Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Your Atm Card......


In a recent meeting held with the new Bank Director concerning debt reconciliation, this is to inform you that we have agreed to release your fund worth (2.8Million) which will come via Global Automatic teller Machine debit master Card as instructed from our headquarter, the ATM card can used at any where round the world. However, the below information is needed as to enable the profiling of your ATM card and its delivery to you: contact the Dhl delivery company with the information: Email: (dhlcourier2014@yeah.net)

1, Your Name___________
2, Country___________
3, Phone Number______
4, Home Address_______
5, Nearest Airport_______

Make sure you contact them immediately Text or Call the director Chris Ben
Telephone: (+229-9860-6678)

David Alvarez

Email analysis :

NOTE : dhlcourier2014@yeah.net
NOTE : www.@hyper.ocn.ne.jp
NOTE : X-Originating-Ip : []

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