Monday, March 21, 2016

Event Invitation - hello

Dear Friend. Introducing myself i am Prince Baah,24 years of age from Sudan buteyongera. My father was his Majesty Royal King of the buteyongera.My father on his sick bed call me secretly and told me that he has two boxes consignment wealth 15million dollars and 80 kilos of gold deposited at Ghana DiplomatiC courier Service. My late father desposited two consignment boxes with Ghana Diplomatic Courier Sevice but as a result of bond/aggreement made between parties for their private reasons that which can not make the courier service release out the consignment boxes out to me next of kin except an international bodies,counterpart,or foreign beneficiary. My father adviced me to find a foreign beneficiary who can assist me receive these consignment and after the government diplomat make delivery to you , then you help me come over to your country and countinue my father further advice me that i should invest the money in hotel or any profitable business that my beneficiary is interested. I have decided to give you 25% for your kind assitance, 10% for document expenses and the remaining for investment and you will manage it. I have agreed with the presidential diplomat that this consignment deliver to you safely.presently i am in Ghana. keep note the diplomat know the content to be valuable materials, my father secretly kept that for safety of the consignment.Get back to me so that i can send you the contact details of the diplomat. Your response will be very much appreciated as soon as you have received this email. Please in your reply include your A: FULL NAMES B: ADDRESS C: DIRECT CONTACT PHONE NUMBER D: SCANNED COPY OF YOUR INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT OR ANY RELEVANT IDENTIFICATION PASSPORT. Thank You Prince Baah

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