Friday, August 3, 2012


Dear Sir,/ ma

I Abdul Bashir, the managing director of Al Aman Bank, Dat El Imad Complex 9Tower – Ground Floor, Tripol, Libya and a financial advisory to Goldman Sachs.
I am in contact with you to enter into a mutual agreement vis a vis an
unsuspected sum totaling US$430,000,000 (Four hundred and thirty million dollars) belonging to the Late Colonel Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddaf the erstwhile Leader of the embattled Libya. It will be recalled that the late ruler after loosing international recognition in connection with the Libyan uprising was killed On 20 October, 2011 by the National Transitional Council (NTC) after he has failed to relinquish power for a peaceful transition to democracy in Libya and surrender to international community.

In a meeting with Goldman Sachs executives, it was confirmed that 98% of Gaddafi's $1.3bn investment has been lost while the British government has announced that Ј20 billion in liquid assets has been confiscated and the US treasury officials confirmed it has seized another $32 billion in cash.

I am seizing this opportunity to liaise with you, but it is base only on professionalism, to claim the US$430,000,000 (Four hundred and thirty million dollars) which has been deposited with a security firm in the ABN-AMRO Bank OF LONDON. The funds were deposited secretly as the late ruler confided in me as a renowned financial advisor in Libya. I have therefore taken full control of funds using my own discretion to avoid seizure by the international community and Libyan National Transition Council..

Due to my position in the bank and Goldman Sachs, I cannot claim the funds in my name, neither can my close associate do, as the international community is on deck to trace all funds belonging to the late ruler. But the aforementioned sum is 100% safe with the company as it was deposited with the name of the bank Al Aman Bank as our security funds during the war in Libya. I have all the legal documents backing up the funds for claim.. One thing is certain, this project is 100% risk free as all you need do is open communication with the security firm to claim the funds as a representative of Al Aman Bank with a power of attorney which will be prepared by a renowned attorney and signed by a competent court of Jurisdiction.

If you are interested and possessed the managerial ability to handle project of this magnitude, I have worked out a sharing formula 35% of the total sum will be for you, while 65% will be for me as the principal. Please send by email your telephone and fax number so we can discuss the modalities of operation in this project.

Thank you in anticipation.
Abdul Bashir,

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