Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Attention: Please! Your fund is ready to be delivered.

Attention: Please! Your fund is ready to be delivered.

I have registered your Compensation Fund of ($8.2million) with FedEx Express Courier Company with registration code of (011-827-8947) for 72hours Delivery. I packaged the total sum in a Consignment Box sealed as New Year Gift & succeeded in it with FedEx Express Courier Company to ensure the delivery is complete within 72hours as we agreed. What you have to do is to contact them with the given information below and reconfirm your home,phone number and office address to them.

Attn: Mr. Richard Ozoigbo
FedEx Express Courier Company
Benin Republic West Africa States,
Tel: +229-9936 5502
E-mail: (kingsleymoghalu13@gmail.com)

Base on the charge involve for the delivery, I have paid all the fee involved for the Delivery except their Security Keeping Fee of (US$99.00) which you have to pay them as beneficiary of the Consignment. NOTE that as soon as you pay them the Security Fee your Delivery will take place and arrive to your home or Office within 72hours. Please indicate the registration Number of (011-827-8947) to them when contacting or calling them.

Best Regard's,
Hon. Brett S. Peterson

Email analysis :

NOTE : kingsleymoghalu13@gmail.com
NOTE : www.@lime.ocn.ne.jp

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