Monday, August 5, 2013

Thank You for your Darling Help. ,,

My dearest friend good day,

with great gratitude to your efforts; i am informing you that i have finally succeeded in transferring the funds
out to a bank in Italy, with the assistance of a china friend, whom based on agreement received 35% of the
entire money for his financial involvement and efforts.

Presently i have relocated to Japan, to establish the electronic company projects with my own share as i have
earlier proposed. Nevertheless, i cannot forget you, especially your honest efforts, though it did not yield
positive fruit, but I still appreciate it, thank you very much, meanwhile i have a surprise package for you.

I want you to contact my secretary in Cotonou Benin republic his name is Dr. Eric Johnson. His email address is:
( and re-confirm your full information below to him:

1, Your name...
2, Your delivery address...
3, Your direct telephone number...
4,Your private email address:

I have instructed him to send you the sum of $1.8 One Million Eighty hundred thousand United States dollars
cashier check which i set out for your compensation.

Please accept it with good faith and get back to me once you received it.

Best Regards,
Mr. Louis H. Gerra.

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