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Vous trouverez en pièce jointe la facture toujours en attente de règlement depuis le mois de Septembre d’un montant de 1927.80 €.

Pouvez-vous faire le nécessaire ASAP.

Stella Tryba



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I know that as you read this email, a lot will go through your mind, but i want you to know that this email is for you as i have the feeling that we are meant to do this together. My name is Joshua Andrew and I use to work for a well know bank over here in United Kingdom and i am the one in charge of packaging and also the one in charge of courier for my bank. You might also wonder how i got your contact, I got it through the internet when i was looking for a trust worthy person i can trust to handle a deal i am about to propose to you.

A consignments has already been shipped to the United State through me which content $46, 000,000.00USD and all are in $100.00 bill and i will like us to work together in getting the consignments delivered to you. I would want you to help me clear this consignments. It also should be know that this consignments was moved to the United States by our accredited diplomatic agent which all his information will be sent to you when you signify your interest in working with me in this deal.

You will be getting 40% of the total sum while I will be getting 50% and 10% will be for any expenses in cure during the delivery. Be rest assured that there are no risk in this deal. My identity should not be disclose for security reason which i know you understand. I would like you to send to me this details. Your full names, Your address, Your Phone No, Date of Birth and occupation.

If you and willing to go ahead with this deal you can email me back with the information I requested. Also for security reasons other modalities will be disclose to you as soon as you signify your interest and including the combination code to the consignments will be sent to you too.

Here is my direct phone numbers (+44) 7042048671 AND (+44)7024090979 you can call me at any point in time

Yours Friend,
Joshua Andrew.
Call Me (+44) 7042048671
(+44) 7024090979

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No. 280 Kent Avenue

Dear Friend,

I am Rev. Wilfred Coker from France, I Have Been an international contractor que collects contract from Big Companies and countries, I got Involved in one contract in South Africa Which my payment was refused, I was down and almost lose hope. After two years of this contract, I later Talked to God to assist me in getting this money. I made a vow to benefit someone with the sum of one million United State Dollars draft payment if my payment Could be approved and to my surprise I was called upon by the South Africa mayor sometimes last month my contract file Have Been looked into and it is ready for payment. I never Believed it until I was advised by my Pastor and later moved down to South Africa and to my unbelievable surprise I was paid this money. Due to my pledge to God I have agreed to show the person that i will be sending the One Million United State Dollars through ballot system on the internet Which happened to be your email so you are lucky. What you have to from now is to get in touch with my secretary Mr Richard Neal and instruct him on how to send your One Million Dollars Bank draft to you.


Mr Richard Neal

Send to my secretary your contact address and telephone number, let him make arrangement for the shipment of your draft to your doorstep or let him know how you could like to receive your payment. What I want you to believe now is that opportunity Which God have promised you this year so it is better you have it in team before it goes again from you so contact my secretary in time.And for your information presently i am in the Qatar for another contract so i want you to go into prayer with me for the success of this contract.

With Best Regards,

Rev. Wilfred Coker

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Register SOON! Product Development Strategy And Innovation For A Competitive Advantage

Dear Manager, Engineer,

Warmest Greetings from YF Asia!

We are pleased to invite you and your team to join us in this upcoming program! Do register with us SOON as seats are limited! Product Development Strategy And Innovation For Banking And Financial Services Product Development Strategy As A Core Competency for Sustainable Long Term Strategic Competitive Advantage 6 - 7 JULY 2015 * SINGAPORE

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Product Development requires a unique combination of discipline and process as well as a deep appreciation of what the market requires and how competitors are responding to those same pressures. Those who aspire to Product Development success also requires first-rate leadership and influencing skills!

About Our Course Facilitator:

Over 30 years of professionals experience in marketing, product development, distribution and Bancassurance Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors Held Senior Management Positions with AIA, AXA, AVIVA and CIGNA Experience in National Level, Multi-Layered and Multi-Channel in sales management and partnership distribution engagement

What You Will Learn?

Why Product Development is a core competency that your organization must have Understand what it really takes to become a successful product development professional Leverage on the product development capabilities that exist within development Improve your market share with profitability through effective product development Learn the key product development process


For more information, please contact Ms. Susan at +65 6225 3796 or send an email to or with “name of event & location” and I will forward the corporate brochure to you. In-House Training Available Let YF Asia brings the training to your workplace. YF Asia can bring any of its standard courses to you. For a complete list of YF Asia training courses, please contact Susan on (65) 6225 3796 or email to or Thanks!


A Strategic Approach To Handling Modern Procurement Fraud Combat 13 – 15 JULY 2015 * SINGAPORE
Building Strong Brands 27 – 28 JULY 2015 * BANGKOK, THAILAND
Essential HR Practices for Non-HR Professionals 5 – 7 OCTOBER 2015 * KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA
Effective Project Cost Planning, Management and Control Masterclass 19 – 21 OCTOBER 2015 * KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA
Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) Contracts Masterclass
*Back By Popular Demand 5 – 7 OCTOBER 2015 * KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA
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YF Asia Pte Ltd
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효과 없는 마케팅은 이제 그만!

좋은 정보가 있어서 연락드립니다.

혹시, 좋은 사업(아이템)이 있지만 마케팅이 어려워서, 잘 알려지지 않아
고민이 있으시다면 제가 도와드릴 수 있습니다.

문제없고, 빠르고 효과적이며, 시대의 흐름을 타고가는 비법이 있습니다.

자세한 사항은 아래 메일로 연락주시면
안내문을 보내드리겠습니다.
좋은하루 되세요~!

pxyn i hkpkjzefkta eexxore ndkmhy

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