Thursday, August 13, 2015

Compensation Payment Of US$500,000.00 to the beneficiary....13/08/15

Eco Bank Nigeria Plc
No. 101, Kofo Abayomi,Victoria Island
Telephone: +2347032508644
Date: 13/08/2015

Attention Honorable beneficiary

Compensation Payment Of US$500,000.00 to the beneficiary

Good day beneficiary, I am Anthony Okpanachi , Deputy Manager in Eco Bank Nigeria Plc. Your names is above the five (5) Beneficiary to be compensation with the sum US$500,000.00 as instructed by our New President His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari who have on this day of Monday August 10th, 2015 made deposit of compensations to all concern victims, which your name apear among the scam victims recorded by the International Investigation Unit. On behalf of his Excellency, we the Eco Bank Nigeria Plc hereby advice that you reconfirm your personal details so as to enable us cross check with the one at attached with your payment file before making wrong payment to the unknown beneficiary. If you are among the unpaid beneficiary and have scam in the past. Please provide this details below for Immediate release of your Compensation Fund.

First Name;
Last Name
Other Name:
Home Address:
Sex: Male Or Female:
Date Of Birth:
Marital Status:
Email Address:
Telephone #:

Copy of Identification (Driver's License Or International Passport Or Voters Card.

Your's Sincerely,


Anthony Okpanachi
Chairman, Deputy Manager
Eco Bank plc

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Dear Friend,

I am Mrs. Wendy MCneal; I am a Canadian citizen, 68 years Old. I reside here in Toronto, Canada . My Residential Address is as follows, 901 Lombard St, Toronto, ON M5C 2T9, Canada. I am one of those that executed a lottery in United States years ago and they refused to pay me, I had paid over $20,000 trying to get my payment all to no avail. So I decided to travel down to Texas with all my contract documents, and I was directed to meet the Attorney in charge of contract and beneficiary funds, Attorney David E. Andrew, who is the member of the LOTTERY CONTRACT AWARD COMMITTEE, and I contacted him and he explained everything to me. He said that those people that are contacting us through emails are fake imposers and wants to rip us off. Then he took me to the paying bank, which is American First National Bank (AFNB), and I am the happiest woman on this Earth because I have received my LOTTERY CONTRACT funds of $800, 000, 00.(Eight Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) Moreover, Attorney David E. Andrew, showed me the full information of those that have not received Their payment and I saw your name as one of the beneficiary on the LOTTERY CONTRACT AWARD CERTIFICATE Including your email address, that why I decided to email you and tell you to stop dealing with those Imposers, they are not with your fund. I will advise you to contact the attorney in charge of funds issued to beneficiaries, Attorney David E. Andrew now so as for him to assist you to get your fund transfered into you. You have to contact him direct on this information below.

Name: Attorney David E. Andrew

You really have to stop dealing with those scam imposers and fraudsters that are contacting you via email And telephone informing you of your funds with them why your fund is not with them, they are only taking Advantage of you and they will dry you up until you have nothing left to eat. The only money I paid to the attorney was just $550 for NRTC (Non Residence Tax Clearance), which is Necessary to be paid, so you have to take note of that. Once again stop contacting those people, I will Advice you to contact Attorney David E. Andrew so that he can help you to finalize the transfer of your Fund, instead of dealing with those Imposers that will be turning you around asking for different kind of Money to complete your transfer.

Thank You and God Blessed.

Mrs. Wendy MCneal

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Greetings Dear Friend,

I want to inform you about my success in transferring your money into an ATM master card to curtail the risk of carrying huge amount of money around. The total amount has been coded into ATM master card; please contact the Bank ATM payment center for more instruction on how to make use of the ATM card to withdraw your money in any ATM machine around the globe. I will be traveling to CHINA for business project with my own share of the total money. Meanwhile, I didn't forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me in transferring the fund despite that it failed us some how. Now you can contact the ATM PAYMENT DEPARTMENT of ECOBANK BANK BENIN on this email ( ) they will send you the sum of Two Million Five Hundred United State Dollars ($2.500, 000.00) which is your own share for all the sufferings at that time. That is compensation for all your past efforts I really appreciated your consistency at that time. This card center will send you an ATM card which you will use to withdraw your money in any ATM machine around the world, the maximum withdrawal is Ten Thousand United State Dollars per day. Feel free to get in touch with the ATM PAYMENT DEPARTMENT and give them direction on where to send the ATM card to you, the only thing they will request from you is the activation fee of $105.99, so contact them right away, I appreciated your efforts at that time very much. Do not hesitate to contact the ECOBANK Benin ATM payment department center and also re-confirm the following information to them as listed below:

1. Full Name........................
2. Current Address..................
3. Phone Number.....................
4. A Copy of your identity..........
5. Your Nationality.................

Forward the above information to Prof. Michael Kohn, the head department officer of ATM payment center ECOBANK Bank Benin Republic. phone numbersms;+229 98801712
Email :(

Please do let me know immediately you receive the ATM card so that we can share the joy together after all the sufferings at that time. I will be very busy in CHINA for the project am going to have there with my partner. So contact the ATM center with out delay, they will give you more details of the ATM service. Finally, be informed that I left instructions to the DEPARTMENT to send the ATM MASTER CARD to you, so feel free to get in touch with the DEPARTMENT and they will send the CARD to you with out any delay.

Best Regards,.MR, JOHN WILLIAM

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National Lottery Winner

The National Lottery
P O Box 1010
Liverpool, L70 1N
(Customer Services)
Ref: UK/9420X2/68
Batch: 074/09/ZY369


Dear Lucky Winner,


We are pleased to notify you the Draw (#2022) of the NATIONAL LOTTERY, Online Sweepstakes International Lottery Program held on Saturday, 9th May, 2015. To purchase a ticket, Players must be 16 or over and physically located in the UK or Isle of Man. However, for the Bonus Lottery Promotion, winners do not have to be physically located in the UK or Isle of Man. Participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from a pool of over 25,000 email addresses drawn from our affiliate and promotion websites in Europe, America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Middle-East, parts of Africa, and North & South America as part of our international promotions program conducted annually to encourage prospective overseas entries. We hope with part of your prize awards, you will take part in our subsequent lottery jackpots. The result of our computer draw (#2022) which took place on Saturday, 9th May, 2015 selected email address attached to an e-ticket number 56475600545 188 with Serial number (5627635368/10) drew the lucky numbers: 05 17 22 31 40 48(bonus no. 18), which subsequently won you the lottery in the 1st category to the sum of £5,327,276 (Five million, three hundred and twenty-seven thousand, two hundred and seventy-six British Pounds Sterling). This is to be shared among two lucky winners of which you are one.You have therefore been approved to claim your winning in cheque credited to file KTU/9023118308/10 in the amount of £2,663,638 (Two million, six hundred and sixty-three thousand, six hundred and thirty-eight British Pounds Sterling). Your prize award has been insured in your email address and is ready for claims. To begin your claims therefore, you are advised to expeditiously contact our licensed and accredited claim agent for Overseas Lottery Winners within a period of 7 days (date of this email inclusive) for the processing of your winning and remittance to your designated bank account after all statutory obligations have been satisfactorily dispensed with. For security reasons, you are advised to keep your winning information confidential till your claims is processed and your money remitted to you in whatever manner you deem fit to claim your prize. This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program. Please be warned. You may want to go through our online web result checker

to verify your prize online with your numbers: 05 17 22 31 40 48

This promotion takes place twice weekly. Please note that your lucky winning number falls within our European booklet representative office in England as indicated in your play coupon. In view of this, your funds would be released to you by any of our payment offices in England. Please be informed that claims not processed within the stipulated period may be forfeited to the pool without further notice. Our European agent will immediately commence the process to facilitate the release of your funds as soon as you contact him. You may wish to establish contact via e-mail with the particulars presented below sending the batch and reference numbers and these information below for quick verifications and release of funds between the hours of 8.00am - 7.30pm on Monday through Sunday.

Overseas Claims Unit
United Kingdom Lottery Fiduciary
Contact Person: Stephen Alex Williams
Email: (


1. FULL NAMES: __________________________________
2. FULL ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________________________________
3. SEX: _______________
4. AGE: ________
5. MARITAL STATUS: ___________________
6. OCCUPATION: ________________________
7. E-MAIL ADDRESS: _____________________________
8. TELEPHONE NUMBER: _____________________
9. LOTTO NUMBER: __05 17 22 31 40 48__B. DRAW NUMBER: ___2022___
10. TICKET NUMBER: __56475600545 188___
11. SERIAL NUMBER: __5627635368/10___
13. AMOUNT WON: ______£2,663,638_____________________________

Make sure this Verification and Funds Release Form is sent to the Fiduciary agent for quick verification and funds release purpose. Our winners are assured of the utmost standards of confidentiality, and press anonymity until the end of proceedings, and beyond where they so desire. Be further advised to maintain the strictest level of confidentiality until the end of proceedings to circumvent problems associated with fraudulent claims. This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program.


At your disposal, we remain.

Very Truly Yours,

Michael Platt
The National Lottery
P O Box 1010
Liverpool, L70 1NL

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Occasionally, some programs and free email providers, including Hotmail and Yahoo wrongly identify our emails as spam. If you cannot find our subsequent email in your inbox, please check the location used to store junk mail and spam messages.

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My Proposal

Good Day.

Please accept my apology for taking your precious time to read my mail. Am Mrs Lizzy Hernandez Cruz, Single mother of two children, am working with Banking firm here in Spain, at exchange unit,i have legit business proposal worth millions of dollars for you, As an experience banker,be comfortable with my business proposal, as i will offer my services as an efficient and experienced Banker to guide you of how it will be handle. I know you will be capable of handling this business proposal and that is the simple reason i contacted you. If you are interested, reply me to enable me furnish you with more details of my business proposal. (

I hope to hear from you in no distant time through mail.
Thanks for reading.


Mrs Lizzy Hernandez Cruz

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