Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sabi Luka

From: The Secretary

World Bank Auditors

Foreign Debts Reconciliation Committee

United Kingdom


I am Mr. Luka Sabi. an Auditor with the WORLD BANK. Your name is on our list of scam victims for compensation through the WORLD BANK, we as a Committee was set up Here in UK to oversea the payment.

An application for change of ownership has been submitted on your behalf by one Mr. Alfred Smith, the application was backed by a Power of Attorney, and this power of attorney supposedly to have come from you, and it was indicated that due to an automobile accident which you recently had that almost claimed your life that have made you to delegate him, MR. SMITH to change your particulars and details as the beneficiary for receiving the approved fund payment in your favor to new CITI BANK OF NEW YORK, ACCOUNT NO: 652 007123 at (111 WALL STREET). He also initiated a move to replace previous information as the beneficiary with IMPROMUNDI UK LTD as the new and legitimate beneficiary nominated by you recently, please confirm if this request is really from you.

Having said all this, I am expecting you to revert back or call as soon as you read this mail and to have help make things easier/faster, I will appreciate you send the following for verification.

(1) Your full contact detail

(2) Your telephone and fax number(s)

(3) Your Occupation

(4) Your date and place of birth

(5) Scan your International passport or any of your ID

Yours faithfully,

Luka Sabi. (Secretary)

Email analysis :

NOTE : wbsabiluka@gmail.com

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