Tuesday, February 23, 2016


My Dearest Beloved One,

I am Miss Dorcas Lukemoore 20 years old female, I am an adopted child of Late Chief William Lukemoore and late Mrs Agnes Lukemoore, i was adopted at the age of 7 years old which 4 years after my adoption, my adopted mother died and left me with my father. 2 years after the death of my adopted mother my father remarried to my step mother to take care of me which she was so nice to me but since she had her first child with my father my step mother turned to another thing, hatred came in and she doesn't want to set her eyes on me any more my father's house turned to be hell for me even to the extent she advised my late father to drove out of the house saying that i am not a rightful blood of my father simple because she had a baby boy for my father but my late father refused to abide to her advises.

My late Father was a well known Business man based here i lost my beloved father in a car crashed accident when our driver was about crossing the railway without knowing that the train was already at the point with speed and crushed them instantly our drive died but my father was unconscious and rushed to the hospital which he later died 6 days after in the hospital. But before my late father death in the hospital he called me by the bed side and told me that he had the sum of US$ 3.1m Usd he deposited with a bank for an investment purpose abroad but seeing his condition in the hospital that he knows he is not going to make it that i should try and look for a good and trustworthy person abroad who can help me to receive this money into his or her account while i should join the person immediately for the safety of my life because he knows that if he died today as my step mother will drive me away from his house and take away all his
properties from me.

My late father told me where he kept all the documents which the bank issued to him on the day he deposited the money in the bank that i should go and take it and hand it over to our church pastor to keep for me so that it will be out of my step mother sight.

I am constrained to contact you because of my late father advised and the maltreatment which I am receiving from my step mother. She has finally took away all my late father's properties and also drove me away from my late father compound i am presently staying with our church pastor family here in my country. I decided to contact you to stand by my side to secure the money which I Inherited from my late father so that you will help me to invest the money in your country and you will help me to come over to your country so that i will
continue my education there i will offer you 20% for your assistance and you will map out some amount for donation to any of the charity organization in your area. I am seeking your assistance to transfer this money to your safe bank account for good investment projects in your country,

(1) You will serve as a my guardian.

(2) You will make an arrangement for me to come over to your country to further my education and to stay with you and your family.

Please help me to get out of my terrible situation and our Almighty God will bless you for saving the life of an orphan. Please i will be happy that you keep this transaction secret and confidential for the safety of my money and my life.

Thanks in anticipation of your positive response.

Yours sincerely

Miss Dorcas Lukemoore.

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