Tuesday, January 31, 2017

[Alibaba Inquiry Notification] Andrew Krivenko has sent you an inquiry (Alibaba Phishing)

www.Alibaba.com Trade Center IP:182.***.***.40 温馨提示:该买家设置了隐私保护,我们提供了代理邮箱帮助您与买家取得联系,现在您可以直接回复该邮件,但注意请不要删除本邮件任何内容否则会无法联系上买家。Andrew Krivenko from UKRAINE has sent you an inquiry View Details Manage Your Orders Jacky Lui Andrew Krivenko


Dear. Sir

We are Ukraine company. Please i want to know if you have the attached sample in stock and how long it takes to ship to Ukraine we want to place order immediately. Please reply to our email.

Best Regards
Mr. Krivenko

Company Name. U.E.E.S.I.
President. Krivenko
Mobile. 380-10-9118-3105
Company Phone. 380-32-819-3318
Company Fax. 380-32-819-3317
e-mail. import@ueesi.com
WeChat ID : kriven010911383105
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