Saturday, February 23, 2013

Contact Mrs.Rose Mike for your Approved Compensation Funds Payment.


Hello My Dear Friend,

Complement of the season,i hope all is well together with your family if so glory be to GOD almighty.Well Sorry to hear this news and understand that the fault is not from me.I'm happy to inform you about my success in getting those funds transferred under the cooperation of a new partner from Paraguay. Presently i'm in Paraguay for investment projects with my own share of the total sum.Meanwhile,i didn't forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me in transferring those funds that failed us some how.Now contact my secretary,her name is Mrs.Rose Mike on her e-mail contact below:( ) Ask her to send you the total sum of $2.5million USD which i kept for your compensation for all the past efforts and attempts to assist me in this matter.I appreciated your efforts at that time very much.So feel free and get in-touched with my secretary Mrs.Rose Mike and instruct her where to send the amount to you. Please this is the information you will send to her;

Your full Name...................................
Your address......................................
Your Occupation...................................
Your Telephone number.............................
Your City/Country.................................

Please do let me know immediately you receive it so that we can share the joy together after all the sufferness at that time in the moment,Iam very busy here because of the investment projects which me and the new partner are having at hand. Finally remember that I had forwarded instruction to my secretary on your behalf to receive that money,so feel free to get in touch with Mrs.Rose Mike,She will send the amount to you without any delay as i instructed her on your behalf ok.

Best Regards,

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Dear Friend, ("Dr. Ben Mijad")

Dear Friend,

We the members of financial accounting are very pleased to inform you that(ATM Card Number:4278763100030014 ) and the Security pin has been credited in your favor, your personal Identification Number is 822 which you have to forward to our agent for identification. The ATM Card value is $500,000.00 USD. Kindly note that this is legit and any act like this is very appreciated and will be well honored, You are advised to contact agnet(Dr Tochi williams)for the delivery of your ATM CARD to you. Contact Person : Dr Tochi Williams ,Email( Below are the vital information's of yours needed for the delivery of your ATM CARD to you.

FULL NAME:...................
DELIVERY ADDRESS:.............
PHONE NUMBER:................

Below is your ATM CARD information.
ATM Card Number: (4278763100030014)
Security Pin Code : 7546
Withdrawal per day : $5,000

Note that you have to keep your ATM CARD information secret to avoid diverting/stealing of your money because we registered your ATM CARD as a parcel.

Yours faithfully,
Dr. Ben Mijad


This is to bring to your notice that your email have been awarded a grand prize of $2,000,000.00USD and a Brand New BMW X6(Full Function)in the on going DUBAI DUTY FREE LOTTERY PROGRAM 2013,to claim your prize contact the claims agent Mr.James Pride : Contact him Via E-mail:

You are also advised to provide him with the under listed information below:

Resident Address.......
Alternative E-mail.....
Next Of Kin.....

Yours Sincerely,
(Program Co-ordinator.)


Attention: Fund Beneficiary,


This is to inform you that the Bank Negara Malaysia Treasury Dept been notified of a RETURNED FUNDS under the custody of HSBC BANK MALAYSIA. HSBC MALAYSIA confirmed they have a PAYMENT/TRANSFER MANDATE to release the total sum of $2,798,901.02Million (Two Million, Seven Hundred and Ninety Eight Thousand, Nine Hundred and One US Dollars and Two cents) from its Offshore Account to you as the end recipient. Information from the HSBC is that this payment covers an accumulated interest sum from your outstanding debt owed to you by the Malaysian Authorities. HSBC MALAYSIA was been mandated to release this sum either by either KTT (KEY TESTED TELEX TRANSFER) or by ATM CREDIT CARD SYSTEM (recommended) to you within 72hrs of the payment notice and endorsement in accordance with their memorandum of understanding (MOU) and payment instructions with the FGN. The HSBC MALAYSIA complained that all their effort to reach you lately on this matter proved abortive, hence their decision to cancel the payment and notify us so that we authorize them to return the funds back to the Ordering Customer. And in accordance Bank Negara Malaysia Payment System Act 2003, funds on unclaimed item account are not supposed to be floating for more than 6 months, hence the bank intent to repatriate the funds to the government purse as unclaimed fund. This Department of Treasury being in charge of Regulating and Controlling Foreign Assets and Lodgement will not return the funds to the ordering customer until we have heard and confirm same from you.
Be finally informed that this letter shall serve as final notification that after 3 official working days from date of dispatch, we do not hear from you, we shall have no other option than to send funds back to the ordering customer.
If therefore you are still interested to receive this accumulated accrued interest kindly revert back to me on this for further directive.

Sincerely yours,

Mr Ahmed Bin Razali
Director, Department of Treasury
Bank Negara Malaysia




this letter might come as a surprise to you especially since we have never met or discuss before, basically the message might sound strange but it is factual in reality if only you care to know, The truth is that I should have notified you first through a more confidential means, (even if it's at least to respect your integrity) please accept my humble apologies if I Had caught you unawares, I frankly do not mean any harm in passing my message. We are members of the Special Committee for Budget and Planning of the British Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, This committee is principally concerned with contract appraisal and the approval of contract in order of priorities as regards capital projects of the British Government with our positions we have successfully secured for ourselves the sum of twenty million five hundred thousand British pounds (20.5Million Pounds) the amount was accumulated from the over invoice. Hence together with some of the top officials of the British Petroleum Corporation and the British Ministry of Finance, We plan to transfer this amount of money twenty million five hundred thousand Pounds (20.5Million Pounds ) into an overseas account by awarding a non existing contract from my ministry (BPC). To this effect I decided to contact you and ask for your assistance, what we need from you sir, is to provide a very vital account in which the fund will be transferred. My Colleagues and I have agreed to compensate the owner of the account used for this transaction with 25% of the total amount remitted; we shall keep 73% and remaining 2% reserved for taxes and other miscellaneous expenses. Finally the confidence and trust reposed on you cannot be over emphasized, Therefore you are to keep this deal to yourself confidentially because Caliber of personnel's involved are men in government and cannot effort to loose our respective reputation to our dear country if jeopardized by you. Contact me urgently with your private email for our easier communication.


London UK

Please re-confirm to us the following

Dear Sir/Madam

I am Mr.Ken Murphy, Bill and Exchange Manager/ Secretary General, Head of the World Bank Finance Group, London Branch, set up to fight against scam and fraudulent activities worldwide. This Group is responsible for investigating the legitimacy of unpaid contract, inheritance and lotto winning claims by companies and individuals and directs the paying authorities (banks) worldwide to make immediate payment of verified claims to the beneficiaries without further delay. You are being legally contacted regarding the release of your long awaited fund. After a detailed review of your file, the World Bank Group has mandated that your fund should be release immediately. The sum of US$10,000,000.00 (Ten Million United States Dollars) has been approved in your favor via my desk. I therefore wish to inform you that your payment is being processed and will be released to you as soon as you respond to this letter.

Please re-confirm to us the following:

(1) Your Full Name:-
(2) Phone, Fax and Mobile Number:-
(3) Company Name if any:-
(4) Home Address:-
(5) Profession:-
(6) Age:-
(7) Marital status:-

Note that the above fund has been cleared from terrorist or fraud related activities.

Thanks for Your Cooperation.

Mr. Ken Murphy
World Bank Group