Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Rép : Investment Opportunity/Deal

From Desk of: Davis Mark
Benin Communications Commission (BCC).

Hello dear,

It is my pleasure to acknowledge your warm response to my enduring business deal proposal. Firstly, I must appreciate you for your kind response to my proposal and I will sincerely clear you on this deal without prejudice. I also have noted your advice in good faith but will use this opportunity to enlighten you more about this deal.

Like I explained in my first proposal to you, in the year 2007 we offered license to one Mubadala development Company and the business was a spectrum in our Global Service for mobile (AKA GSM) telecommunication under 1800/900MHz at the rate of US$400million only which goes into the Federation account.

During this exercise, we agreed with Mubadala that we are entitle to US$20million as facilitation to enhance the release of the license to them which was paid and deposited under the Alexio Consultant Limited in a Security Vault (Financial Institution) just to avoid tresses of the Federal Government agency. Having said this, the (Alexio Consultant limited) was incorporated as a foreign firm in (based Jordan) then just to leave no tress on the deal for us to excel in our mission. This fund has been under the Alexio Consultant limited since then without no claim since we as civil Servant has not right to operate a foreign account as the law of the land stipulates and my boss (Dr.Bashir Gwandu, the Executive Commissioner then) whose name was used in the agreement with the Mubadala was no more (he died).

What I want from you is to stand as the CEO/Director of the Alexio Consultant Limited and we will front you for the claim of the US$20million and the Vault where the money is been deposited. Honestly, It has taken me over 5years looking for a honest and sincere person who will handle this deal for our mutual benefit without jeopardy and here God directed me to you with the believe that you will not let me down. I would want you to reassure me your capability and capacity to handle this deal effectively for our mutual benefit.

In nutshell, I propose that we reach an understanding (MOU) which will protect our (You & Me) right and responsibilities in this project. Prior to this I will advice that you provide me your physical address and your preferred identity (International Passport/driver’s license) while I direct my family lawyer to draft the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to international standard.

I wait your telephone call for oral discussion.

Warm regards,
Davis Mark.
Direct Tel: +229 68650268

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