Thursday, July 25, 2013

Contact Western Union For Your Payment

Dear Approved Beneficiary,

We are happy to inform you that verification of your data was submitted to the USA Consulate here in Nigeria for screening and all data have being confirmed correct to pay you a total sum of $350,000USD as a result of your long due payment. We have been advised to proceed with your payment through Western Union Agent.

You will be receiving $3,000usd everyday as a result of Western Union laws and I have opened a daily installment account and deposited your $350,000USD, therefore kindly contact Western Union agent on bellow details and collect your first transfer slip to pickup your $3,000usd.


Contact Person: - Mr. Jeffery E.Onye
Telephone- +2347081435303

You can call him on above telephone number or email and send him the below information to enable him transfer the first $3,000.00 your city for your easy pickup at any western union location:

Your Receiver's Name: ----
Receiver's Address: -----
Direct Mobile/Home Phone: ------
Driven License/Passport Number: -----

The appointed Western Union agent from Nigeria has being mandated to issue out your $3,000usd payment on daily basis as a result of Western Union laws.

Sincerely Yours,

Mr. Robert Harrison,

E-mail :,
IP :,,
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Note : Do we have a Kuwaiti government website compromised and used for relaying scam ?
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