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I apologize to you on the manner i am writing this email to you, This is a matter of urgency. I am Abdel Ghaffar Mohamed Zahra,A Former Minister in Egypt and a top political personal .I found your email on email directory and I desided to contact you now that I am very sure that all eyes are not on me as it was when our problem first began though i am still under surveillance but the environment is good now to handle the transaction very safely. I have a huge amount of money i move out of Egypt to a country in Asia before i was arrested and kept under surveillance ( house arrest) on the 10th June, 2013 here in my home town in Gharbiya .Because of the on-going political war here between the government forces. The government is probing all former political office holders because they said we sponsored the use of chemical weapon in the province that killed many people. my house was searched and they found the documents i use to deposit money and buy properties abroad and they seized all of them,I am contacting you to kindly help me urgently to move out the money were i deposited it in Asia to your country However my main point of contacting you is to seek your sincere suggestion and guideline to invest this fund in your country. And please because of my previous position in the government, i do not need to tell you of the absolute confidentiality which we both must have to observe, if we are to go into investment, or rather if you are to help me in investing in your country. I am willing to give you 20% of the total money if you can help me secure the fund under your care,Please i would like you to treat this issue confidential between me and you only and this is urgent because i am under house check by the authorities. I thank you very much for taking time to go through my mail, and hope to read from your reply soon, .Thanks for your anticipated co-operation and my regards to your family. Good luck,and feel free to contact me on my email for now, until arrangements are made.I attach herewith my international passport.

In Anticipation of an urgent response.

Kindly Yours
Abdel Ghaffar Mohamed Zahra

d) New strategies for Duty Free

Get luxury branded items at the best market price

FIRMATI&GRIFFATI offers to his partners a new important opportunity How to attract the traveler and impress him with the Italian Style You can do that offering to your customers a complete range of original and exclusive items and services. You will attract and surprise them with the real Italian fashion and luxury style. With Firmati&Griffati is possible to get not just the best brands at the most competitive price but even a complete support to start or improve your project with Italian concepts specially designed for this kind of business. One of our customers from Singapore has been wondering how to renew a duty free and find the way to increase the number of customers daily. We introduced a new concept focused on gift and thanks to that the number of customers increased and the turn over rose up to 25%. We help companies not just to quickly achieve their goals making the right steps but we inspired them with ideas that have produced a turnover of billions of dollars. Actually some of our customers even say that our service is free because of course they save a lot of money on purchasing but most of all with us they make the required and right steps to quickly achieve their goal. Our company has been supporting the most important companies in the world providing services from the start up of pilot centres to the creation of a concept to resell to other investors, from the access to special productions to exclusive services for customers and staff training. We have Customers in 36 Countries in the world, we supported and are supporting many Companies to open duty free, outlets, shopping mall, department stores, boutiques or to expand their activity as we are in contact with all brands and with the best licensers and distributors. We also support Governments in developing distribution areas in all “Made in Italy“ excellences. Thanks to that we are today the first luxury and fashion advisors in China and in Italy. If you think your project is really ambitious, we offer you 1 hour consultant of the value of 3.000 Euro for free in Italy or in China with the first Italian Luxury Advisor, Mr. Salvo Spagna author of the book “Make a Profit with Italian Luxury” considered among the best in the world. Then in the future if you decide that he follows your project and sign the agreement we guarantee that if you do not save from 2 to 100 times the cost of the consultant we refund you the amount you paid. Every year we need to increase our staff in accordance with the new customers and we are not able to accept more than six new customers each month. Fill in the form below and return it to fix your meeting now. We will be glad to receive and assist you to plan the right strategy to achieve your goals with success. If you do not fix your meeting now we can not guarantee the availability by the next 6 months. Awaiting for your news, we remain.

Best regards.

Marketing Dept.
Anna Medici

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Tel. +39 02 366 366 58 - Fax +39 02 366 366 59
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☐ being introduced to brands usually hard to reach and terms negotiation
☐ Italian concept selection with license or franchising
☐ private label production
☐ set up a chain of shop with your own brand
☐ start up of first pilot center
☐ selection of suppliers for special productions
☐ study and trademark registration
☐ research of Italian excellences at the best condition
☐ create your own concept to resell to other investors
☐ selection of companies for international companies merger and acquisition
☐ negotiation for exclusive licences with Italian staff
☐ setting personal and company goals for the owner and/or the management
☐ strategies to reach the fixed goals
☐ owner and/or management personal branding
☐ staff training with innovative methods
☐ mix of brands in accordance with fixed goals and customer target
☐ reorganization and renewal of the brands currently handled
☐ furniture selection with designer
☐exclusive services for final customers
☐Italian certification Luxury Advisor

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