Friday, August 3, 2012


Good Day,

I got your information from a business Directory courtesy of the International Chamber of Commerce and Industry, South Africa. I am Mr. John Pinto. My father was the External affair minister in the Government of Angola rebel leader, Jonas pinto.

At the mid-term of the rebellion which is till this date, my father thinking fast decided to send my younger brother and me out of Angola because the fate of our country was yet to be decided. My brother and I left Angola for South Africa with a total sum of US$48,800,000.00 (FORTY EIGHT MILLION EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATE DOLLARS), sealed in a diplomatic baggage meant for the purchase of arms from South Africa.

On arrival in South Africa, because we are political asylum seekers, we were not allowed to operate a bank account. So with the instruction of my father, I deposited the money in a Security Company. Though I did not reveal the content of the baggage to the Security Company nor did I declare the actual content to them, because we wanted to be on a safer side. I told them that the baggage belongs to my foreign affiliate who is the beneficiary of the item and will come and claim it by itself. Unfortunately, because of my fathers political position and influence he was assassinated.

I need your urgent assistance in claiming this money $48,800,000.00 from security company where is deposited. Feel free to ask questions you consider necessary. The confidentiality in this transaction can not be overemphasized as I trust and believe that you will oblige us the needed security and attention it demands. Please treat this transaction with absolute confidentiality.
You can contact me on phone: +27 73 526 9933, Fax: +27 866 088 033 or Email: I will wait your urgent response.

Mr. John Pinto.

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