Thursday, September 1, 2016

Have You Received Your Funds?

Hello dear,

Did Mr. Allen Metcalfe reached you as instructed by the World Bank regarding your fortunes in the on going program? If not yet done contact him right now for your $4,600,000.00 United States Dollars Inheritance Funds from the World Bank under the WORLD DEBT SUPPORT also known as FADAMA. As it has been legally approved to transfer to you through their Western Union Payment order. The Western Union Head Office Benin Republic has been instructed to transfer the funds to you with immediate effect once they got in contact with you but if they have not reached you, urgently contact them with the email and information as follow;

Tell; +229-990-21-041

Contact person Mr. Allen J. Metcalfe. He is the remittance manager on the foreign affair and he is in charge of your funds transfer. All you need to do is to contact him with the above information I gave you if he has not reached you and give him your detail on where they will be sending you your funds and he will use the information to obtain the Funds Transfer Release Order in your name from the Federal Ministry of Justice and Finance Co-operation to start your funds transfer immediately.

Danielle Norris.

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