Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Urgent Attention (Crash Scam)

Hello Dear,

How are you? Hope you are fine? I am Mr. Hunt paul by name, Spanish America, working with Barclays Bank Dubai over here in Dubai, as the Foreign Remittance Manager and also the personal Accountant to one (Mr. Fredrick Song) a Russian citizen who was among the death victims involved in the Russian Plane Crash that took place on the 1st of November 2015 in Egypt which claim the life's of all the passenger on board in that flight, for more information about the plan crash you can check it on



Well I know, this might occur to you as a surprise base on the fact that you are not related to this diaereses person, but I want you to know that it's a transaction that will benefit both of our families and us at the end. So after the death of (Late Mr. Fredrick Song) who had a Current Account with our Bank over here in Dubai in an escrow Account, the Boards of Directors of my Bank held a meeting in respect of (Late Mr. Fredrick Song’s) $45.5 5Million USD in our Bank. They are in search of the Next of Kin to the funds with our Bank, so in the meeting process I told them that before the death of (Mr. Fredrick Song), there was an existing next of kin to the Account and his instruction was to transfer the funds to the Next of Kin Account, just in case any thing happens to him in the nearest future but that was never true because (Mr. Fredrick Song) does not have a wife or child who to claim the funds from our Bank as his Next of Kin, so I am contacting you to introduce you to the Boards of Directors of my Bank as the Next of Kin to (Late Mr. Fredrick Song’s) funds with our Bank over here in the Dubai,so that the Boards of Directors of my Bank can authorize the transfer of the said funds from our Bank system here in the Dabai to any Bank Account of your choice you shall provide. This can be possible once our Bank Attorney has been able to procure all the legal Documentation in your name as the bonafide Next of Kin to (Late Mr. Fredrick Song) funds with our Bank.

So once you agree to do this deal with me, I am willing to share the amount with you 50/50 and I will fly over to you in your country and meet with you for my own share of the funds once it has finally be transfer from our Bank here in the Dubai to the Bank Account you shall provide, I have all the Documents covering the funds with our Bank bearing Mr. Fredrick Song name as the depositor of the said funds. So if you intend to do this deal with me, kindly write me back, so that I can send you all the relevant Documentation for you view before we can proceed further to the next stage of this transaction.

I shall stop here for now; I will look forward to read from you soon, kindly write me back directly to my email address

Best Regards.

Mr. Hunt Paul

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NOTE : huntpaul906@gmail.com
NOTE : Bradymartha55@gmail.com

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