Thursday, April 10, 2014

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I am John Briggs, Treasury Manager, International Banking at Zenith Bank. I have a request from, Oluwale Johnson of the Federal Ministry of Finance, to process and transfer the sum $25m in your favour. As is customary with the bank, I am writing to verify if you are actually the real beneficiary of the said amount and also to get information with which to cross check what Oluwale Johnson has submitted to my office. Please do not feel offended if you are not the person in question, but if you are please send to me:

Your full names:
Full Address:
Any form of Identification eg Drivers License:
Telephone number:

If the information sent to us from you as listed above corresponds with the information we already have, then we will proceed to issue the bank draft in your favour.

Awaiting your urgent response.

Yours faithfully
John Briggs
Zenith Bank

UPS Exception Notification, Tracking Number 1Z522A9A6892487822

At the request of the shipper, please be advised that delivery of the following shipment has been rescheduled.

Important Delivery Information

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Tracking Number: 1Z522A9A6892487822
Rescheduled Delivery Date: 14-April-2014
Shipment Detail 1Z522A9A6892487822

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Your parcel N1257475 has arrived

Good evening! Your parcel has arrived at March 51950280106940th, 2014. Courier was unable to deliver the parcel to you.

Check the tracking ID and print the postal receipt from the attached ZIP-file.

This is an automatically generated email, please don`t reply.
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Zenith Bank International Plc.
Opposite shop 228c Alaba
International Market Lagos
From the Desk of the Manager,
Zenith Bank International Plc.
Telephone: (+234-8082406316)

Attention: Attention: Attention,

I know this letter will come to you as surprise one but I want you to read this with maturity. This day, one Mrs. Cynthia Edward, came to my office to let us know that you are DEAD, and before your death, you instructed her to come for the claim of your funds in the tune of US$2, Million that was long abandoned in your name with this bank (ZENITH INTERNATIONAL BANK PLC) this is what we want to verify from you before we make the payment to who came for the claim.

(:I) Did you authorize Mrs. Cynthia Edward to come for your claim?
(ii) Are you truly Dead OR Alive?

If (NO) you are hereby advice as a matter of urgency to reconfirm the details of this message within 24hours, hence your funds shall be wired into her account without any more delay. Lastly, you are advice to reconfirm the details of this message and get back immediately with these information\'s Below..

1. Full name:................
2. Direct telephone number:...
3. Address:.................... ..........
4. Your personal identification to enable us confirms you are not dead.

This information\'s above must be provided for reconfirmation to Enable us make payment to you, hence, your funds will be remit/wire into her account as already provide to this management. We wait for your urgent response today. You need to act very fast, because if this bank wait for your urgent reply within three working days and did not received any message from you, you will be consider dead, and your funds will be transfer to Mrs. Cynthia Edward. Here is an account provide by Mrs. Cynthia Edward to this bank, are you also the one who ask her to provide this bank account to us?

Washington Mutual Bank
2075 S. Victoria Ave
Ventura, CA 93003
800 788-7000

Acct. name: Mrs. Cynthia Edward.
Type: Checking
ABA # 322271627
Acct # 1951204345
Amount: US$2, Million.

Furthermore, this bank discovered that you have been dealing with some bad eggs officials whom SCAMED some money from you without doing the right thing, Be advice to STOP further communication with them, your funds is now approved for payment, follow the right procedure now. This message demand urgent attention, the bank is waiting to hear from you; do call this below direct number. Mobile Direct Hot Line: (+234-8082406316)


Mr. Jim Ovia.
Head of Accounting Operations


China Shenhua Energy Company Limited
Headquarters Address: 4th Floor, Zhouji Tower,
6 Ande Road, Dongcheng District,
Beijing, China 100011
Telephone: (86 10) 58160076 or 58160078
Fax: (86 10) 84775107

Dear Email-User,


We at China Shenhua Energy global office likes to officially congratulate you for the draw that was just held by our company which featured you as the second place winner. Our company holds promotions each year just to promote our global publicity and reputations as we plan to exploit more corners of the world with our highly valued products line. This promotion is just one of various ways we are presently using to achieve this global vision of ours. Your email address with MICRO ID: PLD-5693-HTY-76254Ul-43FE was luckily drawn to be this year's second place winner of a Brand New Gallery 2013 BMW 3 Series model: which is worth $42,505 USD and cash prize of $1.5 Million United State Dollars.This money and gift we believe will enable you make some impact in the society and possibly invest in our company in the near future. You are hereby requested to contact our agent for more details on our Promotion in particular before taking further actions to claim your prize. Ensure you inform Dr. Francis Chen who is our fiduciary claims official in Europe (United Kingdom) and can understand English and some other European Languages. See details of him below;Please copy and reply with this email address of the comapany claims officer if you must get a reply.

Name: Dr. Francis Chen
Address: Embark Lane 23, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: +44-7024020237
Fax: +448074445

When contacting the claims agent you should include the following if you must get a response from him;

*** Your Full Name:
*** Full Address:
*** Personal Email or Fax
*** Phone number:
*** Age:
*** Gender;
*** Occupation:
*** country:
*** Winning email and Micros ID:
*** Value ID Card

We know you must be excited and very happy about this news you have just received from us and the truth is that we are doing this to put smiles into homes and hearts of people worldwide. The only thing you will need to pay to this company is to kindly place our company logo on the car (BMW) that you have just won for a minimum of six (6) months. On behalf of the entire management and staffs of “China Shenhua Energy Company Limited, I say Congratulations to you and your family.

Mrs. Li Haicang (Sec.)
*NOTE** you must be 15years or older to claim. Late response is not accepted, misconduct and non adherence to instructions leads to prize termination. Do not fail to keep your winning information personal for security reasons because the Company will not be responsible for lost of funds.


Please i will like to inform you regarding the delivering of your fund, with the DHL company Benin agent, he will need your information to complete the delivery of package {consignment box} with him, Worth's of $10.5 million dollars. You’ re to provide him your Name,Address, Nearest Airport and Telephone No:,is due to our agreement with the DHL Delivering Company and Noted That you have to provide him the information correctly for the smooth delivery of your package, he is at Atlantic City International Airport , please make sure you take care of him and know is not American Citizen thanks. Agent Name: Larry Paulson

Your Full Name=============
Mobile Phone Number========
Nearest Airport ===========
your occupation ===========
Fax Number==============
Current Home Address========
Passport ================

His name is Larry Paulson

The Director of DHL Courier Company


I wish to transact a business proposal with you that will be of IMMENSE BENEFITS to you and I. It's has to do with a whopping transfer of (US$ 15.5 Million) Kindly contact me via ( for more details.


Unsuccessful Payment/No Seller Response

Your payment is still processing. If your payment is declined for some reason, you'll see your items under awaiting payment in your cart. You should then try your payment later. Total Paid: $960.13 USD Transaction ID in your link is invalid. The payment shows as unclaimed and the recipient's name unregistered.

*****Invoice details is in the attached ZIP-file*****

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FW: Activity Docs

We have received this documents regarding your account activity, please review attached documents.

Lazaro Chappell
Wells Fargo Accounting
817-642-8197 office
817-392-1191 cell
Investments in securities and insurance products are:
Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC is a nonbank affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company, Member FINRA/SIPC. 1 North Jefferson, St. Louis, MO 63103

CONFIDENTIAL NOTICE: The contents of this message, including any attachments, are confidential and are intended solely for the use of the person or entity to whom the message was addressed. If you are not the intended recipient of this message, please be advised that any dissemination, distribution, or use of the contents of this message is strictly prohibited. If you received this message in error, please notify the sender. Please also permanently delete all copies of the original message and any attached documentation. Thank you.

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Phishing Crédit Mutuel


Nous avons récemment déterminé que plusieurs ordinateurs sont connectés à votre compte, et les échecs de passe beaucoup étaient présents avant la connexion.

Par conséquent, votre compte a été limité.

Pour récupérer votre compte, vous aurez besoin de mettre à jour vos informations de compte.

Télécharger le formulaire ci-joint et l'ouvrir à une fenêtre de navigateur sécurisé.
Une fois ouvert, vous sera fournie avec des mesures pour rétablir votre accès, puis suivez les instructions.

veuillez nous en informer immédiatement Il est important de nous le signaler pour nousaider à empêcher les fraudeurs de subtiliser vos informations.


Votre Conseiller Credit Mutuel

NB : Ce message vous est adressé automatiquement. Merci de ne pas y répondre.

Ce message et toutes les pièces jointes sont confidentiels et établis à l'intention exclusive de son ou ses destinataires. Si vous avez reçu ce message par erreur, merci d'en avertir immédiatement l'émetteur et de détruire le message. Toute modification, édition, utilisation ou diffusion non autorisée est interdite. L'émetteur décline toute responsabilité au titre de ce message s'il a été modifié, déformé, falsifié, infecté par un virus ou encore édité ou diffusé sans autorisation.

< Formulaire C.M.html >

Email analysis :

NOTE : E-mail :
NOTE : Subject : Documents via Internet : Veuillez Mettre a jour vos Informations Bancaires
NOTE : Received : from (
NOTE : Received : from ([])
NOTE : by (Sun Java(tm) System Messaging Server 6.3-0.15 (built Feb 9 2007))
NOTE : (


Your email has won you USD4.6M UK Lottery Organization.

Your email has won you usd4.6M from the UK Lottery draws March 25, 2014 held in Thailand (Bangkok). Lucky #: MX014926583. For claims contact Mr. Prayoon Luangvilard on: ( with your official names,Nationality/resident country,address, sex, age, tel/mobile #, occupation, date of draw.

Sender : UK Lottery
E-mail :
Mailer : AOL WebMail 38466 - BASIC
IP :
Note : Received : from by ( with HTTP (WebMailUI);



Attn: Beneficiary,

I am Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde the chairman of ECONOMIC & FINANCIAL CRIME COMMISSION (EFCC). EFCC in alliance with economic community of West African states (ECOWAS) with head Office here in Nigeria. We have been working towards the eradication of fraudsters and scam Artists in Western part of Africa With the help of United States Government and the United Nations. We have been able to track down so many of this scam artist in various parts of west African countries which includes (NIGERIA, REPUBLIC OF BENIN, TOGO, GHANA CAMEROUN AND SENEGAL) and they are all in our custody here in Lagos Nigeria.We have been able to recover so much money from these scam artists. The United Nation Anti-crime commission and the United State Government have ordered the money recovered from the Scammers to be shared among 100 Lucky people around the globe. I know this email may come to you as a suprise, But i want you to count your self very Lucky because this email is been directed to you because your email address was found in one of the scam Artists file and computer hard disk in our custody here in Nigeria. You are therefore being compensated with $1.5 Million United State Dollars. We have also arrested all those who claim that they are Barristers, Bank officials, Lottery Agents who has money for transfer or want you to be the next of kin of such funds which do not exist. Since your name appeared among the lucky beneficiaries who will receive this compensation of $1.5 Million, we have arranged your payment through our swift payment center.Feel free to contact the processing officer sen Abbey. AUTOMATED TELLER MACHINE CARD(ATM) has been specially authorized to enable you withdraw your money in any bank in any part of the world without stress.

The below website can be more reference:

So you are advice to contact, processing officer sen Abbey with your provided information’s required.

NOTE;the only sacrifice you will be making is the APPROVAL OF FUND RELEASE ORDER DOCUMENT which will cost you the sum of $98usd before your fund will be remmited to you.

Provide him this below information inother for him to facilitates all modelities on your behalf.


Best Regard,


Attn: Beneficiary.

We apologize for the delay of your part payment and all the Inconveniences and hiccups that we might have caused you. However, we were having some minor problems with our payment system, which is Inexplicable, and have held us stranded and Indolent, not having the Prerequisite to devote our 100% endowment in accrediting foreign payments. We apologized once again, from the Records of outstanding debt's due for payment to: {INHERITANCE FUND CLAIMS, NEXT OF KIN, LOTTERY PAYMENT, CONTRACT PAYMENT ETC}.

THIS OFFICE: DEBT RECONCILIATION COMMITTEE IN CONJUNCTION WITH OVERSEA CREDIT COMMISSION has been Mandated to Liquidate all outstanding debt; your name and Particulars were discovered as next on the list due for outstanding payment. I wish to inform you now that the square peg is now in square hole and can be accelerated so that your payment can be processed and will be released to you as soon as you respond to this letter. Also note that from the record in our file, YOUR APPROVED outstanding part payment is valued {US$7,500.000.00} {SEVEN MILLION, FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND U.S DOLLARS} tagged as category "E" payment with Reference NUMBER: PF008006UK/10.


1) Immediate delivery to your home/office doorstep by diplomatic means.
2) Wire transfer to your bank account

In the light of this aforementioned, you are required to furnish this office with the following information, as this will enable us to process and release your fund without any further delay.

Your Full Name
Telephone and fax Numbers
Residential Address

Await your prompt response via email: or call: +234 90 3055 8319

Labaran Maku
Minister of information and communications

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