Thursday, November 20, 2014


Dear beneficiary,

Following the debt settlement agreement reached between World Bank and the United Nations Organization. A debt settlement Committee, namely World Bank Debt Settlement Committee was inaugurated to handle old bad debts owed to foreign Contractors including those who fell victims of Scams. The following are to benefit in the on going debts settlement projects, contractors with delayed contract payments, foreigners who fell victims to financial criminal activities such as internet scams and victims of kidnappers who lost their life. Your payment File Number WBDR055/A797/WA2014 is presently on my office desk for verification. l conducted an intensive search into your payment file and l discovered that you never executed any Contract or any of the above as to warrant your claims, l discovered that you were a victim of internet scam. l went through the documents in your payment file and discovered that your payment file is filed with fake papers. Having made my discovery l refused to disclose it to any member of the committees for confidentiality. From the look of things l realized that you have spent money in pursuance of the claim. l decided to contact you to have mutual business deal with you. With my position as one of the senior staff in this committee of debt settlement, l can rectify all the abnormalities in your payment file then recommend you among the beneficiaries on the on going global debts settlement and compensation program, meaning that if you agree with my condition, the funds will be paid to you, but you are to give me 40% of the total sum as soon as the money is paid and transferred to you. You must be someone to be trusted,therefore l need an assurance from you not to reveal this to anybody until the money is paid and transferred to you. l will use my position as one of the senior staff of this debts settlement committee, to rectify all the errors in your payment file, then pave way for the money to be paid and transfer to you. You are to receive the payment through one of the centers in east Asia, l will be able to rectify the errors in order to get the result we want. l will take care of procuring all the original documents we will need to backup this claim.

Please you must think and re-think before you reply this letter, if you think you can, then get back to me immediately.

I await for your immediate reply.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Bin Abdul Hamsa Aziz.

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