Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Greeting From Diplomat Agent Mr.Jim Bane

Greeting from Diplomat Agent Mr.JIM BANE This Is To Inform You About My Successfully Arrival At San Diego International Airport California USA, Meanwhile I Am Having A Little Problem With The Authority Because Of The INTERNATIONAL CLEARANCE PERMIT Of Your consignment box Which One Of The Airport Authority That It Will Be Obtained From Benin Republic Custom Authority With The Sum Of $159.DELIVERY 24HRS/OVERNIGHT DELIVERY) URGENTLY

You Also Advice To Reconfirm Your Delivery Address Such As Your Home Address Your Telephone Number And Your Nearest International Airport.Use This Below Information To Send The INTERNATIONAL CLEARANCE PERMIT certificate Fee Which Is The Sum Of $159 To The Benin With Name Of Custom Accountant Officer.

Here is the Information to send the fee.

Receivers Name:===== Rita ken
Country Benin Republic.
Text Question. In God.
Text Answer: We Trust..

Senders’ name..
You Have To Contact Me With This Telephone Or Send Me An Sms Okay I Am

Waiting To Hear From You With the payment details Asap.

UPS Courier Express Company
Diplomatic Agent Call Me or Sms Tel No: (619)3205396
Tel No: (619)3205396

Email analysis :

NOTE : lj583106@gmail.com
NOTE : info@temakonfeksiyon.com

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