Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Good day to you,

Desk of Mrs. Farida M. Waziri
St. Joseph Medical Center
1717 South J Street, Tacoma,
WA 98405 -USA.
Phone: (253) 948-4897
Date: 03/13/ 2017

Good day to you,

I wishes to inform you that I had communication with my Bank ECOBANK regarding the $750,000.00 I assigned to your name as Atone for the atrocities I committed against you during my leadership as Nigeria E.F.C.C Boss and they confirmed that if transfer should be terminated as threatened by SECURITY OUTFIT due to your inability to abide by transfer due process that fund can still be converted and process via ATM Card and mail to your address along the ATM Secret Pin if only you could keep it confidential.

The question is to know if you're still interested in receiving this offer and also to know if you can be able to sort DHL cost of mailing the ATM Card to your address at receipt of package since I'm still incapacitate and cannot take such responsibility from here as I'm still laying critical ill here in ST'JOSEPH Hospital TACOMA.

Note: Until I'm able to receive your feed-back only then can my account officer Mr. Frank Iheji be advised other-wise, but in-case you have decided to forfeit the offer please you should hesitate to notify me as it ins't compulsory to claim this offer after-all. Meanwhile, I beg you remember me in your prayers as I'm waiting to undergo another heart surgery operation in couple of days and I'm scared.

Your urgent response will be appreciated.


Yours Sincerely,

Mrs. Farida Mzaber Waziri,
Former Nigeria (E.F.C.C) Boss
Phone: (253) 948-4897

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NOTE : steven336@yahoo.com
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