Friday, March 13, 2015

I'm a Ukrainian girl,a war victim!

Hi Dear,

I'm a Ukrainian girl,a war victim

The conflict in Ukraine occurred because of internal political developments.I am sitting on old wooden table in a cafe destroyed with bombardment,drinking from a little pot of tea, looking at my computer,and wondering whether you will decide to rescue me leave Ukraine.

I have now been here stranded for few weeks.I get little to eat and drink.I have seen some of my closest friends die in front of my eyes. My parents and only brother were killed in one day bombardment of the city hall.

This is a war crime who get to talk and who get to hear.Piles of bodies lie next to me at all times, wounded, dead, or even men and women whose minds have been destroyed by all that's going on around them.There are no words I could use to explain this disaster.Bombs are thrown around at every moment.I never know if one will hit me next.I fear I wont live to see tomorrow.Please pray for my life and well being.I’m not OK right now and I don’t know how long I can stay alive because of the amount of bombs they blown up over here.I can hardly sleep.It is so brutal down here Ukraine.

The scariest thing is when you get to know someone and then they just get killed right in front of you,that is very real and bloody. My parents and only brother become history.I can't believe I am here and I wake up every morning wondering if I will wake up tomorrow. Pray that the war is over soon so that I find way to the other part of Europe to claim my late father's money/gold.

I don't know if you can help me with money to try my escape route, if i have some money here, the red cross would help during seize fire windows which happens some days.if you can reply urgently i will be glad and explain to you how to get the money/gold to act as my investor when money/gold is retrieved from that holding company.

Please help me urgently.

Yours sincerely,

Ms. Alina Sushko

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I am Rt. Rev. Father Mark Anderson, Chairman Board Of Trustee (BOT) World Bank fact finding & special duties office. Immediately after the publication from this office that all unpaid contract funds (UCF), unpaid lotto fund (ULF), scammed victims funds (SVF) ETC should be paid through this office. This office received many applications including from your representative with British passport NO. 3028882234. Who also forwarded this account to us to transfer your fund into, ACC. NAME: MR JAMES JACKSON. BANK NAME: CITI BANK. ADDRESS: ARIZONA, USA. ACCOUNT NUMBER: 6503809008. On your receipt of this message I want you to urgently reconfirm to this office whether this person is truly from you or not, as this office will not be liable if the total sum US$10MILLION is paid into your representative (Mr. James Jackson) account.

If not you are requested to forward the following information to this office for verifications and re-approval of your funds on your name as beneficiary of the fund. 1) YOUR NAME IN FULL. 2) YOUR COMPLETE ADDRESS. 3) YOUR TELEPHONE OR CONTACT INFORMATION. 4)AGE AND GENDER. 5) YOUR OCCUPATION. ON PERSONAL NOTE: According to information I personally gathered from the banks/security and computer section, you have been waiting for a long time to receive your money without success. As I found out that you have almost met all the statutory requirements in respect of your fund settlement, but your problem is that of interest groups. A lot of people are interested in your payment and those people are merely doing papers works with you and that is why you receive messages from different people almost every day. Also we found out that some of the officials and fraudsters have been extorting money from you with the pretext of helping you to receive your money. I can assure you that this may last for years yet nothing h

PLEASE NOTE, If you decided to receive the money through diplomatic means, that means two security proof boxes weighing 110kg each, which is 220kg for the two boxes will be send to you. Already we have visited four courier companies to make arrangements on how to ship them by courier to you, we went to DHL, FedEx, IAS, UPS, and all said that they must open the boxes for inspection by the customs before shipment. This is something we want to avoid because the boxes were padded with machine in the United States, to open them you have to cut the pad before you will meet the buttons that you will press to open the dial code-lock. Therefore there is no way to open the boxes and be able to close them again. We told the courier services that the boxes contained film materials and when open to air it will spoil the materials. We did not declare money (cash) because couriers do not carry money or they may be tempted to run way with the money. A friend of mine who is diplomat disclosed to me that there is courier serv

We have concluded that you must compensate us with five hundred thousand United States Dollars (US$500.000.00) as soon as you receive your money to this effect, you will send to us a promissory note for five hundred thousand united States Dollars (US$500.000.00) along with your address for sending the boxes by diplomatic courier OR ATM CARD, Please maintain top most secrecy as it may cause a lot of problem if found out that we are using this way to help you. Do not ever tell anybody about this until you have your money at your doorstep. I want to help you because something in me is telling me that you are an honest person, when we concluded this and you send our part. We will help to ship the final part of the money. Be blessed as we wait for your urgent reply to send the money through diplomatic courier OR through ATM MASTER CARD. For security reasons please reply to (

Yours faithfully,

Rt. Rev. Father Mark Anderson
Chairman, Fact-Finding & Special Duties Office


Dear Rightful Beneficiary.

THIS MESSAGE IS TO REMIND’S YOU THE BALANCE PAYMENT FOR US$16,710,000.00 MILLION CONTRACT/INHERITANCE FUND, OUR REF: WB/NF/HFPRCXX-2015-world-bank. Following to the general meeting held at the Headquarter of the World Bank in Washington D.C., United States, The Entire Board of Directors of World Bank management personnel, wishes to inform you directly that your balance payment has been approved and it will be ready for claim when you contact the authorized appointed bank from which the balance payment of US$16,710,000.00 Million Only will be paid to you. Your balance for the CONTRACT/INHERITANCE FUND PAYMENT will be made available prior to your selection of payment Methods listed below, this is the only way we can be assured your balance payment can be secured for delivery whenever you have contacted the bank for the claim. 1. ATM/MasterCard Delivery to Your Home Address. (card activation will be available only by yourself) 2. Cash Payment Delivery to Your Wish Destination. (by secured diplomatic agency) NOTICE, DELIVERY COST’S CANNOT BE DEDUCT FROM THE TOTAL AMOUNT, THE BANK WILL NOT DEDUCT ANY AMOUNT FOR DELIVERY FEE CHARGE’S, IT HAS TO BE PAID BY YOU, PLEASE THIS IS TO AVOID ANY CONVENIENCES, YOUR BALANCE PAYMENT WILL BE DELIVERED IN FULL. You are advised to reconfirm and submit your current personal details for bank procedure’s and to process for your CONTRACT/INHERITANCE FUND PAYMENT ,please kindly forward details to United Bank of Africa (UBA) e-mail addresses which was listed below, upon writing to bank management try to mention the type of payment method you would preferred your fund to be delivered.

Contact Name: Franklin Erebor
Job Position: Managing Director/Chief executive officer @ United Bank of Africa (UBA)
Direct Telephone line: +225 75 11 85 01

As soon as you establish contact with bank, please make sure that you provide your valid personal information, contact address as it was listed below to enable bank to processed and send the ATM/MasterCard to your home address successfully.


Have a nice day.

you’re Sincerely,

Franciscus Godts
Office of the Executive Director
Director, Economic Policy and Debt Managements,
The World Bank
1818 H Street, NW
Washington, DC 20433 United States.
Tel +1(678) 561-6624
Tel: +1(801) 871-5842

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Dear sir i am one of the scam victims still i am trying to claim my fund didnt success still i lost nearly $5000/ to claim i send letter to united nation , FBI and IMF in this time i received one letter USA FBI through nigeria i have big dought why want to send money to nigeria please conform this letter true FBI USA or scam from nigeria . NOTE:- i copy and paste thats letter bellow

Thank you GOD bless you for your golden service for unknown inecent people.

your truly

14:16 (5 hours ago)

to me

D.C. 20535-0001
Email :



We received your email, this is not a child's play, we are ready to take you to any length if you failed to proof the legitimate source of the fund you are about to receive. As a Federal Commission, we are here to protect your interest and the interest of all the United State citizens as well as this great Nation. You have been investigated as the beneficiary of the said funds that is why you are in touch with the FBI for a solid proof before the funds will be release to you. The said funds is now in U.S Bank in your name which has been placed on hold under the custody of the FBI for further verification and proof before releasing the fund to you and this your fund did not have Merit Award Certificate. You do not have this document in your files, if you did the fund would not have been hold. We did not believe this at first, but when we saw the transfer we had no option than to contact you. We have gone through your Identification record and also the information received and we have verified a lot of things about you. It has come to the attention of our Money Trafficking Investigation Department, that you have some funds valued at U.S $ 4.5 Million to your name, The said payment is awaiting adjudication and crediting to your account from Inheritance 'willed ' from BENIN REPUBLIC precisely. With full concern of the F.B.I and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), we wish to remind you of the Consequences of remitting such huge sums of money without complying fully with the provisions of the Financial and Allied Matters Decree 5 as amended in sub-section C (6) of 2008 Banking Act, which stipulates that any monitory transaction been done in the United States of America, must have proper records, which duly guarantees and covers the transaction as legitimate and legally acquired and not criminally or terrorist associated funds. This is due to ongoing terrorist activities/economic crimes on and against the United States of America and her citizens. Note that with the information's we have here, the fund in your name here was released from Federal Republic of Benin . To this regard, you are to contact the IMF Benin Republic where the fund was release from so that they will issue you the required document because they are the only people that can issue you the document. Nobody else have the right or privilege to issue you this document unless the IMF Benin Republic. You are under close monitoring / investigation in connection with money laundering. If your funds comes from a legitimate and legal source, the proper guidelines for you to recover the right of transaction is for you to provide the official release document so that your funds will be legally processed and recorded and accounted for and then finally released to you.

FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION (ANTI-TERRORIST AND MONEY LAUNDERING DEPARTMENT) IS HERE to wipe out terrorism, and will stop at no length in doing our duty for the American people.

You have 48 hours to produce legal proof of the below frozen wired transaction number coded: AZQV9007 owned by Roger Faltersack You do not have any rights to receive these funds if the documented legal wire information is not complete. For your own good and benefit, you are advice not to send your money to anybody accept the below person that will get the document for you. It has come to our notice that you have been dealing with scammers regarding the present transaction in your name,with the power invested on us by the United States Government, you are hereby warned and instructed < /FONT> to terminate your involvement with any people or individual contacting you regarding this present transaction. The said funds is now in our custody in your name as the beneficiary, your dealings should be channel to this office alone, if we find out you are still communicating with imposters you will be charged for advance fraud communication by the Federal Law. The very heart of FBI operations lies in our investigations--which serve, as our mission states, 'to protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats and to enforce the criminal laws of the United States.' So follow our instructions properly to avoid any action against you. Attached a copy of my Office ID for your mutual view and understanding so that you will know exactly whom you are dealing with. We currently have jurisdiction over violations of more than 200 categories of federal law. So you can see that we can track you down through Investigative programs. We have your address and the evidence and status of your wired funds, so we can arrest you anytime anywhere if you failed to abide with our instructions. You don't have the required document on your possession, these document are only to be issue to you from the paying country BENIN REPUBLIC , to this regards you are advice to contact the IMF BENIN REPUBLIC to obtain the document from them to enable the immediate release of the funds in your name.

Contact Person: Mr. Morrison Morgan
Email :
Office Address: 72 Akpakpa off Tunde Motors Benin Republic.

Furthermore, be advice that according to the United State Law together with the FBI rules and regulations, you are to obtain the document from the IMF BENIN REPUBLIC where the fund was transfer from and also Note that you are to take care of the Document to be issued to you right away, because due to the content of the document and how important and secured the document is, You are to take care of the document by sending to the IMF BENIN REPUBLIC the sum of $86.00 Dollars only for the issuing of the document right away and your $4.5 Million will be release to you That is the only way the IMF BENIN REPUBLIC will issue you the document, because they are going to issue you the Authentic and Original copy of the document for the release of your fund. You are hereby advised to Contact them through the email address above to inquire from them on how you are going to send the fee to them. Note that you are to do this immediately if you really want your fund to be credited to your personal account and also if you don't want any action to befall you. We have already informed the IMF BENIN REPUBLIC about the present situation, so go ahead and contact them immediately. Your fund is now in our custody and will not be released to you unless the required document is confirmed, After that the fund will be released to you immediately without any delay. NOTE: We have asked for the above document to make available the most complete and up-to date records possible for no criminal justice purposes. WARNING: failure to produce the above requirement in the next 48hours, legal action will be taken immediately by arresting and detaining you.You shall be tried and if found guilty, you will be jailed. As terrorism, drug trafficking and money laundering is a serious problem in our community today. The F.B.I will not stop at any length in tracking down and prosecuting any criminal who indulge in this criminal act. FORWARD THE DOCUMENT TO US VIA EMAIL ATTACHMENT AS SOON AS YOU OBTAIN IT.

Faithfully Yours

Mr.James B.Comey.

FBI Director
CC: Canadian Police Association
CC: Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering (APG)
CC: Egmont Group
CC: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
CC: Financial Action Task Force (FATF)
CC: International Monetary Fund (IMF)
CC: International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO)
CC: International Banking Security Association (IBSA)
CC: International Air Transport Association (IATA)
CC: Institut de Formation Interbancaire (INSIG)
CC: World Customs Organization (WCO)
CC: Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)
CC: Offshore Group of Banking Supervisors (OGBS)

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