Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hello, Please Reply. (Package Scam)


I know that as you read this email, a lot will go through your mind, but i want you to know that this email is for you as i have the feeling that we are meant to do this together. My name is Joshua Andrew and I use to work for a well know bank over here in United Kingdom and i am the one in charge of packaging and also the one in charge of courier for my bank. You might also wonder how i got your contact, I got it through the internet when i was looking for a trust worthy person i can trust to handle a deal i am about to propose to you. A consignments has already been shipped to the United State through me which content $46, 000,000.00USD and all are in $100.00 bill and i will like us to work together in getting the consignments delivered to you. I would want you to help me clear this consignments. It also should be know that this consignments was moved to the United States by our accredited diplomatic agent which all his information will be sent to you when you signify your interest in working with me in this deal. You will be getting 40% of the total sum while I will be getting 50% and 10% will be for any expenses in cure during the delivery. Be rest assured that there are no risk in this deal. My identity should not be disclose for security reason which i know you understand. I would like you to send to me this details. Your full names, Your address, Your Phone No, Date of Birth and occupation. If you are willing to go ahead with this deal you can email me back with the information I requested also for security reasons other modalities will be disclose to you as soon as you signify your interest and including the combination code to the consignments will be sent to you too. Here is my direct phone numbers (+44) 7042048671 AND (+44)7024090979 you can call me at any point in time

Yours Friend,
Joshua Andrew.

Call Me

(+44) 7042048671
(+44) 7024090979

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