Thursday, May 8, 2014

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PayPal Account System Upgrade Verification.

Technical services of the PayPal Inc. are carrying out a planned system upgrade. We earnestly ask you to start with the procedure of confirmation on customers data. This email has been sent to all PayPal members, and we ask a few minutes of your online experience. We have sent you an attachment form through this email. Please download and open it in your web browser. Your personal information is protected by state-of-the-art technology. After you have filled in all the required fields in the form, our verification system will automatically update your account records.

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Bank of America NY


Bank of America NY

Your Foreign payment is here with the Bank of America, New York, but we want to confirm before releasing the fund to your nominating Partner, did you authorize Mrs. Patricia Sanders from Arizona to come and claim your ATM Visa card worth of $8.500.000 dollars on your behalf? Please if you did not authorized anybody to claim the ATM Visa Card then reconfirm to us your full name, resident address and phone to handle the ATM to you.

Yours faithfully,

Dr.George Wayne
Director, credit/Telex Dept
Bank of America NY

Your Funds Has Been Deposited To Reserve Bank Of India (RBR)


THIS MAIL IS FROM FEDERAL HIGH COURT OF BENIN REPUBLIC. This is to notify you that due to the delay, your funds has been directed to Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) today as a demand draft, They were instructed to cash it and transfer to your bank account for smooth conclusion of your transfer to your bank account. This is their contact information:

Customer Service Department
Reserve Bank of India
1st Floor, Amar Building
Sir P.M. Road, Fort
Mumbai-400 001.
Chief General Manager
Shri Kaza Sudhakar
Email Address: (

Contact them with your below information:

Bank name and account number

Copy of Your Identity... IF AVAILABLE

This is the deposit details

Deposit Number: RBI-101-PL45 Sort/
Clearance Code: RBI/101-45/P50
Deposit Certificate N0.: 403377
Deposit Description: DEMAND DRAFT ($7.5M)

Be informed that this Transaction will attract a little charge charges from you in order to execute it without any more delay, please do follow threre kinds instructions and cover the cost of transfer(C.O.T).

Thank you and once more Congratulations!
Best Regards,
Barrister Mike Mosses
Magistrate of high court
Benin republic

This email is free from viruses and malware because avast! Antivirus protection is active.

Greetings from Theresa Susan


My name is Major Theresa Susan, US Army currently serving in the Middle East stationed in Kunar province in Afghanistan. I will like to share some very vital information that would bring some good financial returns to us in just a few weeks or days depending on how fast we pursue the matter.

I await your urgent response.

Theresa Susan


#129 Defence Housing Area{DHA}.
Washington Dc.USA.

Dear Customer,

How are you today and we hope this mail meets you in good state of mind. This email is coming to you as a reminder concerning your pending package that has been with us for a long time. As you already know that this package is containing a Bank Draft Check in your name and in the amount of $500,000,00usd. This email is to let you know that our delivery team has finally carried out delivery to your residential address. The package left Lagos Nigeriaon January 3rd 2013 and since on the 5th of January 2013 it has been at Memphis USA awaiting clearance. To track your package, go to and insert the tracking number below to view delivery status.
Tracking Number: 800277347645

You are advised to get back to me as soon as possible so instructions can be given to you on how to clear the package.You are hereby advised to provide us with the below details so we can immediately have it sent out to our deliverymen in Memphis.

Your Name(In Full):
Your Delivery Address:
Your Direct telephone Number:

Having tracked your parcel, it confirmed the status of delivery been pending at Memphis TN awaiting clearance, all you need to do is to pay for the clearance charges and re-direction fee demanded by the Custom authorities and once it has been cleared, the parcel will be released and re-directed to your address. The clearance charges to be paid by you is $240 only which shall be received by credible account officer at our Offshore Clearing House in Ontario Canada. You can send the clearance fee of $240 through Western Union or Money Gram with the below details.

AMOUNT: $240
MTCN: .........

We the management of FedEx Couriers Washington Dc. is also using this medium to let you know that a money back guarantee is also part of our terms and conditions,which we shall refund back your fee in 72hours once your parcel is not been delivered by this firm legally without any hitch from our department. As soon as you have made the payment, kindly send to us via email, the scan payment slip for confirmation and Upon the receipt of payment details, we shall e-mail you the tracking number after which we will proceed and send it immediately within the next 24 working hours. This is important and as such your immediate response will do you Good.Your urgent reply is needed to enable us move ahead today.

FedEx Online Management Team.
All rights reserved. 1995-2013 FedEx


Attn: Email Owner,

IMF/World Bank Auditors Instructed Western Union to Release Your Sum of $1.5Million dollars, Email lottery Awards Held in Brazil fortnight ago,So Kindly Contact Western Union Director Harry Morris: +22998220265, Email ( with your Personal Address for your Claims.And follow their instructions because your email award was paid with your email that won the Lottery,Congratulation!





Please i will like to inform you regarding the delivering of your fund, with the dhl company Benin agent, he will need your information to complete the delivery of package {consignment box} with him,Worth's of $10.5 million dollars You’ re to provide him your Name,Address, Nearest Airport and Telephone No:,is due to our agreement with the DHL Delivering Company and Noted That you have to provide him the information correctly for the smooth delivery of your package, he is at Atlantic City International Airport , please make sure you take care of him and know is not American Citizen thanks. Agent Name: fred ugo his name is fred ugo Email;(

TRANSACTION CODE 7126/JLFS/7138/17305/


Homeland Security With held consignment

Attn:Fund Owner,

I am writing you on a personal note and i will want this communication to remain between you and i due to my position of work. I do not want my sincerity and concern to turn against me. I am a member of a security outfit here in United States of America . I am appointed among the officers designated to monitor/investigate cash fund brought into United States from Africa .This investigation have been on for the past 16months and a lot have been discovered . My personal discovery proves that, some of these funds were sent to US from Africa for payment of their contracts,inheritance and Lottery winning funds.

It was on my digging deep that i found your fund packaged in Metal Trunk Box weighing approximately 110kg (W61 x H156 x D73 (cm)effective capacity: 680 L.) Approximately. Your information was also written/tagged on it. On further investigation,our Agency found out that this fund was scheduled to be delivered to you. This payment system runs contrary or is against the Law of United States of America .Many regulatory and governmental authorities issue estimates each year for the amount of money laundered, either worldwide or within their national economy. In 1996, the International Monetary Fund estimated that two to five percent of the global economy involved in laundering money. The Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF), an intergovernmental body set up to combat money laundering . Some of the Laws established to fight Laundring huge Cash into the country are ; Bank Secrecy Act (1970) , Money Laundering Control Act (1986) , Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988 , Annun zio-Wylie Anti-Money Laundering

I found out from my investigation that you were lured into this by the people who engineered the dispatch of this fund into USA. Telling you lies that they have documents protecting/permitting them to dispatch this fund. When i found out that you were ignorant of their ill intention,i decided to write and inform you of this. They did not actually wanted to move this fund to you,rather they placed you as the beneficiary,to use your name and protect themselves,meanwhile they have perfected plans to divert the fund to a designated person in the USA who will receive this fund and invest for them. Their wicked intention did not allow them to think that it would be difficult for them to actualize this,hence on spotting the high security network,they abandoned it and left. They wanted you to finance the cost of dispatching this fund and were demanding series of money from you which ends up without result.

I can use my position to get this fund package to you if you are sincere and promise to keep this only to yourself. This is why i want this communication to remain private,due to my position. I do not want to say much until i here from you. But you do not have anything to worry and i assure you that,i will handle this in such a way that, there would be no trace or implication. I wait to hear from you. If you are not interested in working with me,please disregard but do keep this communication private.

Samaro Gerald,

I Request your Assistance

Dear Friend,

I am Mr.Mahmud Ahmed from Syria.I am in Asia at the moment as a political refugee because of the recent problems of my country.

I have a huge sum of money deposited in a deposit firm and I need your urgent help to quickly bring out this deposit so that we can invest it under
your name for investment in your country.

Because of the on-going crises, all banks, schools, hospital, market etc. had been on massive destruction making life very difficult live so this is the only thing left for me now and I want to use it to start a new life. This transaction requires immediate attention because of the current
political situation in my country (Syria) and I do not want to lose this money to the rebels or government.

It is a huge sum of money and I am ready to offer you 30% of the money to stand as the beneficiary to claim the deposit and and transfer it to your account in your country for investment. I believe you can help me, but on the contrary please forgive my indulgence and delete this e-mail content without sharing with anyone.

If you are interested and able to handle this for me in all honesty without any betrayal of trust that I shall repose on you then contact me for more

details.Please note that this transaction is confidential and should be kept in top secret until we have completed the transfer of fund to your account in your country for investment. Please get back to me with my private mail.
Thank you very much for your understanding.


Mr.Mahmud Ahmed.

Benefit Elections

Please review the attached CBE form, If you require changes to the options shown, please contact me right away so that we may address your concerns. We will record your elections in our system and provide you a final Client Confirmation Statement for your review.

Please sign and send it back.


ADP TotalSource Benefits Team

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Outstanding Payment1

Dear Recipient,

Compliment there is an issue with the European Payments Council in the amount of $1,200,000.00usd credited to your email address. Your wining bank draft has been converted into ATM card by the issuing bank for deivery to your address.

For more information and clarification; Contact our zonal coordinator office with your details for delivery via email
Contact Mr: Alfred WEBO.
Phone +229-68995439.

Best Regard,
Dr SCHIAVO Leonardo.
European Commission-EU.

Sample Confirmation.

Attachment ~ 38.62kb » Sample Confirmation.pdf «


Thank you for your mail Indeed you have the exact quality we are in the market for.

We just received confirmation from our clients to proceed with the trial order .

Please confirm receipt of order.

Please forward P/I and I will proceed with payment.

Let me know if you need anything else.


Rash Amid
Order Expeditor
18A, 26th of July Street,
P.O. Box : 2448 Downtown
Tel. : +7 20 2 2392 9305,
Fax : +7 20 2 2393 4623,