Thursday, November 20, 2014


Dear Friend,

I must apologize that this letter is quite lengthy; please treat without prejudice. The ministry of finance could not endorse the payment of your inheritance entitlement because the channel in which you presented your claim to the Fund clearing Department was suspected as Ghost Claim. The word "Ghost claim" was coined in West Africa and in its simplest meaning, it refers to as any claim presented by an applicant without making a live appearance. The inheritance ghost claim channel was adopted by corrupt administrators in the early 70s; It is commonly used by politicians of today to loot and warehouse embezzled funds in offshore accounts with the help of foreign collaborators.

A claim application suspected to be "Ghost Claim" undergoes proper scrutiny since it was reported that starting from the 2nd republic to date, politicians have stolen and transferred millions of US Dollars to foreign accounts through inheritance channels. The successful use of ghost claims by administrators to award looted funds to their foreign counterparts was where the insight behind the African inheritance scam was derived. According to crime scientists, internet miscreants did expose the existence of ghost claims by using the same channel to perpetrate what is widely known as 'Advance Fee Fraud. I must bring to your notice that over a half dozen applicants had attempted to claim this fund over the years, which is also the reason I was mandated to verify the ORIGiNAL heir to this fund from all the applicants observed.

I find you trustworthy and as someone i can confine in; it's a sign of reverence that I have chosen to work with you amongst other applicants. Though, i am aware that you are equally NOT the original next of-Kin of the fund in question, but as the lead investigator, I will use my umpire immunity to bestow the fund on you without a hitch and my employers will not hesitate to present you to the Fund Clearing Department as the sole-beneficiary of the fund. If you would agree to split the fund 50%-50% with me, I will nominate you as the bonafide beneficiary and guide you accordingly to enable you receive the fund in less than two working weeks. If you're interested, please indicate your interest by providing your phone number for further details.

Thanks in anticipation; I hope to read from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours Faithfully,
Chief Investigator, Foreign Payment Division..
Federal Code Of Conduct Bureau.

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