Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Blocked Transaction. Case No 482168537 (Virus)

The Automated Clearing House transaction (ID: 765241823), recently initiated
from your online banking account, was rejected by the other financial

Canceled ACH transaction
ACH file Case ID 207878605
Transaction Amount 1220.03 USD
Sender e-mail cyogmu18381025@southwoodchurch.org
Reason of Termination See attached statement

Email analysis :

NOTE : cyogmu18381025@southwoodchurch.org
NOTE : client-ip=;
NOTE : Received : from southwoodchurch.org
NOTE : (h83-174-220-43.static.bashtel.ru [])

Open file :

OPEN : document_1.zip
EXTRACT : Empty file...
NOTE : Weird...

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