin Republic to transfer your Twelev Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars ($12.5) into your nominated bank account. Today the board of directors UBA UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA had their final meeting concerning your fund and we came into conclusion that your fund should be transfer into your account as soon as you send us cost of open new account. To this effect, after a long deliberation with the board of directors and the ministry of UBA Bank of Benin Republic including the Company where this fund was deposited before, we hereby confirm to you that the payment have been approved to be paid to you without further delay as soon as you open new account in our UBA Online Bank. To open an online new accounts with us to enable you have full access to your fund, you are advise to send cost $100 being for UBA Bank Online Account Opening Form and return back with the account opening fee of $100 and send it to OUR ACCOUNTANT name Mr. stephen anago n, by money gram to Benin Republic. Email me with the details of payment.

Here is the full information were to send the fee via money-gram.

Receiver Name/ stephen anago n
Country / Benin Republic
Test Question/ What for?
Answer / Opening Account.
Amount To Be Send / $100
Sender Name………

We sincerely hope that the above requirement be sent to us sooner than later for us to proceed with the opening the new account with your name so that you can transfer your fund by your self. Please note that we cannot carry on with the Transfer of funds to you until you have been able to meet up with the requirement of the transfer of your funds. Note that we have period of (2) working days to conclude this matter.I wait your early response to move ahead. Thanks you for your understanding as am looking forwards to hear a positive respond from you immediately. Thanks for banking with us Hoping to hear from you.

contact Dr.Frank john
TEL: +229-99391979


  1. louise revelesa and Patrick kuassi are frauders in benin do not believe them or their "bank" don't get suckered in like I did for 1600. They are frauders and under investigation right now!

  2. With UBA -- These are names that I have -- Maduebigwai Christopher , Barr. Solomon , Derrick Wilson , Alan Craig Bailey , and Gloria Frye Jean .. I have many emails and more names .. But I have to look thru my email..