Friday, January 8, 2016


From: Google Inc.
Corporate Headquarters,
1600 Amphitheater Parkway,
Mountain View,
California, 94043,
United States.

Ticket No: GUK/1008272745GK
Winning Number: GUK/992197732B2GK
Notification Date: 07/01/2016


Attention Winner,

We wish to congratulate you once again on this note, for being part of our winners selected this Month. This promotion was set-up to encourage the active users of the Google search engine and the Google ancillary services. Hence we do believe with your winning prize, you will continue to be active and patronage to the Google search engine. Google is now the biggest search engine worldwide and in an effort to make sure that it remains the most widely used search engine, we ran an online e-mail beta test which your email address won $950,000.00 {Nine Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States Dollars}. We wish to formally announce to you that you have successfully passed the requirements, statutory obligations, verifications, validations and satisfactory report Test conducted for all online winners. A winning cheque has been issued from the Google reserved account and sent to our paying bank for onward transfer and crediting of your bank account. You are therefore advised to contact our payment processing coordinator with the below information to enable him process your claim and forward your payment file to our paying bank for immediate transfer of your winning sum.


(1) Your Contact Address/Private Email Address.
(2) Your Tel/Fax Numbers.
(3) Your Nationality/Country.
(4) Your Full Name.
(5) Occupation/Company.
(6) Age/Gender.
(7) Notification Date & Ticket Number.
(8) Ever Won An Online Lottery?
(9) How Do You Feel As A Winner?


Mr. Choum Thida.

Ensure you provide our payment processing coordinator the following details to avoid unnecessary delay and complications:

The Google Promotion Award Team has discovered a huge number of double claims due to winners informing close friends relatives and third parties about their winning and also sharing their pin numbers. As a result of this, these friends try to claim the lottery on behalf of the real winners. The Google Promotion Award Team has reached a decision from headquarters that any double claim discovered by the Lottery Board will result to the canceling of that particular winning, making a loss for both the double claimer and the real winner, as it is taken that the real winner was the informer to the double claimer about the lottery. So you are hereby strongly advised once more to keep your winnings strictly confidential until you receive your prize.

Congratulations from the Staffs & Members of the Google interactive Lotteries Board Commission.


Mrs. Diana Consoli
Lottery Payment Coordinator
©2015 Google Incorporation

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Senior Resident Representative Payment
9 Hon. Justice Balakin Avenue. Cotonou Benin Republic.
Telephone Number: +229 9987 6902
Officer In charge Of Foreign Inheritance Payment
Mr. James Amsterdam (SAN).


A power of attorney was forwarded to our office this morning by one gentle man, one he is an American national and HIS Name is Mr Gerald N. Samaroo, This man claimed to be your representative and this power of attorney stated that you are dead, he brought an account to replace your information in other to claim your fund of ($8.5 Million) Eight Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars which is now lying in a dormant account UNCLAIMED, below is the Address he have submitted:

FULL NAME: Gerald N. Samaroo
FULL ADDRESS:: 7111-142 Ave N, # 107, Largo, Florida 33771, U.S.A.
MOBILE PHONE NUMBER: 727-421-49921
MARITAL STATUS AND AGE:: Married, 72 Years
Bank bank account# / 6503809428.
Routing/122006743,address 1076 peter Johnson Road, largo Florida.

Be further informed that this power of attorney also stated that you suffered and died of a throat cancer. You are therefore given 24hrs to confirm the truth in this information, If you are still alive, You are to contact us back immediately, Because we work 24 hrs just to ensure that we monitor all the activities going on in regards to the transfer of beneficiaries inheritance and contract payment. You are to call this office immediately for clarifications on this matter as we shall be available 24 hrs to speak with you and give you the necessary guidelines on how to ensure that your payment is wired to you immediately and also be informed that any further delay from your side could be dangerous, as we will not be held responsible for any wrong payment. So kindly contact us urgently if you are Alive as we have his identification and residence he provided for this payment to be wired to his account. N/B Note that you will required to pay the IMF payment Release Bound administrative charge of $195.00us dollars for file endorsement processing charge. Here is the information you are required to send via email for us to check up with the data's we have in our central computer.

(1) Full Name.............
(2) Country/State/ City Name.............
(3) Delivery Address.........
(4) Occupation.............
(5) Sex..................
(6) Age.................
(7) Telephone Number...........
(8) A Cope of Your Passport/ Drivers Licenses........................

Contact Person
Mr. James Amsterdam (SAN).
Email Address:(
Telephone Number: +229 9987 6902

As soon as you provide the information above, we will direct you on how to send the file endorsement processing charge of $195.00us dollars via western union or money gram.

Thank You.
Mr. James Amsterdam (SAN).
Chief IMF payment Audit
International Monetary Funds
Senior Representative Payment Office Cotonou Benin Republic.

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1 Churchill Place, London,
E14 5HP, United Kingdom,
Welcome to Barclay’s Bank Operation Unit


Dear Lottery Winner,

This is to officially notify you that Barclay’s Bank International Plc foreign operation department, has received LOTTERY WINNING FUND release order on your behalf from BMW LOTTERY AUTHORITY on the approval of United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC) for the immediate transfer of your winning fund valued Five Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars. However,we are pleased to inform you that your fund is deposited with our BMW Automobile suspense account here on your name,in conjunction with the approval of British Ministry of Finance.

Also, your fund has been legally approved by the Executive members of International Monitory Fund (IMF),and Bank of England Organization with other appropriate offices for immediate transfer into your designated bank account or via ATM SWIFT CARD.we are given you 100% assurance that this fund is real and has met up all the lottery approvals, we are prepared to give you the best of services from this AMIABLE Bank with a guarantee that your Approved Fund will be release within four bank working days, as soon as you complete all the transferring procedures by providing all your full information including copy of your international passport or drivers license.

Dear, we just want to prove our credibility and sincerity to you and clear your mind out of doubt to enable you actualize your fund through Bank wire transfer without having any problem, because this is a great gift and opportunity.So we advise you to abide and comply with our instructions to enable you receive your WINNING fund.However, you would be required to fill transfer form and provide to us all the necessary information stipulated on the form during our next mail and return back to us immediately to enable us proceed with the transfer of your WINNING fund into your bank account without any delay.

Dear. Gary Bernard
Barclays Bank Plc.
1 Churchill Place, London,
E14 5hp, United Kingdom,
Tel: +44-703-196-4559

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