Thursday, September 1, 2016

Greetings Dear Urgent response Needed.


I am captain Patrick Howman,a captain in US Army.I am from Manassas,Virginia and i have been working under United Nations for passed 13yrs,currently on deployment in Afghanistan for peace keeping mission..I am a widow,no kids and i am 54yrs of age..

I am contacting you with trust Because trust offers us peace and security in life as we live. Actually peace and security makes trust. Peace is the emotional aspect, while security is the physical. It allows us to open ourselves up to family, friends, and strangers.

However,On 26th of July,I was on a mission in North Kabul province of Afghanistan and as a Captain who's mission was to lead the troops fight against Taliban insurgents who are disturbing the peace of the Province. During this mission I came across a safe Box in a house inhabited by Taliban insurgents that contains clean and spendable ($7.5 Millions US Dollars and 25kg of Raw Gold) which I believe these insurgents use the money to buy weapons and ammunition with which they use for their terrorist activities against constituted authority and also destroy lives and properties in Afghanistan and other parts of the world.

My plan is to use the money for Charity and Investment projects after my service here is completed BUT due to our Camp and offices here in Afghanistan are always inspected in line with military security intelligence policy by some senior military officials who are usually sent every month by the United States of America Department of Army to carry out Inspection,I cannot keep the box with me here in my wardrobe because I do not want these officials to see the box in my wardrobe during their Inspection and if these officials should see the box in my care and find out that it contains money,I will be questioned about the source of the money and that will lead to my shamefully dismissal from service for involving in financial transaction while on mission field.

But in order for me to prevent this box not to been seen by these officials during their inspection I want to move the box out of this Camp and have it send to you, so that you will help me to secured and safeguard it until I complete my service here in Afghanistan and come over to meet you on August,that is when i will have my leave vacation..And we can share the money. 60% to me and 40% to you..

I want you to know that the box will be safely moved from our Camp here in Afghanistan and brought to you with the service of a United Nations Diplomat working at the United Nations Assistance Commission in Afghanistan (UNACA).Therefore you should know there is no risk involve on this delivery because I am dealing with a United Nation Diplomat which means the box will be delivered to your door step without any conflict, meanwhile,I have already concluded every arrangement with the diplomat regarding the delivery of the box and he told me that he will needs details to proceed with the delivery such as:

1. Your Full Name.............2. Your Address..........3. Your mobile:...............Your Identification ID..........Nearest Airport.................

All i require is your honest co-operation without any doubt in my mind which I know that you will not betray me on this..Please get back to me because I do not want to entertain any delay for the fact that we are being inspected here and also guide with security conscious in our Camp.

NOTE: This is a confidential issued between you and me,Please for our safety and that of the box,I appeal passionately to you not to discuss this issue with anyone or let anyone know about this for the security and successful delivery of this box to you

I will be waiting for the details needed, to permit the diplomat commence the delivery immediately. so Reply now via (

Best Regard
Capt.Patrick Howman

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