Friday, August 3, 2012


Attn Beneficiary,

This message is directly from the Desk of Secretary to the United States of America High Commission Cotonou Benin Republic. We are writing to notify you that African Union (AU) after series of meetings held in Ethopia on the 1st of August. 2012 concluded finally to pay you the accrued interest of your fund Usd 30M which was with Bank of America for over three years period.

The origin of that fund was from a African country (Contract /Inheritance payment), transfered in your name / account for further wire transfer but along the line, you were not able to meet up with the request of the Government of the country which resulted to the return of the fund back to its country of origin.

Well our reason for writing you is to inform you that, the Accrued Interest is $3,000.000.00 (THREE MILLION DOLLARS ONLY) and this High Commission of the united states in Benin Republic has been mandated to pass accross this circular to you to come up for quick CLAIM of this amount.

Payment will be effected to you immediately through Benin Republic under the supervision of this USA High Commission in Benin as AU decided in Ethopia after their meeting. This Interest however was not returned with the Principal amount, Its a different amount all together,. We ve made investigations through the United States Embassey in all African States & found out that you ve not received anything since then as African Union (AU) confirmed also. Contact us, Call on phone 00 229 67 37 30 65

Out of Pity, we decided to write you to come up for claim of this interest ($3,000,000.00) immediately, since this interest accumulated when the principal amount was in your name. AU has concluded that this amount MUST strictly be paid to you without further delay through this USA High commission in Benin Republic , no other quarters. Requirements for this payment to you

i) Forward us, your receiving bank account information immediately ii)Bank name, Bank address, Swift Codes, Account name & account numbers. Copy of your Identification , required also .iii)Send us also your address in your country . And your direct mobile phone number.

Note further, State to us your receiving account information clearly by email, write everything in BLOCK CAPITALS exactly as stated above. We hope everything is very Clear to you? Thanks for your understanding and corporation
This is the United States of America High Commission Benin Republic.

Your immediate response will be of great advantage to you. Be sure of this payment through this High Commission of the united States in Benin Republic, as Mandated by the African Union (AU). Be informed . We are await your responses.


Mrs. Carolina D. Mark, For U S A High Commission,
American Embassy Cotonou Benin Republic.

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