Monday, February 15, 2016

Jan Eliasson

Attention: Beneficiary, Reply to contact with Pastor John.

This is to official inform you that we have been having meetings for the past Four Weeks now which ended Five days ago with Mr.Jim Yong Kim the World Bank president and other seven continent presidents on the Congress we treated on solution to Scam victim problems.

Note: we have decided to contact you following the reports we received from Anti-Fraud International Monitoring Group your name and email has been submitted to us therefore the United Nations have agreed to compensate you with the sum of USD$1,000,000.00 this compensation is also including international business that failed due to Government problems etc.

We have arranged your payment through our ATM Visa Card which is the latest instruction from the World Bank president Mr.Jim Yong Kim therefore be advice to contact our Representative Agent. Pastor John Godwin who is in position to release your ATM Visa card contact him with the below email and phone number and make sure you forwards your full details to him. Your full name, your country/city, your delivery address, your telephone number, your age, your occupation and your identity card or passport.

Once again for the collection of your Visa card contact our representative Pastor John Godwin to enable you confirm your payment without further delay and note that any other contact you made out side his office is at your own risk.


Best Regards
Mr Jan Eliasson.

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MG Timothy J. Lowenberg,Adjutant General and Director State Military
Department Washington Military Dept., Bldg1 Camp Murry ,Wash 98430-5000 USA
Telephone:(202) 660-4753..... Text Only

This is Mr.jeh Johnson Secretary of Homeland Security department.We know that you have not received Your fund from Africa! we have finally cash your $4.7million abandoned long-lost cheque confirming to be your own compensation funds,we cash the money and we decided to boxed the money for avoiding expiry of the cheque because it has stayed long in our custody searching for your contact to reach you,after our investigation that we discovered that the money is not an illegal payment. so kindly reconfirm your full address, You can reach me on this email as well :(JEH.JOHNSON96@GMAIL.COM).

Full name...............
Your country/city.........
Phone number..........
Your occupation..........
Your age/marital status......
Your nearest Airport........
A copy of Your ID......

You can call Mr. Hillary C Thomas at : 229-9936-9840 the director of overseas payment of the presidency office who is in charge to give instruction approval to release the boxed-money consignment to me for onwards delivering it to you,

Jeh Charles Johnson

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Greeting From Diplomat Agent Mr.Jim Bane

Greeting from Diplomat Agent Mr.JIM BANE This Is To Inform You About My Successfully Arrival At San Diego International Airport California USA, Meanwhile I Am Having A Little Problem With The Authority Because Of The INTERNATIONAL CLEARANCE PERMIT Of Your consignment box Which One Of The Airport Authority That It Will Be Obtained From Benin Republic Custom Authority With The Sum Of $159.DELIVERY 24HRS/OVERNIGHT DELIVERY) URGENTLY You Also Advice To Reconfirm Your Delivery Address Such As Your Home Address Your Telephone Number And Your Nearest International Airport.Use This Below Information To Send The INTERNATIONAL CLEARANCE PERMIT certificate Fee Which Is The Sum Of $159 To The Benin With Name Of Custom Accountant Officer.

Here is the Information to send the fee.

Receivers Name:===== Rita ken
Country Benin Republic.
Text Question. In God.
Text Answer: We Trust..
Senders’ name..

You Have To Contact Me With This Telephone Or Send Me An Sms Okay I Am

Waiting To Hear From You With the payment details Asap.

UPS Courier Express Company
Diplomatic Agent Call Me or Sms Tel No: (619)3205396
Tel No: (619)3205396

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