Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Hi. i would like to introduce each an every one an employment Opportunities at CNRL Oil company Canada, the management company of CNRL Canada is in need of foreign skill workers, you re advise to contact CNRL with your CV and international passport immediately through Via email cnrloilcompanyresumecanada2006@gmail. com for the details of the employment and how to process immigrant visas 2016 will send to you immediately also feel free to visit our employment Web link: Cnrl.com / career. email address is cnrloilcompanyresumecanada2006@ gmail. com.


Email analysis :

NOTE : account32@qetour.com
NOTE : cnrloilcompanyresumecanada2006@gmail.com
NOTE : X-Amavis-Modified : ScrolloutF1.goholidaytour.com
NOTE : Return-Path : < account32@qetour.com >
NOTE : X-Originating-Ip : []
NOTE : Mime-Version : 1.0
NOTE : Content-Transfer-Encoding : 7bit
NOTE : X-Mailer : Zimbra 8.0.9_GA_6191 (ZimbraWebClient - GC48 (Win)/8.0.9_GA_6191)
NOTE : Thread-Topic : Hi
NOTE : Content-Type : text/plain; charset=utf-8
NOTE : Received-Spf : client-ip=;
NOTE : Received : from ScrolloutF1.goholidaytour.com ([])
NOTE : Received : from mail.goholidaytour.com (unknown [])
NOTE : by ScrolloutF1.goholidaytour.com

Notes from Scam.cz

Is goholidaytour.com server is compromised ?

goholidaytour.com servers were used to relay this scam.

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