Monday, March 21, 2016


Congratulations!! You are a FACEBOOK WINNER

You have been selected as one (1) of (15) winners in this months Facebook online promo selected from The Asian/Pacific region by our Internet processing unit. Our fifteen (15) winners have been selected from five continents currently connected to the Facebook network using their Facebook UID's. Your prize is attached to ticket number (5597603175191) and ballot number (BT: 99052041/15). Please, keep your winning information's very confidential from the public for security reasons, to avoid multiply claims of prizes. Your Facebook UID's being the 8th beneficiary in this promo was chosen at random by our Digital Random Internet Processing Service Asia Pacific (D.R.I.P.S) and your reward is coming from the interests generated from advertising and copyrights from the Face-book network. Congratulations once again from Facebook award department. You are entitled to a surprise package worth the sum of $500,000. (Five Hundred Thousand Dollars Only).
Contact Our Online Award Coordinator directly with your below information;

Residential Contact Address:
Mobile Number:
Email Address:
Ticket Number:
Ballot Number {BT}:

How Do You Feel As A Winner:
Mr. Mike Conlly
Online Award Coordinator

Claims instructions and payment advice will be notified to all winners through our Online Award Coordinator.

Mrs. Susan Goh
Facebook Award Promo Announcer!!!

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