Tuesday, October 31, 2017



This is to officially inform you that ATM card number: 3774 2856 7847 9006 worth Eight Million Five Hundred Thousand($8.5 Million usd) has been credited in your favor in bid to compensate you on your contract payment since you are next on our inheritance file for the second part of this fiscal Year 2017.The card centre will send you an ATM CARD which you will use to withdraw your money in any ATM MACHINE in the world.

Your personal identification is ATM- 7997. Contact the verification officer BILL PETER (Mr.) on: (billpeter156@gmail.com) with the following for proper verification and claim processing:

Full Name:
Delivery Address:
Phone Number:
Fax Number:


You are also required to send to the verification officer/agent a means of Identification which should be a scan copy of your Driver’s License or International Passport for proper verification and authentication.



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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Good day to you,

Desk of Mrs. Farida M. Waziri
St. Joseph Medical Center
1717 South J Street, Tacoma,
WA 98405 -USA.
Phone: (253) 948-4897
Date: 03/13/ 2017

Good day to you,

I wishes to inform you that I had communication with my Bank ECOBANK regarding the $750,000.00 I assigned to your name as Atone for the atrocities I committed against you during my leadership as Nigeria E.F.C.C Boss and they confirmed that if transfer should be terminated as threatened by SECURITY OUTFIT due to your inability to abide by transfer due process that fund can still be converted and process via ATM Card and mail to your address along the ATM Secret Pin if only you could keep it confidential.

The question is to know if you're still interested in receiving this offer and also to know if you can be able to sort DHL cost of mailing the ATM Card to your address at receipt of package since I'm still incapacitate and cannot take such responsibility from here as I'm still laying critical ill here in ST'JOSEPH Hospital TACOMA.

Note: Until I'm able to receive your feed-back only then can my account officer Mr. Frank Iheji be advised other-wise, but in-case you have decided to forfeit the offer please you should hesitate to notify me as it ins't compulsory to claim this offer after-all. Meanwhile, I beg you remember me in your prayers as I'm waiting to undergo another heart surgery operation in couple of days and I'm scared.

Your urgent response will be appreciated.


Yours Sincerely,

Mrs. Farida Mzaber Waziri,
Former Nigeria (E.F.C.C) Boss
Phone: (253) 948-4897

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Scam from

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Atm Card

Hello dear,

I have deposited the check to the ATM OFFICE. All you have to do is to contact them at: (anthonykevin197@gmail.com) they will give you direction on how you will be receive your ATM card. My agreement with them is USD$6000 daily until the whole of $2.5USD is withdraw end.You are not expected to pay for the delivery fee or stamp duty fee or any certificate fee because all the fee is already Paid for you. The only fee you will send to them before the delivery is activation fee which i do not know the amount when you contact the ATM office, try to ask them how much is activation fee.

Contact person: Rev. Anthony Kevin
Email: anthonykevin197@gmail.com
Cell Phone+229-99908887

contact him with belwo information,

Your Full Name:....................................
Your Home Addres...................................
Direct Cell Phone Number..................................

And Remain Bless

Mrs. Mary Nduba

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Urgent : Confirm Your Payment Now (United Nations Scam)

Attention ; Your Payment

I am António Guterres, Secretary-General under the United Nations Organisation . You can get more details about me here; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/António_Guterres At the recently concluded meeting with the World Bank and the United Nations, U.S. Department of the Treasury, and other world organization leaders , an agreement was reached between all parties that all outstanding payments accrued to individuals/companies with respect to local and overseas contract payment, debt re-scheduling and outstanding payment should be settled immediately. Fortunately, you have been selected alongside a few other beneficiaries to receive your own payment of $4.5 Million (four Million and Five hundred Thousand United States Dollars only) being your own funds from the World Bank,U.S. Department of the Treasury and United Nations Financial Authority (UNFA). We have been notified that you are yet to receive your fund valued at $4.5 Million (four Million and Five hundred Thousand United States Dollars only). This money will now be transferred to your nominated bank account or by Check/ATM Card and that you will receive . You are advised to kindly reply this email with the following info stated here below in order to update our records and your File, and as well to facilitate the processing of your payment for effectual remittance into your bank account or by Check/ATM Card.

(1) Full Names:
(2) Residential Address:
(3) Country of Residence:
(4) Age:
(5) Phone/Cell Number:
(6) Occupation:

As soon and you receive the Mail and understand .please be advice to contact our remittance payment officer who is to proccess your payment to you without any futher delay and that you will receive your payment/funds in tthe next 48 Hours of contacting him .

United Nations Financial Authority (UNFA) payment

Remittance payment officer

Names : Moore Anderson
Email Address : mooreandersonoffice16@gmail.com

Yours faithfully,
António Guterres
Secretary General
United Nations Organisation
(United Nations Financial Authority (UNFA))

Note: The information contained in this e-mail is private & confidential and may also be legally privileged. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify us preferably by e-mail, and do not read, copy or disclose the contents of this message to anyone.

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Thursday, December 8, 2016


Attention Please!!!

I have registered your ATM CARD of $18.5usd with Delivery Company, Please Contact with your delivery information such as, Your Name, Your Address and Your Telephone Number.

E-mail: (iinfoo.bankuba@gmail.com)

I have paid for the delivery fees and only what your paying for is the insurance fees,And Which is $85.Please forward your information to them immediately.

Best Regards,
Miss Sussane Harry

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Rue no. 23 Patte D'oie 03 BP 2147 Cotonuo
Headquarter Cotonuo Benin
E-mail: shipping.unit@web.co.zw
Office Telephone: +229-66673 695

Hello my dear,

Good day and how are you today? Having reviewed all the obstacles and problems surrounding your over due inheritance funds valued $2.5Million USD (Two Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) payment and your inability to meet up with the charges required due to unnecessary protocols involved. It is my great pleasure to inform you that we have successfully arranged with UBA Bank Director, Dr. Ifeatu Onejeme to covert your above mentioned fund which was originally in a Consignment box into ATM Visa Card and ready for delivery to your door step. I am happy when UBA Bank Director, Dr. Ifeatu Onejeme called me that all the necessary arrangement has been completed that he has converted the total amount into ATM Card in your name, after which I went to DHL Courier Company and have it registered for onward delivery to your address. Kindly study bellow information for your deposit details:

Description: UBA BANK (ATM CARD)
Depositor: Linda Conti
Deposit Number: DHL-101-PL45
Deposit Certificate N0.E405576
Sort/Clearance Code: DHL/101-45/P50

According to Mrs Linda Conti, you can able to withdraw $2,500.00 per each withdrawal at daily limit of $10,000.00 until you withdraw your total $2.5Million from the ATM CARD. So all you need is to write application letter to bellow DHL Courier Company contact information or call their foreign operation department Dr Andrew Leek for immediate delivery schedule of your ATM CARD to any address of your choice.

Contact Person: Dr. Maxwell Kobo (Foreign Operation Department)
DHL Courier Company Cotonuo Benin,
Plot No. 23 Patte D'Oie 03 BP 2147 Cotonuo
Telephone Number: 00 229-666 73 695
Email: shipping.unit@web.co.zw

Don't forget to reconfirm your current data as Dr. Maxwell Kobo requested to enable their delivery agent succeed. Herein is what they need from you

1. Your Full Names:_____________
2. Postal Address:________________
3. Direct Cell Numbers:_______
4. E-mail Address:__________________
5. Sex:_____________________
7. Occupation:__________________
9.Country Name________________
10.Copy of Your Passport/ Drivers Licenses________________

Please hurry up now as your package might attract more charges if it stays more than 3days with DHL and do keep me posted for record updated.

Thanks and remain blessed

Best Regards,
Mr. Johnson Williams
IMF Head Quarter Dept Reconciliation Committee
Benin Republic

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Friday, November 18, 2016


Your ATM CARD of USD2.5.is with us with registration code of (Shipment Code 11684990)contact us with your delivery information such as, Your Name, Your Address and Your Telephone Number:Contact:(kikioffice6@gmail.com)

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I will not fail to compersate you

Hello My Dear Beloved I'm happy to inform you about my getting those funds transferred under the co operation of a new business partner from Paraguay. I'm in Paraguay for treatment and investment but meanwhile, I didn't forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me in transferring those funds despite that it failed us some how, but without the your last name I would have not gotten the fund so I have left your compensation fund in a VISA ATM Card with my Secretary in Benin Republic. contact my secretary in Benin his name is Mr Edwin Onuga Hounn, Email: (edwinonunga22@yahoo.com) Ask him to send you the VISA ATM Card containing the total of 800.000.00 Euro which I kept for your compensation for all your past efforts and attempts to assist me in this matter. I appreciated your efforts at that time very much. so get in touch with my secretary Mr Fre Houn and instruct him where to send the VISA ATM Card containing the total of 800.000.00 Euro to you without any delay, Remember that I had forwarded instruction to Him on your behalf. My Best Regards, Writing from Paraguay

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Shipment Code awb 33xzs (Email leak)

I have registered your ATM CARD of $8.5 with DHL Courier Company with registration code of ( Shipment Code awb 33xzs,ATM Card Registered Code No xgt442.Security Code sctc/2001dhx/567/;Transaction Code 233/cstc/101/33028/;Certificate Deposit code; sctc/bun/xxiv/-78/01). please Contact with your delivery information such as, Your Name, Your Address and Your Telephone Number:Courier Office: DHL

Name of Dir:Dr.Clarck Robert,

I have paid for the Insurance & Delivery fee.The only fee you have to pay is their Security fee only.Please indicate the registration Number and ask Him how much is their Security fee so that you can pay it.

Best Regards,
Mrs.Anne Dinma

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Attention good day;

Attention good day;

We have registered your master ATM card of ($8.5millionUSD) through DHL Delivering department after our finally meeting regarding your fund, All you will do is to contact DHL Delivering Service director Mr. Ruben Lord call +229 98781927 He will give you direction on how you will receiver your ($8.5millionUSD) Remember to send him your Full information to avoid wrong Delivering such as,

Your Name:_______________
Address: ________________
Country: _____________
Phone Number: _____________

Contact Agent Mr. Ruben Lord,
Email:: officefill890@gmail.com
Give him a call on Phone:: +229 98781927
Ask Mr. Ruben Lord what you need to do for them to deliver your Package
fund to you immediately.

John Mark

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Monday, October 10, 2016


With the recent complains from our clients and our accredited suppliers of the BLANK ATM CARD all over the world, we the programmers of BLANK ATM CARD have taken our time to reach out to the world on how to get your Working BLANK ATM CARD. for more info on how to get your BLANK ATM CARD directly from us or our accredited suppliers in your country, contact us on: inf_blankatm@outlook.com.
the card has a daily withdrawal limit of $5000 on ATM and up to $50,000 spending limit in swipe and pos. order now for your BLANK ATM CARD

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

John Yinka

Attn dear Friend,

This is to inform you that your Unclaimed Compensation Payment worth of Four Million Five Hundred Thousand united state dollars ($4.5M,) by the United Nations Fund Compensation Unit office here in Benin has been converted into ATM Master Card as I confirmed that the Cheque will expired before getting to your hand, so we converted payment into an ATM Master Card to free it from expiring. And I have registered your ATM Card with the DHL Courier Office for them to deliver it to your home within 48 hours and we agreed that the delivering of your ATM CARD Package will take off as soon as you contact them with your full address where your ATM Card will be delivered to you.

Your name___
Your country__
Your address___
Your Age/sex__
Your occupation
Direct phone number__

Contact E-mail:(dhldelivery78@gmail.com)
Name of John Yinka

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016


World Health Organization

Fund Approval

I am Mrs. Margaret Chan Fu-Chun, writing from my desk Geneva, Switzerland. How are you today and your health? I happily am informing you of the approval $3.7 million of your health care fund. The ATM CARD will be given to you by the USA Ambassador to Benin (James Knight) who was nominated by President Barack Obama of USA. The delivery of your fund has been mandated to be posted to your home address on August 8th 2016. You are required to respond with this needed information which is full name, phone number and current home address for reconfirmations. Note that I have done all I can for the world which is my best, I happy to retire next year. Every preparation has been made for your ATM CARD delivery, but you have to send $279 to Mr. James Knight for clearance charges of your ATM CARD against delay and harassment of the honored ambassador by the authorities at the check points of Benin. Bear in mind that he can not move from his current location (Benin) where his office is located, he is flying with private jet to your home address when you have make the clearance fee for him as demanded by law of Benin Government which stands against smuggling of stolen properties. Do not feel wary about the payment because it is not good for your health, always harden your mind against problem or burdens and make yourself happier for excellent long life. Make the payment today via money gram and text the payment information to this money gram office phone number + 1(872) 401-0952 for verification and anyone in the office will forward it to the concerned securities and authorities for them to permit Mr. James Knight to fly to your home address now. This is the payment information of the securities and authorities.

Receiver name; Mike Chuma
Country; Benin
Question; go
Answer; do
Amount; $279




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Tuesday, July 26, 2016



We have registered your master ATM card of ($8.5millionUSD) through DHL Delivering department after our finally meeting regarding your fund, All you will do is to contact DHL Delivering Service director Mr.Ruben Lord call +2348125251095 He will give you direction on how you will receiver your ($8.5millionUSD) Remember to send him your Full information to avoid wrong Delivering such as,

Your Name:_______________
Address: ________________
Country: _____________
Phone Number: _____________

Contact Agent Mr.Ruben Lord,
Email:: dhl_courier.service@usa.com
Give him a call on Phone:: +2348125251095
Ask Mr.Ruben Lord what you need to do for them to deliver your Package
fund to you immediately.


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Sunday, July 3, 2016


United Parcel Service,
70 Evo Road
GRA Phase II
Port Harcourt, Rivers
Phone number: +2348162029357

Dear Beneficiary,


This is to officially notify you that your long overdue payment has been released as a result of the World bank, United Nation and the FBI intervention.
The sum of 10,000,000.00 USD (Ten Million United State Of American Dollars) has been approved for you by the World bank and ready to be remitted to your via an Automated Teller Machine Card to be delivered to you by us the United Parcel Service. Your payment will be remitted to you via an Automated Teller Machine Card issued by MORGAN CHASE BANK and powered by Master card, with a daily withdrawal limit of 10,000 USD. It was also decided that you will send the sum of 259 USD for your Automated teller machine card activation and 230 USD for the shipment of your ATM Card, total amount to pay is 489 usd. Your Automated Teller Machine card is presently in our office for processing and ready for shipment to your address. Kindly confirm your name, address, phone number, scan copy of valid identity card to this email address ezepaul312@gmail.com. As soon as you confirm your address, payment details will be sent to you so you can remit the 489 USD so we can dispatch your ATM card.

You can call paul on : +2348162029357 for details.

We await your swift reply as we have 72 hours to dispatch your ATM card.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Mr paul
Phone number: +2348162029357

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This is Mrs. JENNIFER JOHNSON , I have registered your ATM CARD to the POST OFFICE BENIN REPUBLIC so that they will Post it to your home address and I believe your current address is still the same. Your total amount in the envelope is $4.8 Million USD and the POST OFFICE assured me that there will be no stoppage until it get to your hand. I want you to contact them and re-confirm your address where to Post it.

Contact Mr. John Ben,
03 BP 1000,COTONOU
E-mail: (postofficefile1@gmail.com)
Telephone +229 99338054
Your full information for the Postal.

FULL NAME: ==============
COUNTRY: ==============
CITY: ==============
AGE/OCCUPATION: =============

the manager, informed me that it will take good 3 days to get to your house and your Envelope accumulate. Your Current address has to be reconfirmed when contacting the post office. Call me at +229 99338054 as soon as you receive your Envelope.

Thanks & remain blessed.

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Contact DHL Courier Company for Your CORPORATE VISA CARD (US$2.7Million)

Dear: Beneficiary,

Having reviewed all the obstacles and problems surrounding the transfer of your (US$2.7Million) and your inability to meet up with some charges levied against you due to the past transfer options, We the Board of Directors, Bank Of Africa (BOA) has ordered our Foreign Payment Remittance Unit to issue you a CORPORATE VISA CARD where your payment will be uploaded and today, we got notice that your Payment has been uploaded into this CORPORATE VISA CARD and also have registered it with DHL for delivery.

For your information the delivery charges has been paid and they were supposed to have shipped your packaged ATM CARD but they insisted that you must re-confirm to them your current delivery address to ensure accurate Delivery. MOST IMPORTANT:
Therefore e-mail them with the details below:

1. Full Name:……….
2. Address:…………
3. Telephone Number :…….
4. Country:…………..
5. Occupation:……………
5. Age:…………….
6. Sex:……………..
7. A scan copy of your passport:…..

Dr. lionel zinsou.
DHL Courier Company Benin Republic,
Plot No. 23 Patte D’Oie
03 BP 2147 Cotonou
E-mail (lionelzinsou17@mail.com)

Contact DHL Courier Company for Your CORPORATE VISA CARD (US$2.7Million)

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NOTE : lionelzinsou17@mail.com

Monday, May 2, 2016


Attn My Dear,

I have deposited your funds with UBA BANK PLC yesterday morning And we agreed that the delivery of your $10.5M ATM CARD compensation Payment will take off on tomorrow morning.

Tel or SMS Text Message (612-255-7251

(1) Full names:--------------------
(2) Country of origin:----------------
(3) Age:------------------------------
(4) Home address:----
(5 ) Telephone No

Thank you,

Email analysis :

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Office service

Dear beneficiary,

I have registered your Atm card of ($8.8Million USD). Eight Million Eight hundred Thousand United States Dollars with dhl Courier Company, please Contact the director and forward him your required delivery information such as, your name, your address and your telephone number to the director immediately on his details here,

Name of Director: Mr.Ikeh Benson
His E-mail:( officeservice963@gmail.com)
Telephone#: +22999281966.

Please note i have paid for the registration cost, therefore indicate the registration code (OVX950) and forward your delivery address to them immediately and try per attention on their Next step instruction to get you the Atm card.

I will be waiting for your confirmation result soon as you receive the Card.

Faithful yours,
Mr.Ikeh Benson

Email analysis :

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I'm diplomat Agent Mr.Harry Wood, I have just arrived at the airport with your valued Atm Card of $4.8million in 20 mines ago, please reconfirm your home address/ direct phone number to me so that I can proceed to your home right away,please kindly re-confirm the following information below:


Text Me Now:509 640 3204
Best Regards,
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