Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mr. Michael Kumar - I need your help please confirm ASAP.

Good morning Sir,

Happy new year to you and your family, My name is Michael Kumar,I am one of the US Army Infantry, deployed to Syria on a peace keeping since 2011. I have a Monetary Deal which i want to discuss with you, I want to confide in you believing God that you will not betray me, i need you to help me receive the sum of $18 Million Dollars on my behalf, During one of our surveillance last year, i recovered a trunk box in the forest here in Syria that contain the mentioned amount of money, I deposited this funds with the security company here in Syria and nobody knows about this funds till date except you and me. Get back to me for more details and please if you are not going to assist me, kindly keep this deal to yourself alone because i will not want anything that Swill jeopardize my effort here in the Army.

Please send your reply to my email ( )


Michael Kumar

Honourable Olugbenga Ashiru - Attn,,

I'm Hon. Honourable Olugbenga Ashiru, the Chief Director of Finance Officer of th eMinistry of Finance. We wish to urgently confirm from you if actually you know one Mrs. Cynthia Edward who claims to be your business associate/partner. Kindly reconfirm this application put in by Mrs. Cynthia Edward - she submitted the under listed bank account information supposedly sent by you to receive the funds on your behalf. The bank information she applied with are stated thus:

Account Name: Cynthia Edward
Bank name: Citi Bank NA
Bank address: #1230 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA
Account Number: 013439887655
Routing Number: 2771722
Swift Code: CITIUS30

The said Mrs. Cynthia Edward has claimed to this office that you are dead and have Instructed that all relevant documentation/Information regarding your Payment/Transfer, be changed to her as the beneficiary of the payment short-listed among the foreign beneficiaries entitled to receive their payment. For your Information, this Government has approved the total amount of EIGHT MILLION, FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS ONLY, in your favor, prior to the Federal Government instructions/mandate to offset all outstanding payments to the various legal foreign beneficiaries around the world and your payment file was affected. We need to confirm from you if it's really true that you are dead as made mention by your Associate. You should note that, if we do not hear from you, we automatically assume that you are actually dead and the information passed to us by Mrs. Cynthia Edward is correct. Hence, you are hereby requested to reply this Email immediately for confirmation, before we proceed with this payment and for us to know the true position of things with you so that we won't make any mistakes/errors in remitting your out-standing payment to a wrong person/account. Lastly, you are advice to reply back this email and reconfirm the details of this message if truly you're alive.

Full name....................................
Direct telephone number......................
Bank name....................................
Bank address.................................
Bank account.................................
Account type.................................

Your quick response will help us a lot.
Yours, Sincerely,
Honourable Olugbenga Ashiru

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Attn: Winner:

Board of Directors, members of staff and the International Awareness Promotion Department of the BMW Automobile Company, wishes to congratulate you on your success as one of our TEN (10) STAR PRIZE WINNER in this years' BMW Automobile International Awareness Promotion (IAP) started on December 2013 in London UK. This makes you the proud Winner of a cash prize of $500,000.(Five hundred thousand United Dollar).And a brand New BMW car The selection process was carried out through random selection in our Computerized Email Selection System (C.E.S.S.) from a database of over a million emails addresses from the World Wide Web. Each email address was attached to a ticket number and your email address with ticket number: 005206701114 and serial number: BMWP/ 223002219911 were randomly selected as the star Prize winner amongst other consolation prize winners. For you to collect your prizes, kindly fill the verification form below and send via. Email:

2. AGE:
3. SEX:

I want to Congratulate You in Advance and Please Do Not Forget to Help the Poor in the Society When BMW Automobile Company Makes You a beneficiary of their World of Wealth.

Yours Sincerely,
michael johnson

Allan Dudley Gram - TREAT AS URGENT.

Attention: Beneficiary.

I am Allan Dudley Gram, am an International Fund Manager with Barclays Bank, we got your overdue payment fund information and that of many others, group in some credit facilities/banker's guarantee program in the Data Base of our affiliate bank, the United Bank of Switzerland (UBS), we looked deeply and found out both your fund and that of others were delayed by miscreants local partner/attorney and bankers that handled your payments.

We discovered that the bankers invested your funds without your consent and further place some high yield credit facilities/banker's guarantee program in the international stock exchange, with the help of your local partner and an Indian company and other foreign accomplices over the years, this placement yielded a high profit estimated at $6 Million USD. Vital proof to this shall be given to you in our next correspondence.

As an expert in this sort of payments couple withe the fact that, I am an AA fund manager consultant with Prime European and American banks with a top record on payouts of this sort, we will start first by paying you the accrued interest your fund acquired during the high interest money program which is $6 Million in the legal currency of the United Sates of America.

If you will like us to proceed with the payment, we advise that, you confirm your complete details to facilitate remittance of your funds and avoid the mischief and or misdirection of fund of the past.

Duly yours

Allan Dudley Gram
International Fund Manager
Tel: +447024082128

Mr.Michael Efe - Dear Beneficiary,A

Dear Beneficiary,

This is to officially notify you that your fund has been duly approved and gazetted for immediate payment to you via ATM Master card. However, it is our pleasure to inform you that your ATM Card has been approved and upgraded in your favor. The ATM Master card is Valued at $4.5m You are advised to respond immediately with the under listed information's for clarity and further direction on how to receive your ATM Master card and for avoidance of error:


You are advised to send all the information above to this

Thank you.
Mr.Michael Efe

Happy New Year 2014

DSI Limited - End Of The Year Quotation.

DSI Limited

10 Mulberry Court, Bourne Road

fiat automobiles - Bravo!!!!Congratulations Dear accout holder, open the attached file from fiat automobiles

Congratulations as we bring to you the notice of your winnings in our department kindly provide us all the necessary informations for the approval and transfer of your fund.

Dr Elkan Trotti


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Charles Benson. - GREETINGS........................!

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I contacted you some time ago in respect to the funds transfer of my deceased client. I want to sincerely thank you for your help initially although you backed out thinking that the funds transfer was illegal and a scam.

Well, everything was legal and legit and went well through the assistance of a Briton, the funds transfer was a success.

I am on vacation now with my family in United Kingdom. In a way to appreciate your kind gesture, I have dropped a cashier cheque of Seven Hundred Thousand USD ($700,000) in your name instructing my personal accountant Mr. James Alvine to pay the sum to you. This is my little way of saying thank you for your initial help.

You are to contact him (Mr. James Alvine) on email or call +234-812-346-5780.

Charles Benson.